CPAC - Did It Demonstrate The Need For A Spiritual Revival?

Reflections On America’s Fall, From CPAC 2014

Matt Barber says there is no political fix to America's death spiral.

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Avatar of Matt BarberMatt Barber March 10, 2014

Photo credit: toner (Creative Commons)

The question is not, “Is America falling?” but, rather, “Why is America falling?”

I’m currently writing from CPAC 2014, the nation’s largest gathering of conservative political junkies. The event is being held at the beautiful Gaylord National hotel, adjacent to the scenic shoreline of the historic Potomac River. We’re just a few short miles from Washington, D.C., which, at least for now, remains the modern-day equivalent of the Roman Empire.

I say “at least for now” because America finds itself skipping along the primrose path to Rome’s ill-fated finale. I needn’t trouble you with evidence to that effect as this tragic reality is hopelessly inescapable. It’s a self-evident truth. Unless our next generation of leaders – Gen-Y Millennials – can successfully turn things around, we’re up the Potomac without a paddle.

The day’s speeches have ended, and conference-going night revelers are about. The indoor balcony to my 12th-floor room faces, as the hotel website accurately boasts, a “spectacular 18-story glass atrium.” My balcony door is open wide, and the bustling din from several parties across the cavernous vestibule soaks the room.

A chorus has begun. What is this? Have party-goers launched an impromptu rendering of “America the Beautiful”?

No, this is a chant, joined by scores – a hundred or more perhaps – of young conservative bacchanalians on multiple suite balconies and from the open air bar below. What is that they’re chanting? Is that, “Amer-i-ca! Amer-i-ca!”?

At first, it’s hard to tell. It’s a booming echo that reverberates throughout the entire hotel.

And then it becomes clear.

Alas, our next generation of conservative leaders are not chanting, “Amer-i-ca! Amer-i-ca!” They are, instead, chanting, “F**k O-bama! F**k O-bama!”

And I hang my head.

So, now, children at the hotel, parents, staff, tourists – both foreign and domestic – and every other conceivable variety of guest who happens to be staying at the Gaylord National hotel during CPAC 2014 has a skewed, and likely irreversible, first impression of America’s conservative movement.

Or is it skewed?

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m certain that the vast majority of CPAC attendees, both young and old, are as appalled and embarrassed by these drunken yuck monkeys as am I.

But I think the very fact that these blazer-clad, Cro-Magnon morons could even imagine, for a moment, that it’s somehow cool to publicly chant “F**k Obama!” – or “F**k” anything for that matter – speaks to a much larger problem, not just within the conservative movement, but, more importantly, within our entire culture.

I’m never going to win a popularity contest. It’s not my goal to be liked. I’ll probably never be a “Fox News contributor” or even broadly recognized as a dutifully compliant cog within the greater, GOP-heavy “conservative” political wheel.

That’s because I say things like this: There is no political fix to America’s death spiral.

We are drowning in a turgid river of postmodern relativism. This is a spiritual problem, not a political problem. This is a worldview matter, not a partisan matter.

Hitherto it has been “progressives” alone dumping buckets of moral relativist poison into the Potomac. But, in the last decade or so, self-styled “conservatives” have likewise begun drinking the subjectivist Kool-Aid.

Libertine libertarianism has infected the conservative movement like a cancer. Situational ethics, driven by emotional, anecdotal sob stories, are used to justify every moral wrong as an absolute right. “Get off the social issues!” they demand. “Gay marriage? No problem.”

These gun-toting, free-market “conservatives” (of which I’m both) grace us with beauties like this: “I’m a ‘pro-choice,’ ‘pro-gay’ conservative,” or, “Yeah, I’m shacking up with my girlfriend, big deal.”

Relativism blurs the fixed lines of demarcation between right and wrong, which leads to the abolition of absolute truth, which leads to pockets of moral anarchy, which leads to Barack Obama and Eric Holder deciding which laws to ignore and which laws to enforce, which leads to lawlessness, which leads to chaos.

Welcome to chaos.

Yes. The “social issues” matter.

The battle is not Republican vs. Democrat. Neither is it conservative vs. liberal. The battle precedes time itself. The battle is right vs. wrong. The battle is moral vs. immoral. The battle is truth vs. the lie.

The battle is between good and evil.

We’ve been playing political Ping-Pong for decades. We’ve been, as they say, rearranging the chairs on the Titanic while Democrats take the helm for a spell, and Republicans take the helm for a spell.

The reality is that both political parties have driven us into the iceberg, and then pranced off together, hand-in-hand, to play best-of-three racquetball at the congressional bathhouse.

While here at CPAC, I met an interesting fellow by the name of Frank Mitchell. Frank founded the Memphis-based, classically conservative group “A Shining City on a Hill.” During our discussion, Frank said this: “There is no liberty without justice. Liberty without justice is only license.”

Libertine libertarianism.

America cannot survive under a worldview that embraces unrestricted moral license. Such license destroys the individual. And such license destroys the nation.

“Liberty without justice is only license.”

There is only one Arbiter of true justice. And justice is defined by Him, not by us. He sets the parameters. As both individuals, and as a nation, we are ill-advised to breach those parameters and well-served to maintain them.

America does not need a political fix. America needs a spiritual fix.



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As for me and my house , I will serve the Lord !

Hey everybody, it's O.K. to display your righteous indignation, it's O.K. to release the steam we all feel when given the information with citations you'll read on my good friend Arnie's web site. Seeking justification for your anger? Have just the medicine you'll need on the page in this link...

It remains gratifying to witness the re-birth of American spirit which I want to believe is under way and I have but one request this day...

Beg, borrow, steal if you must but your Country's flag is now flying upside down and demands you me and everyone else now awake, meet in DC and stay until we've cleaned the DC cesspool of its current cast of villainous characters. There's nothing to worry about unless we arrive to find but a few in attendance.

DON'T - - - - LET - - - - THAT - - - - HAPPEN!!!

Commit to the OAS action in numbers indefensible. Assist in exposing the plants and rid our ranks of all such subversive influence.

The struggle for freedom and Liberty is hardly something new but inspiring friends, relatives and neighbors to join you in the OAS actions definitely is. Find your courage to act NOW. Forget about any discourse with the enemy of my enemy types we're all guilty of wasting time on. This and all other conservative leaning blogs must see what the look and feel  for tomorrow is. Have your plans and ideas ready for honest consideration and add courage and resolve to your personal character traits.

I see this mobilization called for by Harry Riley as the positively last (peaceful) American Spirit action  remaining in our quiver. My family's future is worth this effort. How about yours?

HEAR, HEAR!!!!! WE have to support what is probably our last chance to do something not only for the living Patriots, but for all the Patriots who have died, fought and lost something for us!!   Yes, America has turned its back on our founder and God, but the REVIVAL that Rick Mitchell speaks of is necessary for us to succeed in May.  If God does His miracle in May, then we will be responsible for giving Him all the glory and not forgetting it a week, month, year later!!  Let's go to DC and reclaim our country before it is too late!!!!!!

We SHOULD take America back for the past sacrifices of millions, our time here and now, and the freedoms of our future generations. Heavenly Father, please give us the impenitrabal armor of the Bible and the strong arms and mind you can offer.

I agree that America needs a spiritual revival. We are definitely in a moral decline. Any nation that openly accept homosexuality and multi-sexuals is in bad shape. We accept beastiality in all forms. We need to clean up the media and bring back family traditional entertainment on television and movies.

Eliminate all demonRAT Marxists would make a real good start.

Amen Col. Riley, This is the best and most common sense thing I have seen come out of CPAC to date...

The only possible ways to stop the murdering traitor Obama and his kind of filth is God on our side and a gun in patriot's hands. No political solutions whatsoever. Patriots better think about supporting one another.

Some parts of what Matt Barber said I agree with ; I like some thing's about Libertarians , but not gay right's and not abortion . I'm a Constitutional Conservative and the thing's we ought to be talking about is Admiralty Law verse Common Law ; And asking the U.S. Military too honor "Their Oath Of Office" ; And arrest these treasonous usurper's of our Constitution . Now, Steve  Phyllis Ballou is helping coordinate a Nationwide Revival.  Tentative starting date is the week of July 4th.  It is a Body of Christ Fellowship, Jesus is the Head, and the Holy Spirit shall guide us.  The Revival can therefore begin before the tentative date and go beyond; but it must be before the 2014 elections. 

I am Black Robe Regiment; but not associated with the organization with a website.  There is a desperate need in America for another Great Awakening; however, due to the present Laws and Mandates, Godly men and women must make a stand, regardless of the consequences, and be an unyielding barrier for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Today, much of the Church Hierarchy cowers before the Administration, and most of what we hear from our elected officials and media is all about issues - practically nothing about Biblical Principles.  America is rapidly being engulfed by the ravaging wolves of Sodomy, Bestiality, Pedophilia and Abortion.  Such takes mankind beneath the beasts of the fields.  For God did not Create, Atone or Redeem for the beasts.  We need God back in America again. 

Yes, check the Presby. USA, United Methodist, Episcopal national office. They all spin out a program of "interreligious tolerance" of Islam. Their actions are 100% UNGODLY. I consider them enemies of God and Christianity. Traitors and fools.

God will spew them out of His mouth !



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