Constitutional Emergency


The republican national committee, establishment elites, and all their strap hangers (Romney, Ryan, Preibus, Walker, ineligible Cruz, Kasich, et al) are now assembling, circling the wagons against those of us that appreciate Trump's courage, (yes, they are in effect casting "we the people in the abyss)  his willingness to carry our message against the power-brokers in Washington, D.C.
Yes, Trump has made blunders in speaking, some antics I dislike (I can hear the RNC/elites glass houses shattering), we know he's not perfect,  however, most of us that support him believe his heart is right, he is very intelligent, has the best interest of America, and will prove to be a President bringing America back from the ashes.
Trump is simply un-schooled in "political correctness" that says nothing, does nothing, never answers a question, and screws over America.
When push comes to shove, I'll take a person for President who mis-speaks but is a proven business success we need,  over the self-serving, deceitful, dishonest, incompetent, and cowardly bunch of weasels that have had the reins of destructive power for least with Trump we know there are no strings attached to the establishment, lobbyist, agencies, or bureaucracy...he is carrying water for us and we'll determine how well he handles the tasks we have given him. With Cruz, Hillary or Kasich we can expect a continuation of the same policies that have nearly destroyed America...because they are controlled by the power-brokers in Washington and other deep dark places.
Most of the major propaganda outlets (NBC, CBS, Fox, MSNBC, et al) to include the political apparatus still do not get the fact that Trump's popularity comes from "we the people". The millions of votes he has received is clearly because of his standing up to the elite/establishment with a voice that resonates loud and clear throughout America...Trump gets it, we have had a belly full of lying, distortions from life-long blood-sucking leaches called politicians.
I pray that voters in Wisconsin will see through the fog and not allow the establishment we all despise to convince them that Cruz, who himself is not a eligible presidential candidate in accordance with the US Constitution, should get their vote.  Cruz, who less than two years ago was a Canadian citizen...was elected as a Senator from Texas while still a Canadian citizen.  This in itself reflects a total disregard for the US Constitution and casts a huge shadow over Ted Cruz integrity, truthfulness, and respect for U.S. laws.
We must rule out any establishment candidate and that leaves Trump as our only option, if we don't want more of the same.  Warts can be removed from Trump but the tattoos of an establishment candidate never fades and cannot be removed...Cruz, Kasich, and the elite bandwagon are in panic and descending on Wisconsin to protect their political lives...which is all they care about. 
The US Constitution, "we the people" is simply irritating obstruction to the political class and nothing but "people power" will slow them down. They will grind us into the dirt if we allow it. 
Stand up Wisconsin patriots and prove the power-brokers wrong, wrong, wrong.

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Trump is the only hope to stop the demise of our country. Wi needs to step up and stop being so politically blind. Cruz and Kasich would be America's death.

But RABID DOGS OF BASKERVILLES are after him I'm not sure there is ANYTHING that they would consider too far.   Personally I think Justice Scalia is an example of how far they will go to have their way.   Certainly the APPEARANCE of wrong-doing is there and no one seems to notice.  MIND BLOWING.

I totally believe this with all my heart. I recently saw the interview by Bret Baire (sp?) and could not believe what I was seeing and hearing. KASICH is completely DELUSIONAL !!!!  GO TRUMP, who is beholding to no one!!!

How do you feel about Trump's lack of focus and avoidance of acknowledging the importance of maintaining the continuity of the Constitution? His opinions seem to support a revisionist approach and views it as a living document that changes to the times rather than maintaining value based principles as a foundation document. I'm concerned about his ability to understand its importance to this country's survivability.

Van.......I've not heard Trump say much about the US Constitution but I assume he is vitally concerned about our survivability or he would not be a candidate........I can only assume he is truthful when he says we are being beaten in every area of our nation, we are being destroyed, by politicians who "talk with no action".

Like I said, discouraged in some of his language and off the cuff statements........he hasn't learned the "politically correct" approach and I hope he doesn't.  Whether he can withstand stumbles is yet to be seen.

Charlie Sykes is the guy we need to go after. He thinks he is a king maker and has a lot of influence in Wisconsin. @SykesCharlie

His website

Why Wisconsin’s 'Never Trump' movement is different

And how one radio host used his influence to make it that way.

Read more: 

I said nothing about shutting him down. We can do several things. Answer his tweets with good comebacks, comment on his website and/or, call into his show. Harry Riley knows me and anyone who does know me knows I am never rude, I do not call names, but these people need to understand who we are and what we are. Your mind is in the gutter Sir. BTW, I just saw where he is calling on all national talk show host to trash Trump. 

We are Americans and we stand by our traditions of standing strong in the face of opposition. This is what makes America and always has. Freedom is not free and we know that. We will do whatever it takes and this is why everyone from other countries want to come here. Do not compare us to anyone else because thee is no comparison. We do what it takes to be who we are;(Americans) and if somebody does not agree with it there are plenty of other places to go.

yes, if Hillary becomes POTUS , i just may ....

the only name attached to me is American. I am not a liberal, progressive, conservative or any other stupid adjective floating around on the internet these days. I AM AN AMERICAN.

Lynn, I am a citizen of Ohio. Ohio is a member state of the United States. I am not an American. Our country is not America; It is United States. calling us Americans was the first step in a unified North American country. Our rights and our constitution have been dying since Lincoln started the civil war violating the states right to secede from the country. 

Thanks CJ...........I sent them a copy of my observations...........everyone is invited to send them my letter or your own modification and use as your own..........



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