Constitutional Emergency

Creating a Constitutional Sanctuary County (Contact Joe Bennett)
Lancaster County, PA
Creating a Constitutional Sanctuary County
For true Americans, the Constitution is the crossroads for what makes us who we are:  Politics, Freedom, Culture, Economics, and, most importantly, Values.
The Constitution is the most perfect expression of freedom written by man.  As Americans, freedom is woven through everything we stand for.  Our politics are defined by severely, constitutionally limited government, our culture is one of personal responsibility so we can be free to succeed and free to fail, our Free Markets (not Capitalism) gave us prosperity,  and we are the people that Alexis de Tocqueville said “combine the notions of Christianity and Liberty so intimately that they cannot be made to conceive of one without the other.”
The Constitution is the reflection, embodiment, and guardian of all of that, which is why the Constitution is ground zero and the focal point of rage and opposition for the Leftists among us that pretend to be Americans.  It is everything we stand for and everything they hate.
As for the meeting Thursday night, based on the feedback we received, it was a big hit.  Thank you so much to everyone that came.  Also, many thanks are due to Senators Folmer and Aument and Representatives Cox, Zimmerman, Fee, and Mentzer for taking a stand for our 10th Amendment right.
Two interconnected plans were proposed and were warmly received.  This is what comes next:
Man and defend the wall that is the Constitution:
1.  Hold a Joint Press Conference with our representatives to identify our allies and enemies by calling for the completion of Our List of the elected officials, law enforcement agents, lawyers, and judges in Lancaster County that have sworn the Oath of Office.
The Constitution is a contract that must mean exactly what it says, or it means nothing at all.  Those that call it a “living document” lied when they swore their Oath, because such a view can only mean that their Oath committed them to obey and defend the federal government and its decrees and dictates, not the Constitution nor us.  We need to know who they are, but more importantly we need to call together those who will stand with us.
Our 10th Amendment right is being denied to us, and we are justified in demanding redress.
2.  Create a Resolution requiring our representatives to vote that the Constitution is a contract that must mean what it says and that any other view of the Constitution is historically and intellectually indefensible.   This forces an up or down vote and identifies all those in Harrisburg that have no intention of honoring their Oath of Office.  This facilitates our effort in Lancaster County and draws a clear line down the middle of our county and our state between the two diametrically opposed points of view.
If we do not stay focused on the 10th Amendment, we will lose this fight.  Breaking their Oath of Office is the gap in their armor that we must use to restore our 10th Amendment right to a federal government restrained by the Constitution.
I believe a deadline for the completion of Our List should be the two political conventions at the end of July, emphasizing that we will be voting for one of two people to be the leader of the free world.  One we know hates the limits the Constitution places on her, and that other is an unknown variable.
Swearing the Oath of Office is mandatory, honoring it can no longer be optional and without consequence.
There is a cultural revolution being waged against our nation, our Constitution, and the principles that created both.  They are dividing and conquering us.  We need to return the favor.
We used to call them monarchists or loyalists or the king's men.
Today they are Crony Capitalists, Liberals, Progressives, Socialists, etc., and they hold seats of office at the highest levels of government.  They educate our children, entertain us, and sit as judges and Justices.  They create organizations that drape themselves in our flag, like the American Civil Liberties Union, The People for American Way, and The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and they openly operate to subvert our Constitution and the principles that created it.
They have turned Washington D.C. into their Holy City, issuing edicts from on high about who can go into bathrooms with our daughters and the amount of water we are allowed to have in our toilet tanks.  And they have no intention of stopping.
Anyone that wants to be free holds the moral high ground in any argument.  It is time to start believing and acting as if that is the case.  This is our republic.  It is time to start fighting for it.
We have more of a right to fundamentally restore our nation than they ever had to fundamentally transform it.
So let’s get started.  Time is short.
The Tenth Amendment Center:
"The Tenth Amendment is the foundation of the Constitution."  - Thomas Jefferson
“If money is wanted by Rulers, who have in any manner oppressed the people, they may retain it, until their grievances are redressed; and thus peaceably procure relief, without trusting to despised petitions, or disturbing the public tranquility.”  - Continental Congress to the Inhabitants of the Province of Quebec 26 Oct. 1774 Journals 1:105--13
TX 10th Amendment Restoration Bill:
Nullification:  How to Resist Federal Tyranny in the 21st Century
Joe Bennett
717-824-5940  cell

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Great article. Thanks.

What will this mean for women's rights?  Do you intend women to be "citizen(s) of an inferior order united to the society without being allowed all advantages"?  As a PA resident I have serious concerns about the intent of this movement.

OK. Move, or don't join. Simple fix.

I will assume you mean that you do find women to be "less than" and may see yourself as an extension of the founders.  I disagree.  I will never believe that, in the long run of their future, the founders were unable to change their thinking.  Just ask the Donald.  He seems in a never-ending state of alteration.

Ok Burnetta, I'll bite, " What will this mean for women's right? Do you intend women to be "citizen(s) of an inferior order united to the society without being allowed all advantages"? ""
WHAT !!?? Where did THAT come from?

What precisely is your question and your problem?
Are you perhaps referring to the original issues that America faced when women did not have the right to vote?.

Or in some cases where women were not allowed to own property???

Do NOT read into this things which are not there.

Yes, some of those things did occur in our past, so did slavery. But suggesting that if we return America to a Constitutional Republic, and if we can restore our Government to the Constitution, then we would simultaneously return to the same old mistakes made 200-150 years ago is patently false. It appears you may be deliberately reading things into what Joe Bennett and the rest of us are trying to do which are not there and have not been stated nor even suggested.

If we restore America to the Constitution, will we then restore slavery??

NO - -  we will NOT

As a matter of fact Burnetta if you really take the time to read the Constitution you will find that slavery and and woman's suffrage is not in there at all.

Or perhaps your issue is with the phrase "All Men are Created Equal", Gee wiz, it says "Men" and not Men AND women..........

In those days, and also in today's vernacular when used in phrases and in the contexts which the term is applied (" All Men") it is generally taken to mean ALL HUMAN KIND,,,  The reader is expected to be educated enough to understand such phrases and dialect.

Don't read into things implications or meanings which are not there, nor ever intended.

Comes from Vattel's, Law of Nations.  Discussed here at length with reguard to Obama/Cruz being allowed to be President.  I do recommend anyone calling themselves "constitutionalist" read it.  To truly (try) to understand what the founders thought, seems you need to expose yourself to the philosophies of the times.

Do not think that many people today who consider the constitution/natural law to be the only right path DO believe that only some particular "superior" group is needed to direct the camps.  They would define this as "nature".  To me, nothing is written simply or without outside influence.  Many folks want all sorts of Christian principles applied to reading of the constitution, but choose to want to set aside other influences.

Truth is, we can't "know" what the founders thought.  All we can do is consider the effect of the times that influenced them.  Lay nothing aside.

Col. Riley is right.  As a PA resident I need to contact Mr. Bennett directly and see what his intentions are. note that Joe Bennett's email and phone number is at the bottom of his letter.  Please contact Joe directly and get your concerns answered.  Knowing Joe, I can assure you he is about all Americans.  A hard core man of the constitution.

Burnetta, you need to go back to high school and study "history and the Constitution" !  The 10th Amendment doesn't take away your rights as a woman or put constraints on you. The 10th Amendment defines the states rights and limits to the Federal Government.  Our problem is the Obama administration came into office with the idea that "hope and change" gave them the authority of a King or Dictator and they have acted upon it ever since. Most in public life won't say it but I will, Obama is anti-colonialist. He hates any country that in the past or present has subverted another nation for it's own benefits. Taking their oil, gold, iron ore, diamonds, anything of value. Countries like Great Britain, France and of course America. We have been the bully in the world for a long time and the world is changing it's attitude about us. Yes, we have brought the rest of the world up to higher standards of living through our actions even though those actions were presented to us as a lie at times. I love this country and served in it's armed forces for 21 years with tours of duty to Viet Nam and Laos. There is no finer place in the world to live than America. But it makes me sick to see what has happened in the last 8 years under this administration. I have prayed that things would change and maybe with Trump as our new President, things will change and "Make America Greater Again" !! Support the 10th Amendment Movement and let's take back our Country!  God Bless You and God Bless America. Fredrick L. Ward, MSgt. USAF, Ret. 


Interesting! Worth further investigation.

what amazes me many times is how the tenth amendment goes so un-uses by the states WHO CREATED THE FED GOVT





Here's a 10th Amendment issue for all to call their Governor's, Board of Education, and other leaders, newspapers, etc. 

In the beginning God created male and female, him and her. God is not of confusion.  If there is any question as to one's gender, check in the area where two legs meet the torso and the discovery is apparent. (Assuming all have legs or get the picture)  If the check doesn't work, one needs medial help not an empowering transgender bathrooms as a solution seeking a problem.
I may feel like a bird today and decide I'm going to fly from the roof...if someone does grab me and escort me to the hospital, I'll die.
Likewise, I may think I'm a fish and decide to attach some weights to my body so I can remain submerged in the water without air for a few hours...if someone does not restrain me to the hospital, I will surely drown.
I do not want adult/teenage males who think they're a female in the bathroom with my wife, my daughter, my granddaughter, nor do I want adult/teenage females who think they're a male in the bathroom with me. Where is common-sense hiding?
God's creation, Laws of nature, are determined in the womb not at some future time outside the womb.
The transgender issue is a medical problem.  Medical assistance may be needed if confusion exists.



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