Constitutional Emergency


I'm going to put Country pages in all State groups. Please sign into your county page when it is in place. This is how we find those close to us that we can have face to face meetings with.


Any questions or ideas please let me know. Remember this is not to waste time speaking about or networking for elections.


Those of you who are trained in emergency first aide and other forms of first aide, self defense and yes even offense training, plus survival training,  please announce that in your county page if you are willing to train others in that.





Where to find your State Counties Pages in your State Group: Example below.


UPDATE 1.9.13



  1.  Alabama
  2.  Alaska
  3.  Arizona
  4.  Arkansas
  5.  California
  6.  Colorado
  7.  Connecticut
  8.  Delaware
  9.  Florida
  10.  Georgia
  11.  Hawaii
  12.  Idaho
  13.  Indiana
  14.  Illinois
  15.  Iowa
  16.  Kansas
  17.  Kentucky
  18.  Louisiana
  19.  Maine
  20.  Maryland
  21.  Massachusetts
  22.  Michigan
  23.  Minnesota
  24.  Mississippi
  25.  Missouri
  26.  Montana
  27.  Nebraska
  28.  Nevada
  29.  New Hampshire
  30.  New Jersey
  31.  New Mexico
  32.  New York
  33.  North Carolina
  34.  North Dakota
  35.  Ohio
  36.  Oklahoma
  37.  Oregon
  38.  Pennsylvania
  39.  Rhode Island
  40.  South Carolina
  41.  South Dakota
  42.  Tennessee
  43.  Texas
  44.  Utah
  45.  Vermont
  46.  Virginia
  47.  Washington
  48.  West Virginia
  49.  Wisconsin
  50.  Wyoming



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Anyone in Calif?

This will be a great data base...........the only one working short of the NRA membership list, if that is available.   Bravo Ms. Twana !!!   The numbers we need to be effective as a force, are in the millions........Nation wide.   Reconciling differences with other groups will be essential.  I am in Clayton County, Georgia.  Please include.


Butler/Armstrong counties ... open to NW Pa

Fort Worth

Tarrant County, TX

Sweet!....that will work well with a book that is currently out of stock but worth getting in print or the DVD:

Twana will need a spa treatment once this is completed....there are around 3000+ Counties, parishes or independent cities  in the U.S.

Lewis County, WA; one of only two (RED) counties West of the Washington Cascades

USMC (77-86) Grunt, Radio operator, ATC (27 years)

6 years NCO love to shoot.......  

NV ARNG OCS (86-87)

have Old Corps knowledge and reference materials

What do ya need????


Semper Vigilo, Fortis, Paratus et Fidelis



Thank you, Twana!

I am in Polk County, Florida.  I hope I am not the only one.  I have a lot of manuals most any type.....almost 4GB of manuals.  Anything from knots to Basic Surgical Skills Course.  I have been searching the internet for anything to do with what's getting closer by the day.  I have a dropbox account I can drop these manuals in.  I will need to send you an invite through your email.  Once you exceipt you will need to install dropbox.  Then every manual I have will sync with your dropbox folder.  Once the sync is done don't move the files because it will delete them from my dropbox.  Then best way is to copy the files and paste them in another folder under your downlaod folder.  I have have 13.6MB on HAM radios....this is an item EVERYONE needs to look at buying.  The reason is the cell towers will be the first thing turned off.  CB's and HAMs will be the only way to communicate.  When SHTF don't worry about having a license......who cares at this pint.

Thanks Ray,

Your very last sentence answered an important question I had.

I am Polk also Mulberry Fla I reload shoot have radio exp was electronics expert

I can not pull up PA.

Twana may not have you up yet so you may not be able to access until done.


  Saratoga County: Survival, Wilderness and Remote First Aid,CPR,Firearms safety, Long rifles,pistol-,Pistol Inst-NRA

Range Safety Officer-NRA,Hunter Safety Couirses,NRA recruter.



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