If you have an account with PayPal and/or eBay (owns PayPal) raise HELL with them! This is not the first time they've seized funds and refused to release them to a recipient.

This received from: Terry Dodd

Sent: Friday, January 13, 2012 11:50 AM
To: Recipient List Suppressed




I just spoke to Sheriff Mack and was advised that PayPal has frozen that portion of the funds donated through PayPal ($40,000+) for the Constitutional Sheriff's Conference.   PayPal has refused to release the funds and have stated that they may refund the donations to the donors.   They have cited no violation of law or online regulation.  They inquired if CSPOA.org was a 501C(3) and excused their actions on fear that the IRS would fine them.  Apparently someone opposing sheriffs learning they are not alone in their desire to live up to their oaths of office is involved.


Please post this notice to your membership and mailing list!


The conference is going to go forward as planned.  Undaunted, Sheriff Mack is asking for patriots across the country to assist him ASAP by mailing donations directly to CSPOA to help cover the convention obligations and sheriff reimbursements.

To send checks, money orders, silver or cash mail to:
CSPOA, 112 Ridgewood Dr.
Fredericksburg, TX 78624.



You may want to consider boycotting PayPal.  There are other alternatives available for your personal use for online transactions.  You may want to demand that PayPal release these funds to CSPOA or demand a refund if you donated via PayPal.


See Conference information here: http://www.countysheriffproject.org/

Sheriff Mack's Website: http://www.cspoa.org/intro.php


Thank you for your assistance!

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Darwin...I just sent you a friend request in order to send you an email.  As a financial institution, it is not their responsibility to do what they are doing.  This is clearly some sort of intervention by government and the Obama team on this specific case.  It is clear obstruction of conservative and lawful citizens to assemble and hold the current Regime accountable...protect our citizens and restore our nation to the Rule of Law.

The same thing happened to Atlas Shrugged organization and to an individual who is an active Christian fighting the Homosexual agenda and more and who depended on donations for his survival while in hiding because of threats from his country's government.

They told me they CANNOT hold donations and urged me to use them to donate to CSPOA!   BUT, they also have admitted to holding the funds and tried to justify to a good friend who told them to look at his very active account and judge whether they really want him to close it...the PayPal employee agreed it was the kind of account they don't want to lose, but kept stuttering and trying to justify what he could not.

It is not the job of a financial institution to block payments or make any decisions which fall within the purview of a government agency.  If they choose not to do business with CSPOA; then they should not allow the payments nor should they be holding any funds belonging to the donors.  It is up to CSPOA to file any pertinent reports with reporting agencies.

As with Home Depot and other errant companies; we can inform the public, boycott and affect their income which is all they care about.  We prevailed with Home Depot...let's send another clear message.

I have more info for you that I don't want to post or blast.

Is there a copy of a letter or email that can be shared with other Patriots to prove what Pay-Pal is doing???

Michael Badnarik's word is good enough for me.


G. Miller, I don't know this person,  Michael Badnarik that you are talking about?? I don't believe anything I hear, and only half of what I see. I am  patriot, and I like many others use only the facts, not here-sa

Michael Badnarik is one of the  leading Constitutional advocate/teachers in the nation.  He confirmed the PayPal nonsense with me personally last night.  Google him. his site:   http://www.google.com/search?rlz=1C1CHMD_enUS418US422&sourceid=...

Michael is intimately involved in Sheriff Mack's event;

I appreciate this info, Stingray.  I have bought quite a bit from E-bay in the past, but it had been some time back since I last did that.  I recently went there and seen that Paypal was pretty well required to purchase from there. Several years ago I had canceled my Paypal account because it had been compromised.  Some how someone bought some stuff but paid for it with my Paypal. account -- didn't get the money but it was pending while my bank notified me of the unusually high purchase amount.  After Paypal was notified (E-bay confirmed that I hadn't purchased anything at that time in 5 months and not even logged into my account) they said ok and filed a report , but Paypal tried one week later to get the money from me again.  I was able through E-bay to get the name and address of the buyer and seller.  When Paypal was contacted that time, they were quite belligerent.  I also contacted the seller who luckily for him had not shipped the 2 $700 + cameras. The buyer's phone was a bogus phone. Paypal insisted I owed the money that time regardless of who the bidder was since they used my account. I closed my Paypal account and at my bankers insistence I closed my bank account and opened another.  Well two weeks ago I decided to give Paypal another chance and opened another account. I haven't used it. But after seeing this, and knowing what a hassle I had with them before, I went in early this morning == last night -- and closed my new account. Too many other places to buy on line where Paypal isn't required.

it's no surprise that anything not pro-government related is now under the "terrorist" category, especially the "funding"... I think this is just another distraction We should NOT bother with.

I used pay pal one time about 12 years ago and that was the only time.  I deal directly with the company involved or the people involved!  I don't trust anyone!

Here's the copy of my note to PayPal using their "contact us" link;

I have been informed by Sheriff Mack that you have illegally frozen $40,000 in funds for the Sheriff's Conference in Phoenix on 1/29. Some of our members have contributed and are furious. Please explain well and immediately, and take steps to rectify this, or many of us will stop using PayPal.  If you do not release the funds immediately (by January 18, 2012) I will cancel my PayPal account and spread the word to EVERYONE in my contact list to do the same.

 ICONTRIBUTE,LLC  is where the money I sent to Sherriff Mack shows on my credit card.  I don't think that is Pay/Pal

In a related abuse of power, Yandex (based in Moscow) flags orlytaitzesq.com for hosting malware.  The Opera web browser uses Yandex to filter out malware. 



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