CPAC - Did It Demonstrate The Need For A Spiritual Revival?

Reflections On America’s Fall, From CPAC 2014

Matt Barber says there is no political fix to America's death spiral.

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Avatar of Matt BarberMatt Barber March 10, 2014

Photo credit: toner (Creative Commons)

The question is not, “Is America falling?” but, rather, “Why is America falling?”

I’m currently writing from CPAC 2014, the nation’s largest gathering of conservative political junkies. The event is being held at the beautiful Gaylord National hotel, adjacent to the scenic shoreline of the historic Potomac River. We’re just a few short miles from Washington, D.C., which, at least for now, remains the modern-day equivalent of the Roman Empire.

I say “at least for now” because America finds itself skipping along the primrose path to Rome’s ill-fated finale. I needn’t trouble you with evidence to that effect as this tragic reality is hopelessly inescapable. It’s a self-evident truth. Unless our next generation of leaders – Gen-Y Millennials – can successfully turn things around, we’re up the Potomac without a paddle.

The day’s speeches have ended, and conference-going night revelers are about. The indoor balcony to my 12th-floor room faces, as the hotel website accurately boasts, a “spectacular 18-story glass atrium.” My balcony door is open wide, and the bustling din from several parties across the cavernous vestibule soaks the room.

A chorus has begun. What is this? Have party-goers launched an impromptu rendering of “America the Beautiful”?

No, this is a chant, joined by scores – a hundred or more perhaps – of young conservative bacchanalians on multiple suite balconies and from the open air bar below. What is that they’re chanting? Is that, “Amer-i-ca! Amer-i-ca!”?

At first, it’s hard to tell. It’s a booming echo that reverberates throughout the entire hotel.

And then it becomes clear.

Alas, our next generation of conservative leaders are not chanting, “Amer-i-ca! Amer-i-ca!” They are, instead, chanting, “F**k O-bama! F**k O-bama!”

And I hang my head.

So, now, children at the hotel, parents, staff, tourists – both foreign and domestic – and every other conceivable variety of guest who happens to be staying at the Gaylord National hotel during CPAC 2014 has a skewed, and likely irreversible, first impression of America’s conservative movement.

Or is it skewed?

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m certain that the vast majority of CPAC attendees, both young and old, are as appalled and embarrassed by these drunken yuck monkeys as am I.

But I think the very fact that these blazer-clad, Cro-Magnon morons could even imagine, for a moment, that it’s somehow cool to publicly chant “F**k Obama!” – or “F**k” anything for that matter – speaks to a much larger problem, not just within the conservative movement, but, more importantly, within our entire culture.

I’m never going to win a popularity contest. It’s not my goal to be liked. I’ll probably never be a “Fox News contributor” or even broadly recognized as a dutifully compliant cog within the greater, GOP-heavy “conservative” political wheel.

That’s because I say things like this: There is no political fix to America’s death spiral.

We are drowning in a turgid river of postmodern relativism. This is a spiritual problem, not a political problem. This is a worldview matter, not a partisan matter.

Hitherto it has been “progressives” alone dumping buckets of moral relativist poison into the Potomac. But, in the last decade or so, self-styled “conservatives” have likewise begun drinking the subjectivist Kool-Aid.

Libertine libertarianism has infected the conservative movement like a cancer. Situational ethics, driven by emotional, anecdotal sob stories, are used to justify every moral wrong as an absolute right. “Get off the social issues!” they demand. “Gay marriage? No problem.”

These gun-toting, free-market “conservatives” (of which I’m both) grace us with beauties like this: “I’m a ‘pro-choice,’ ‘pro-gay’ conservative,” or, “Yeah, I’m shacking up with my girlfriend, big deal.”

Relativism blurs the fixed lines of demarcation between right and wrong, which leads to the abolition of absolute truth, which leads to pockets of moral anarchy, which leads to Barack Obama and Eric Holder deciding which laws to ignore and which laws to enforce, which leads to lawlessness, which leads to chaos.

Welcome to chaos.

Yes. The “social issues” matter.

The battle is not Republican vs. Democrat. Neither is it conservative vs. liberal. The battle precedes time itself. The battle is right vs. wrong. The battle is moral vs. immoral. The battle is truth vs. the lie.

The battle is between good and evil.

We’ve been playing political Ping-Pong for decades. We’ve been, as they say, rearranging the chairs on the Titanic while Democrats take the helm for a spell, and Republicans take the helm for a spell.

The reality is that both political parties have driven us into the iceberg, and then pranced off together, hand-in-hand, to play best-of-three racquetball at the congressional bathhouse.

While here at CPAC, I met an interesting fellow by the name of Frank Mitchell. Frank founded the Memphis-based, classically conservative group “A Shining City on a Hill.” During our discussion, Frank said this: “There is no liberty without justice. Liberty without justice is only license.”

Libertine libertarianism.

America cannot survive under a worldview that embraces unrestricted moral license. Such license destroys the individual. And such license destroys the nation.

“Liberty without justice is only license.”

There is only one Arbiter of true justice. And justice is defined by Him, not by us. He sets the parameters. As both individuals, and as a nation, we are ill-advised to breach those parameters and well-served to maintain them.

America does not need a political fix. America needs a spiritual fix.



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As a Christian I am not afforded the right to judge you.  This is not about judging.  Most Christians will rely on what the Bible says and it contains the message of judgment. Each individual must deal with themselves as all Christians, and I might go out on a limb and say "the world"  have sinned a fall short of the Glory of God, our Creator. Our Constitution allows you to believe what you like.  You are not unwelcome in the OAS movement.

Amen , Harry !

A spiritual can start now, but it will take years or decades; and that is a MUST. However, I will be shocked if any protest, march, letters, email, faxes, calls will change a thing. Would this stop Hitler, Stalin or some past Roman megalomaniac? Nope. Until we attain the spiritual victory we must do the only other thing to win back our nation. Fight. It will take both, NOT one or the other. I think that is what Washington and they founders did. Never stronger Christians or warriors.

I sympathize with Fred in that many of the posts here have tried to paint this as a religious revival meeting.  That's a shame.  I have struggled with my faith since my experiences as a teenager in a particular protestant religion.  Those experiences have turned me off organized religion.  Religious zealots really turn me off.  I'm going to Washington because I believe in the Constitution of the US and want it restored.  I also believe in God and the principles and teachings of the bible, I just don't like the way every religion esposes to be the One religion that will get you into heaven.  I don't think Fred is the only person we are going to lose in this effort to restore the Constitution.  You zealots out there need to pipe down before we lose our momentum completely.  Read the tea leaves, the youth that are angry about what's going on and would support a Ron Paul, would also support gay marriage and abortion.  We need them in this cause.  If you don't think so and your intollerance wouldn't allow you to associate with such people, then you will be the one to blame for the failure of this movement.

In fact, America or more directly, The United States of America, needs not only a moral fix but a political fix as well. We have been under attack from a political philosophy, for most of the last 100 years. Some times directly, but most of the time as subterfuge, from an evil, that is hard for any man or woman to describe.

"An Ancient Stalks Our Land, From Sea to Shining Sea.

It is Known by many different names,

But All are Tyranny'.

One of the most eloquent writers of our times, is a man named William Norman Grigg.

He has his own Blog, but is included weekly on

If you do indeed want to see the inside of our nation, in words that ring loud and clear, then by all means read Will Griggs dissertation's on Individuals, Police Violence and or property rights.

His latest is as extraordinary as you will read, for insight and historical knowledge.

Ending Property Rights: What "Add the Words" Really Means

Patricia you are narrow minded. Your opinion, if it the prevalent opinion here will drive me and my five passengers away. Fortunately you are not a leader in this movement for if you were I doubt you would be able to raise even 100,000 to go to DC. I won't warn you again that you are threatening to derail this movement. I'll be sure to pass your zealous message onto my bible thumping sister and the two of you can have a moment, alone, perhaps if front of the White House or one of the other. Designated areas that will be poorly attended. Good luck!

Why William?  Patricia's opinion doesn't affect you?  You have your own opinion, that's what we're fighting for and about. The Constitution doesn't require you to accept what others say, you are guaranteed your own speech. I don't think Patricia is demanding our even suggesting you must accept what she says.  She says what she believes and you can believe what you want to believe.  Let's focus on constitutional restoration for all..............

William, Don't pay attention to those who you do not agree with, unless they are in direct conflict with your belief regarding this event. If the goal is achieved of 10,000,000, you can be assured that there will be 9,999,999 opinions that are somewhat different than yours or mine, but have the same goal. Restoration of Our Constitution and the Rule of Law, over an out of control, murderous, lawless, Rogue government.

You contribute just as much as any other person who supports this effort.

See you there.


I'm sorry but I disagree with both you and Col Riley. If the main purpose is to first restore America to a faith based Christian nation before restoring her to a law abiding constitutionally based country then the mission is doomed to failure. Their are many Christian churches in this country and I don't know of any that cherish their freedom more than their tax exempt status or we wouldn't be in this condition to begin with. We need more than just Christians to restore the constitution and if we don't make that the focus we'll lose to much support. That's my opinion and I believe it is born out in this blog. Both of my daughters support a woman's right to choose and gay marriage. We need support from our youth to be successful now and in the future. I'm 66 and I can't persuade them otherwise. Can that be changed in the current atmosphere? No way. How do you propose to entice them into this movement? If you think there are enough of us old fogies to do the job I don't believe you. As I said in an earlier post we must focus on one step at a time or the effort will lose focus and momentum. I think we all want the same thing long term and God knows what is in our hearts and minds. There are many who call themselves Christians that would not fit in your mold. Would you turn away their support? I hope not because I'm probably one of them.
William. God give us all a brain to think with keep your mind open you are very wise and can think for yourself same as all of us dont think that all we are about is christianity our country needs all of us with god on our side no matter your religion we can succeed but not with everyone argueing over their religion which ever god you worship is fine we need to stand united we need to keep our freedom of religion and speech remember thats what we are goin for im glad to see so many people with a brain to think for themselves that is what makes this country great please we need every patriot no matter their beliefs to go we can not fail for our children and grandchildren god bless us all



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