Constitutional Emergency

Has anyone else noticed that this "Pandemic" of "Covid-19" appeared to be just a little too convenient?

I'm referring to the timing in the Trump administration.
First there was the infamous "Russia Collusion" scam.
Then there was the "Quid-Pro-Quo" with the Ukraine president.
Then and at the same time the Democrats attempt to impeach Trump.
When everything else failed and the Democrats were still unable to roust Trump from office,
Then just like magic,, Bingo - - - A Covid-19 pandemic.

It appears to me that the timing here is just a little too convenient.

Deliberate !! ??? Manufactured crisis !!! ???
Why in hell would anyone do such a thing?
Well we already know the Democrats will do ANYTHING to get rid of Donald Trump.
But why would China do this?
Answer! ? 850 BILLION dollar per year trade deficit that Trump is pushing to "renegotiate".
Plus the fact that China has been pushing for several years to take over the top spot in world financial currency markets. THAT is worth Trillions per year.

Maybe you might want to take a look at this banned video.
I know - It's long, but trust me, it's worth it.

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It's one thing to throw out accusations like this, claiming that this "Coronavirus Pandemic" is a fraud. It's an entirely different thing to try to back it up.
How could anyone pull off such a gigantic fraud, not only on the United states, but on the entire world?
How could they "Manufacture" something like this Covid-19 and then push it out as a world-wide pandemic?
According to this video they did it by inflating and expanding the testing procedures used to show thay someone has the virus, and that some people have died from it.

What does that mean and how could they do it?
Well a few years ago I contracted an Ecoli stomach virus. Now THAT stuff will really make you sick, trust me - I know.
My point here is that when I was researching this Ecoli virus I learned that this stuff is present in everybody, It's part of the human body. It's actually part of our digestive system. It only becomes a problem when it grows out of control and multiplies. Once it does that then you can darn sure bet you are going to get "Sick". You are going to get sick enough that this stuff can actually kill you.
Then in the process of trying to "Kill" the Ecoli virus my doctor pumped me full of antibiotics. That resulted in something they call C-DIFF or a colon deficit infection, that can also kill you. And it damned near killed me.

So how does that relate to this Covid-19 pandemic?
It's all in the testing of what killed a person, or why someone is ill.
If someone is ill, and the doctors run some tests to determine why, then, as in my case, they will find an Ecoli infection. Well in this case of the Covid-19 that's enough for them to claim that you are infected with this Coronavirus. But then if that's not enough to account for enough deaths that they want to claim, then they add in a few more little items to include in the testing. How about including pneumonia? or how about including a normal head cold, then lets include a few more things that make people sick. Pretty soon you have enough to claim that every person tested has this Covid-19 infection.

Bottom line here is that it's not in the virus, it's all in the testing, and WHO reports it.

Now according to this video they've known about this kind of "falsifying" a test result since sometime in the 1940's.
Again this process of falsifying test results came from China. It's been part of their campaign to control people for many years.
Now lets look at why. That one is not hard to figure out at all.
1) Get rid of Donald Trump.
2) Crash and destroy the US economy.
3) Take over world domination of the global currency market.
4) Force every single person on the planet to be "Tested", (those tests cost money and some one is being paid to produce them).
5) Force everyone in the free world to be "vaccinated", (again that vaccine cost money and some one is getting paid to produce it).
6) Control - Control - Control, Once you have every person in the free world both "tested" and "vaccinated", then you can dictate where and when they can leave their homes and where they are allowed to travel.
And you can control what they are allowed to purchase.
7) Once they have managed total control of the population, then the US Constitution is out the window.
Forget about freedom and liberty. Forget about the Bill-of-rights, forget about that Second Amendment thing, and all those "Nasty looking black guns" we have.

In the end we can forget about America. That won't even be recorded as a foot note in the history of the world.
All that will be left is China and the United Nations.
The final "Fundamental Transformation of America" will be complete.

Next we ask WHO would do this?
Are you still at a point where we really have ask this?
Who wants to get rid of President Donald J. Trump? That is pretty easy and obvious at this point. The Democrats and the Communists. Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton to name just a few.

Who stands to gain the most financially? That is also easy to answer, Bill Gates and the Bill and Malinda Gates foundation. They own 85-90% of all the testing machines and the vaccines. Back in the 1980's Bill Gates said he wouldn't be happy until every single person on the planet was paying him royalties.
And then of course we have China and the United Nations.
What does China have to gain? EVERYTHING.
Start with that $850 Billion dollar per year trade deficit. Trump has been trying to force China to "renegotiate" that, and China is not happy about it.
Then there is the matter of the World-currency markets and world domination of the money and our currency. China has been trying to take over domination of that for many years. The value of that control is in the TRILLIONS of dollars per year, Every year.

And finally we've got control, population control, control over the people, control over the food supply, control over all the world minerals, Uranium, Gold, Cooper, lead, oil, Natural gas, and the list goes on and on and on.

Stop asking who wants to get rid of President Donald Trump, who wants to destroy America. Start asking how do we Preserve, Protect, and Defend our Constitution and America.

I heard that hospitals can bill 15% more with a DX of Covid-19.
Tom Trefts
Florida Chairman
Operation Firing For Effect



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