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CRESCENT of EMBRACE in Shanksville, PA... the SECOND mosque to be built upon a 9-11-01 crash site!

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Stopping the Flight 93 Memorial ‘Mosque”


By Paul Preston—Bill Steiner discusses the Flight 93 Memorial that is being built in Shanksville, Penn. as an Islamic Mosque! Yes the very spot where Flight 93 crashed on September 11, 2001 will be the site of the worlds largest Mosque that in reality is Islam’s tribute to the 19 terrorists who committed our nations mass murder. In what is America’s most hallowed ground the Mosque designed with the help of insiders in the National Park Service and an Architect with a Muslim back ground. The memorial when finished actually will be a large red crescent that can be seen from 40,000 feet while a “Tower of Voices” is actually a disgusting vile and cruel monument to the muslim monsters who killed 3,000 Americans. On May 15, 2012 a fund raiser was held to raise more money for the Memorial in which Presidents George Bush and Bill Clinton will be the featured speakers. The links between these two Presidents and the muslim monsters who killed 3,000 Americans cannot be ignored.

Flight 93

From Pamela Gellers Atlas Shrugs

Regular Atlas readers are familiar with the vile shrine being built at the site of the crash of the 911 flight 93. That flight went down when a group of heroic Americans saved the Capitol and/or White House from Muslim terrorists after the World Trade Center and the Pentagon were attacked and destroyed.

Please read the following plea from the father of Thomas Burnett. Thomas was the ringleader of the small group of courageous men who fought back against the Muslim terrorists on United Flight 93 on September 11, 2001, that crashed in the fields in Pennsylvania. He made four now-famous cell phone calls to his wife from the plane, making a quick assessment of the Muslims’ suicidal flight plan, and made a decision to “do something.” He gave his life to ensure that the plane would not reach its intended destination in Washington.

This was the email from Thomas Burnett’s father after I told him in no uncertain terms that I would be honored to post his letter:


Dear PamelaThank you for posting my letter on your blogs.

We thank you for speaking out against the planned mosque in New York.

We too need your help; we need to stop the National Park Service building another mosque in Shanksville. PA.

I served on the 2005 2nd jury that was commissioned to select a design honoring the passengers and crew on Flight 93. The public submitted over 1100 designs. The first jury went through those 1100 designs and selected 5 designs that were presented to the 2nd jury.

When I saw Crescent of Embrace, I immediately saw the Islamic symbols. I spoke out against the design and explained my reasons to the other members of the jury. The vote was taken, 9 for the Crescent of Embrace and 6 against that design. That vote was not unanimous.

There were 4 excellent designs left; there was absolutely no reason to select a design that even suggested Islamic symbols.

I knew that the public would agree with me when they saw the Crescent of Embrace design. They did, but our government would not listen or investigate our claims. All of our letters ended up in the same hands, the National Park Service. We can’t give up; we must stop this mosque being built in Shanksville, as well as the one in New York.

Thank you for helping us.

Warmly, Tom Burnett Sr.

Ground zero mosque is the SECOND mosque being built on a 9/11 site

To our fellow 9/11 families and to all who are concerned about the Ground Zero mega-mosque in New York:

We want everyone to know that the Park Service is right now building an even larger Islamic victory mosque atop the Flight 93 crash site. Many of you were outraged in 2005 when the Crescent of Embrace design was unveiled to be a half-mile wide Islamic shaped crescent:

Flight 91

Left: 2005 publicity shot of the Crescent of Embrace design. Right: typical Islamic crescent and star, viewed from a similar angle.

Few people know that this giant crescent actually points to Mecca, or understand the religious significance of this orientation. A crescent that points the direction to Mecca is a very familiar construct in the Islamic world. Because Muslims face Mecca for prayer, every mosque is built around a Mecca direction indicator called a mihrab. The classic mihrab is crescent shaped. Here are the two most famous mihrabs in the world:

Flight 93 2

Left: the Mihrab of the Prophet, at the Prophet’s mosque in Medina. Right: the mihrab of the Great Mosque in Cordoba Spain.

Face into the crescent to face Mecca

As with the Medina and Cordoba mihrabs, a person facing into the Crescent of Embrace will be facing Mecca. In the image below, superimposed red lines show the orientation of the Flight 93 crescent. The green qibla circle is from an nline Mecca-direction calculator:

Flight 93 3

A person standing between the tips of the crescent and facing into the center of the crescent (red arrow) will be facing almost exactly in “qibla” direction (the Muslim prayer direction). You can verify the qibla direction from Somerset PA using any number of on-line Mecca-direction calculators.

To be precise, the Crescent of Embrace points 1.8° north of Mecca, ± a tenth of a degree. The final construction drawings alter this orientation slightly, so that instead of pointing a little less than two degrees north of Mecca, the actual crescent will point less than three degrees south of Mecca. Such small deviations from Mecca are insignificant by Islamic standards, which developed over a period of more than a thousand years during which far flung Muslims had no accurate way to determine the direction to Mecca.

The Park Service does not call the Crescent of Embrace a crescent anymore. Now they call it Circle of Embrace, but the only actual change was to add an extra arc of trees (planted to the rear of a person facing into the giant crescent) that explicitly represents a broken off part of the circle. The unbroken part of the circle, what symbolically remains standing in the wake of 9/11, is just the original Crescent of Embrace. It is still a giant Islamic shaped crescent, still pointing at Mecca.

This is the Park Service’s official explanation for the design: the terrorist attacks are depicted as smashing our peaceful circle and turning it into a giant crescent. A clearer depiction of Islamic victory is hard to imagine, so no one should be too surprised that the damned thing points to Mecca, and actually turns out to be a mosque.

Other mosque features:

Mosque design is based on a dozen typical mosque features, every one of which is realized in the Crescent/Circle design, all on the same epic scale as the half mile wide crescent-mihrab. Note, for instance, that the 93 foot tall minaret-like Tower of Voices is topped with another Islamic-shaped crescent, akin to the crescent-topped minarets seen in many Islamic countries:

Flight 93 5

An Islamic shaped crescent, soaring in the sky above the symbolic lives of the 40 heroes, which literally dangle down below. In Islam, there is only heaven and hell. Symbolic damnation?

The Flight 93 mosque needs to be stopped, along with the Islamic victory mosque at ground zero in Manhattan. May the fight against these two desecrations strengthen each other.


Tom Burnett Senior
Loving father of Flight 93 hero Tom Burnett Junior

Contact information for the Flight 93 Memorial Project here.

If you would like to help stop the crescent mosque, please email Alec Rawls ( who is helping to coordinate opposition.

There is also an online petition that people can sign.






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I can't agree with you more!!!! This is an ABSOLUTE desecration of sacred ground!!!!

The muslims have taken over.

What a friggin' insult to the real Americans!  I wish some real pig farmers would buy the property next to these temples of insult and hold their Friday night pig races next door, just like in Texas.  Semper Fi!

Only a couple things to say. First get some people together and plant pig remains all over the property. It won't dishonor those that died there. It will help things grow. What it will do is desecrate the grounds so a Mosque can't be built there. Do this everywhere these heathens want to build a jihad palace. They are using our laws and good will against us. It is time to end the good will. If the area is cordoned off then find a farm pilot to drop it on the site. The animals and plants will thank you. The law abiding peaceful Americans will be thankful and the Muslims will move on. All wins.

Joe and the others are right with a simple solution.   Spread pig guts everywhere.    Spread the guts of any Muslims who try and stop you; in Self defense of course. 

Dave IS time to end the good will!!!!  The government/lsm/hollyweird/liberals has, over the years, has convinced Americans not to say or do anything that "upsets" others who do not beleive the way we do. America was built upon biblical values!!  NOT allah's values!!!!!    (Saying VERY sarcastically).  "Oh my....let me hold your poor widdle hand.......I'm sorry I didn't mean to offend you for speaking out against you, after you killed American's.....Let's all have a kumbaya moment sweetie. Big hug big hug".   NOOOOOT!!!  Because of government/lsm/hollyweir/liberals, America has turned her check so many times.......she is now get the idea!!!! 

It is so easy to stop it without any hassle about permits and government involvement. Take the example from Spain. Just bury in that crescent pig carcass.  You do not have a shovel?

I am a member of A"CROSS AMERICA MINISTRIES, we were going to prayer walk through the Flight 93 Memorial site with a CROSS and were not allowed.  We were told that we could not have a Cross on the Federal property because they did not want to offend any mooslimes.


How do we get your groups experience out to the Nation. Can you some how have your group, make a video about this? Tell about and show some documentation.  Then we can spread it far and wide. Or at least try to get it on, The Blaze TV. This must be documented and told.

I like the pig burial sight idea and let's erect a cross, for the poor little pig. Waste of good bacon, though.

Cherly, I can not agree more with you and many others here!!!!   I like the pig burial site idea too!  And the cross....for the poor little piggy!!  Waste of good bacon (funny!!!)!!! 

DO IT ANYWAY;  civil disobedience is alive and well and we should be USING IT AGAINST the OBAMANITES.



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