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Congressional Talking Points Memo on Presidential Eligibility

"Congress was handed an official talking points memo in April 2009, a convoluted piece of total BS based on legal thin air, but good cover for members of congress seeking legal ease to hide behind on Obama... This is why the issue is going nowhere."
J.B. Williams



Congressional Talking Points Memo on Presidential Eligibility





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As I read through this convaluted writing the one thing I see is that it confirms what any of us who have read the Constitution knows, we are a union of 50 sovereign States and each of the several States has the obligation to vet any candidate for federal office who chooses to compete in their particular State.

So, I guess the next plan will be to start pushing your State's Attorney General to require that a properly verified birth certificate, and possibly passport, is filed with each of the several States before any candidate can file to participate in any Presidential election activities in their particular State. This may require action by your particular State Legislature to pass a law requiring such proof to give your Attorney General legal teeth with which to act. This should be required of ALL candidates running for election or RE-ELECTION.

Many already have such legislation in the works so check with your state legislators and see,  if they don't yet, encourage it strenuously.
This should go without saying. We all should be writing our propective State Secretaries and push for the requirement that states will not longer "accept a certification document from political parties" as proof of eligibilty for a presidential candidate to be placed on that state's elction ballot. If we allow people like Terry Lakin to be court-martialed and basically have his life ruined for simply asking to see the CIC's proof of eligibilty, we may as well just all go out in our yards and burn the American flag!

The primary obstacle we face is that the judicial system throughout the country  has been corrupted and attempts at getting justice are all too often thwarted.  Look at Orly Taitz's efforts at getting the Supreme Court to do anything about Obama's clear usurpation of the presidency and election fraud.....

The Supreme Court is virtually as corrupt and seditious  as the Obama administration! The same applies for much of the remaining court system as we are slowing finding out.

@ Willard, not off hand no.  It really doesn't matter.  People can live their lives in the US as legal resident aliens; they're just not eligible to vote, let alone hold public offices.  What counts is that he LACKS US citizenship, and never had natural born status, ergo was NEVER eligible to hold an office let alone that of POTUS, under the Constitution.
I'm sure he did; but it's really not all that important; it is possible and legal to live in the US without becoming a citizen; albeit not especially desirable, if you ask me.  No one else has been asking about that status either; there''s enough else that is criminal.  The real issue is the matter of eligibility to hold the office of POTUS, and for that all we need is that he's NOT natural born, by his own words: his father was a Kenyan under British rule at the time of his birth, and that disqualifies him automatically.  The only reason the lack of citizenship matters is with respect to his fraudulent position in the US Senate, also illegal for non-citizens, and the fact that whatever citizenship he had at birth was lost when he was adopted and became an Indonesian citizen because their laws don't allow for dual citizenship, so in NO possible way was he ever eligible to hold either office.  These are crimes against America and every citizen of this nation, crimes which harm all of us.

Willard, I'm confused. Are you saying because he came back to the US , he became a 'natural born Citizen' as REQUIRED by the Constitution to be POTUS?

As long as his father was not a US citizen of any kind, he cannot be a 'natural born Citizen' as required by the Constitution.

Doesn't matter where he was born.

Doesn't matter where he was raised.

Doesn't matter if he lost/gained any citizenship.

Doesn't matter what passport/visa he used.

Doesn't matter his color/race.

HE IS NOT, NOR HAS BEEN A 'natural born Citizen' IN ANY WAY,SHAPE, OR FORM!!!!

Any travel visa he got, was probably obtained in NYC, from the consulate there; since at the time he went to Pakistan, he was allegedly a student at Columbia University in NYC.  No one from Columbia, including those who actually took the courses he was alleged to be taking, recall him as a classmate, so that's a question mark too.

However, as I said, it is possible and legal to live in the US for extended times as a legal resident alien, and so far as I know, as long as they meet the home nation's requirements to maintain citizenship, which vary from nation to nation, and report their address annually in January through the USPS, they are legal to remain here indefinitely.  I'm not sure what the visa is titled that enables it, but I've known people doing it, in the past, had a neighbor for about 13 years who was.  I'm not certain, but she was married to a US citizen, and that MIGHT have a connection in the visa as well.

Let me tell you how it can be done. (Getting to Hawaii without a passport/visa.) Fly from Indonesia to Canada on a Indonesian Passport/Visa. Cross the border into the US with your statement that you are a US citizen. (At that time, only a few people were investigated more than just being asked.) Fly from any state to Hawaii. No passport/visa needed from state to state.

(And I crossed that Canadian border for 6 years, on vacation [81-86], without once showing a Birth Certificate or any proof of residence other than my license plate on the vehicle. And years before, my family and I went up there every summer [early to mid 60s] with no proof of citizenship.)

Because he was living in and adopted under Indonesia.You have to keep in mind this mother wasn't your typical mother; the whole family dynamic there was very bizarre, even her relationship with her parents.  Why she would do that has to do with their law that he couldn't attend school if he wasn't a citizen, and otherwise she likely wouldn't have.  But since it wasn't necessary for her to change her citizenship to live there, why would she?  I've known people who live in the US for decades without changing their citizenship, who were here legally.  They're considered permanent resident aliens.  As to Selective Service, he didn't register with them until very late. not when he should have at 18, and that seems, although I don't have proof of it, to have been a "forged" registration entered when he began seeking public office.  Why are you so hung up on how he got back into the US. when the issue is WHETHER he is/was a CITIZEN when he ran for and held the office of Senator, or defrauded the public then, and that he's NOT a natural born citizen. so is ineligible to hold the office of POTUS?  What difference does his legal/illegal entry make?  NONE, other than we could expatriate him to Indonesia.  The travel to Pakistan is only relevant in revealing his LACK of US citizenship.
No one I know of, including high profile attorney Mario Apuzzo who's been handling the Kerchner case, on Obama's eligibility all the way up to SCOTUS, has those answers, or at least isn't sharing them.  As far as I know Indonesian law says ONLY their citizens can attend their schools; I suppose there must be one the diplomats' kids can attend, but since Obama's mother wasn't in that category either, that wouldn't apply.  This is precisely the REASON we NEED to get all the info OUT; there ARE so many unanswered and unanswerable questions still; but some really aren't relevant to the issues at hand, so try pointing that out to your friends when they come up, and encourage them to focus on the issues that ARE relevant to his holding the office; and crimes he's committing related to it.



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