Constitutional Emergency

Corruption in Washington DC. The Coup D'etat in America

Corruption in Washington DC

Obey, Preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies foreign or domestic.

The Mueller and FBI investigations into collusion and corruption by the Trump campaign.
What part of this is difficult for people to understand?
The Obama administration was corrupt to the point of committing High Treason against the United States of America. Hillary Clinton and the US State Department were complicit and deeply involved in that corruption.

The Obama administration was and still is attempting to overthrow the United States of America.
In an effort to conceal their corruption and deceit Obama and Hillary Clinton enlisted the services and cooperation of several members of our Government, including the CIA, the FBI, and the DOJ.

Together they devised a scheme whereby they would embed a known Russian and FBI agent into the Trump campaign and then project their own crimes of collusion and corruption onto Donald Trump and the Trump campaign. They enlisted the services of others to create false documents which would implicate Donald Trump, they leaked these false documents to the US News Media, and then used those “news media” publications as justification to start an FBI investigation into Donald Trump and the Trump campaign. Carter Page was the FBI/Russian agent that was embedded into the Trump campaign. Ex-CIA administrator John Brennan was the one who leaked the false documents to the news media and also to James Comey also in the FBI. They also spread those false documents to members of Congress, Senator John McCain was enlisted to deliver the documents to James Comey at the FBI who in turn used those documents to obtain the FISA warrants so that they could “Spy” on the Trump campaign and Donald Trump himself.
FBI director (at the time) James Comey informed the Trump campaign that they had documents implicating Trump in a Russian conspiracy and collusion and several other implications, (also false). Donald Trump was elected as President in November 2016 and when he took office, following the advice of FBI Second in command Rod Rosenstein, he fired James Comey. Which in turn set up the Mueller investigations. Former FBI director Robert Mueller was appointed as special Counsel to investigate the Trump/Russian Collusion accusations. Mueller hired and appointed 19 dedicated and loyal Clinton and DNC attorneys to conduct the investigations. Together these 20 men spent two and a half years investigating Donald Trump and virtually everyone in around and surrounding his campaign. They spent $30 Million dollars, questioned 500 people, employed over 40 FBI agents. These people were determined to fulfill their mandate to implicate and indict Donald Trump on ANYTHING they could find. Remember that here in America we do not investigate people in order to find a crime. We investigate a crime in order to indict a potentially guilty individual or individuals. In the Mueller investigations there was no initial crimes indicated to be investigated, only the individual Donald J. Trump in an effort to discover a crime.
Unfortunately for them they failed to identify any “collusion” or any conspiracy to commit any obstruction of justice. But the Democrats in Congress are not satisfied with those results. There are so many members of Congress and others embedded into various Government agencies that were involved in the Obama /Clinton corruption that the Democrats (and including many Republican members), that they can not afford to allow the truth to be revealed. If the truth of their actions and attempts to overthrow the Government of the US is ever exposed it will be just as Hillary Clinton predicted, “If the American people ever discover what we've done – we will ALL hang”.

Since the Mueller investigations failed to provide sufficient evidence of collusion or obstruction the democrats (and many Republicans) are now attempting to continue these investigations into literally anything and Everything surrounding Donald Trump and his entire life as a private citizen and as a business man. Once again they are not investigating a specific crime, instead they are investigating a man in search of a crime. ANY crime, anything they can claim might be a crime. And any statute of limitations be damned, it doesn't matter if something that occurred 25 years ago can be made to appear to be a crime they will use it to indict and impeach Trump. Any statute of limitations that would normally apply will be discarded and ignored.

The primary goal here is not only to impeach Donald Trump but to deflect and conceal those crimes which the Obama administration and Clinton State Department have committed over the past ten years.

The attempts to over turn the 2016 election of Donald Trump and now the attempts to impeach President Trump are a Coup D'etat, not only against President Donald Trump but also against the United States of America. Which was the original intention of the Obama/Clinton administration in the first place. You should recall that in October of 2018 Candidate Barack Hussein Obama said “We are only five days away from fundamentally transforming America”. Those who have been following these events over the past ten years knew precisely what he was implying. The Obama administration spent these past ten years implementing those “Fundamental” Transformations. And THAT is what Hillary Clinton was referring to when she said “if the American people ever discover what we've done we will ALL hang”.

Well guess what Hillary, it is all now being exposed, the American people have discover what you and Barack Hussein Obama and all the others have been doing. The real truth is being exposed, and you are right, you will ALL hang for your acts of High Treason against the United States of America.

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