Dear Patriots across America,
You may recall a few days ago I launched a massive counter attack against Dukakis boy Comrade Jason Chaffetz (R--UT) for his gutless spineless act of treason against Congressman Mark Meadows (R-NC)
    Well guess what ? 
 The strong and battle tested Congressman Mark Meadows (R-NC) has now been reinstated as subcommittee chairman on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee after he was stripped of the position for voting against Obamatrade.  
Rubio voted for Obamatrade too and I am going to dismantle his political ass  across this nation.  He knows it and is already preparing to defend himself against me his treason against us with Obamatrade.   Ted Cruz once again listened to me and reversed his decision on obamatrade.   Nobody wants to feel the political pressure I can put upon a politician. 
  Well  I launched a massive tactical and surgical political air strike against Comrade Jason Chaffetz for his despicable act of bullying against my friend Congressman Meadows.   Chaffetz you are pissing off the wrong person.   I will dismantle you county by county, voter by voter and REC by REC across Utah.   I will crush you politically like a flea on a dog's ass and we will remove Communist RINO punks like you from office when your time is up. 

 I am not going to take credit for this but I will salute the Tea Party and Conservative leadership I contacted in NC and UT which initiated  thousands of phone calls to  Congressman Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) office.   Comrade Chaffetz officer announced yesterday that he would reverse his earlier decision to punish Meadows.  
Punch Meadows for a vote against tyranny and oppressive United Nations Trade ideologies ?  Who the hell is this guy ?

Patriots across America you must never back down.   We must salute Congressman Meadows as he fought back.  Our Congress needs to filled with Americans with a spine and intestinal fortitude.  We need people that will follow the Constitution now matter what the cost.  Congressman Meadows is such a man.  

When asked to resign his post, he also refused and made Chaffetz fire him. Then he went public and held his ground.   Jason Chaffetz is an empty suit.  A Cockroach bottom feeding amoeba  hiding as a Republican.  I will keep my foot on his carotid artery until he voted out of office.

"There is no honor in bowing to a bully," Meadows said. "There is only honor in fighting a good fight – win or lose. This is not a fight I will back down from."

 The Tea Party groups and the good people in North Carolina - Utah  and across the country spoke out against these attacks and supported Congressman Meadows.    A win for freedom.  As for Jason Chaffetz............... I am not done with him. I am just starting to bring him down.  Rubio best pay attention.   If you don't follow the Constitution my foot is in your ass.   John Boenner and Mitch McConnell know this already. 

Senior Chief Geoff Ross

United States Navy Retired





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A snake can back down and go back into its den, but when it decides to come out again it's still a snake.

Agree Mickie.  I posted a thank you to him on Facebook when he owned up and put Rep. Meadows back in as Chairman of the subcommittee and really caught heck from one of the posters.  Chaffetz does deserve another chance.

Which of us are more perfect than Chaffetz?  Are we not all fallible?  What is important is his overall long-term performance, coupled with his willingness to back down when he is proven wrong.  There are many other additional pertinent issues with which we need concern ourselves vis-a-vis Chaffetz, I would guess.. 

We must all get on the bandwagon--no more words only action.  God help us all.  We stand. +++

Amen and Amen, Thanks for the information, I am 88 Years old and a Veteran of WWII, and I have been hopeing someone would lead on the issue of HONOR IN CONGRESS.


As the puppet of the NWO, Rothschilds, and Rockefellers et. al.

As conservatives we already have a list of congressmen that has alligned themselves with the courrent leadership in the house, they voted to leave him in office.   It is those reps that the Tea Parties and any other conservatives should start targeting. Should your rep does not want to unload Boehner they will be subject to our replacement. 

Yes!!!! It's time to put an end to the Bullshit. Let's rid the world of RINO's snf progressives of all shades.

The proper name for those who support the ones that are attempting to dismantled the freedoms of this country,  They are called "Quislings".  We have an enormous amount in this administration.  Kind of like finding fleas and needing to disinfect the whole lot.


Onr more thing Chief, you are a ray of pure light.  I salute you and wish more would join in the fray..

A. Menges, 1SG USA.

I love where this discussion has gone. I truly believe that there is but one course of action left. We the People have no other option but to take our country back. But who will lead ? I'm pretty fed up. It seems like daily we are losing more rights or SCOTUS is re-defining the Constitution. Where will it end and when will the governed people get their say. It's about Obamacare, illegal immigration, gun control, TPP, Syrian refugees, same sex marriage, ISIS, the UN and the list goes on and on. A country founded on Christianity and now the Christians are being targeted. But leave the Muslims alone for God sake. The government is full of traitors but they go unchallenged. It is either time to give up and accept our fate or take back what is rightfully ours. I am in favor of the latter. I have rambled long enough. God bless America, again.



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