This is not a surprise. Of course the judicial system ruled this way. Anytime any state stands up for the constitution and their state constitution the fed. court system runs in and plays interference for this islamic marxists administration.





OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) -- An amendment that would ban Oklahoma courts from considering international or Islamic law discriminates against religions and a Muslim community leader has the right to challenge its constitutionality, a federal appeals court said Tuesday.

The court in Denver upheld U.S. District Judge Vicki Miles-LaGrange's order blocking implementation of the amendment shortly after it was approved by 70 percent of Oklahoma voters in November 2010.

read the rest here.

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The Supreme Court is stacked aganist "We The People". This is another branch of government that has become a case law socialist group. Do you ready think that they will rule in favor of the "We The People". Think again!

What can one expect, other than decisions such as this, when a growing number of our elected representatives and the judiciary believe in a "Living Constitution" rather than the one written by the Founders?  We are faced with only two choices, we can continue on with effete, everlasting, unproductive discussions, or we can fight.  Those are the choices available to us. If we choose the first then we can forget America as it was Founded.  If we choose the second, we'd better get moving as we're getting nowhere fast with the first! 

Too many sheep to expect a meaningful move towards the latter,I'm afraid.I can't

do it Myself.It would seem We ALL are destined to the fate the sheep bring upon Us,

there is not enough guts in the Country to fight against corruption and tyranny anymore.


We need DIVISIONS of capable Warriors to act decisively,to rally the rest of America

to it's own cause,that,apparently,is not gonna happen.

God Help Us.

Dan- I feel your  sentiments--but this old goat would rather die an American than a slave to Allah.It sounds defeatist to voice your concerns horever much they may reflect present reality. Take heart I consider the American Revolution -and the members of the Committee of Correspondence--and the Men like Samuel Adams and Paul Revere, and Patrick Henry   and their peers were  minority of the American colonists. The sheep back then favored paying the British Taxes-- and  going along just to get along-at least until some time after the British began landing  Regiments to Occupy our soil. Even after the first battles at Bunker and Breeds Hill.After Lexington and Concord the sheep preferred the known British Oppression over  FREEDOM.IT took those few brave men to sacrifice their sacred honor to win what is now at stake.

When American citizens are denied (majority) self rule by judgment of a court they are denied the protections  and provisions set out in the Constitution.  This being the case, any judge allowing a challenge to the clearly established desires of a majority of citizens exposes him or herself  to charges of treason and violation of the Constitional rights of the people.  If the citizens of Oklahoma allow this to go unchallenged or, if passed, abide by the judges decision, they are as guilty of the unconstitutional behavior as the presiding judge.  To obey an unconstitutional law is paramount to treason.  I know it takes courage, however, without courage to stand against the tyrants committing treason we surrender what so many have given their lives to protect.  Our Constitution is all that seperates us from the animals, if we allow this government to abuse it we simply ask for our own demise.

It's time to fight people. Get out and get your neighbors involved. Either with us, or against us. Time is getting short. We need to form up like the Minutemen.

Yes, it is time for We The People to take a stand against this tyrannical Federal  government!!! No rights for U.S. Citizens, just for foreigners in our land!!!! They are traitorous and treasonous to say the least Keep your powder dry and stock up on everything, the grocery store shelves will be the first thing to be empty. Pray for the best, prepare for the worse!!!

Sir, You have said it all for me. Nothing to add!

The problem is that if the federal judges dont  follow  the DOJ`s rules they will be in a car wreck or taken out another way like the judge in Tuson was.... You can be sure they have been told to do as Washington says or they are taken out... This is what our government has come to Muslim law....

The Federal courts are only supporting Muslims. Why not uphold the Christain and Jewish rights under the law. Islamic law is not mandatory in the United States.  If they should want that then send them back and let them have that murderous law in their country.  We do not want it.  We are a Christain nation and we do not want Sharia law here. It is a law of muder and has nothing to do with religion. It is oppressive and it makes a mockery of justice. The courts need to have a bunch of judges fired and some constitutional judges put on the bench. The way it is  or the status quo is not going to work because the people of the nation will not accept it. The feds need to get used to that.

The only way this will happen David is if we do by force. These people will not give up power. We need to get ready to invoke the Second Amendment!

I agree 100% Robert!!! S**t is coming down the pike, if not tomorrow, then it will be very soon, mark my words, we will see a civil war in our lifetime against the left/commies that have taken over our WH and our Government... 



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