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Cruz to introduce constitutional amendment for term limits (We The People Must Begin An Avalance Of Support)

Sen. Ted Cruz announced that he will introduce a constitutional amendment to limit the number of terms members of the Senate and the House can serve. (AP Photo/Cliff Owen)

Sen. Ted Cruz announced that he will introduce a constitutional amendment to limit the number of terms members of the Senate and the House can serve. (AP Photo/Cliff Owen)

Cruz to introduce constitutional amendment for term limits

Sen. Ted Cruz announced Friday that he will introduce a constitutional amendment to limit the number of terms members of the Senate and the House of Representatives can serve.

Cruz, along with Rep. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., made the announcement in an op-ed in the Washington Post, and said their plan is a great way to implement President-elect Trump's plan to "drain the swamp." The proposal would limit members of the Senate to two terms, while members of the House would be limited to three terms in office.

"On Election Day, the American people made a resounding call to 'drain the swamp' that is modern Washington. Yet on Capitol Hill, we seem mired in the same cycle of complacency," wrote the pair of conservative lawmakers. "The game hasn't changed, and the players remain the same. Thankfully, there's a solution available that, while stymied by the permanent political class, enjoys broad public support."

"Passing term limits will demonstrate that Congress has actually heard the voice of the people," they wrote. "We believe that the rise of political careerism in modern Washington is a drastic departure from what the founders intended of our federal governing bodies. To effectively 'drain the swamp,' we believe it is past time to enact term limits for Congress."

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I'm willing to support the Amendment but I suspect Cruz has an ulterior motive for doing this.

Trump wants it, maybe Cruz is the water carrier in this any rate term limits is the objective.

Cruz will either run for President in 2020 or for his second Senate term in 2018.  I voted for him the first time he ran, but since then found out he lied when he filed with the State of Texas about being a natural born citizen = he is not, and I will not vote for him again.  PLUS, I also found out during the 2016 primaries what a liar he is, and, in my book, of all the flaws in human character, lying is the worst.  I seriously doubt that a term limits amendment will ever make it through Congress - we may have to depend on the Convention of States for that.. 

Not only that, like Obama, he sealed his records so no one could see....what and who he is.

i like the idea whether it is cruz or not.  

as for obamas records yes they r sealed trump can sign and eo unsealing them i am sure his 

real birth cert and college records are there was he a foreign ex student?  

Amen to that Linda, he is another deceiver that took the citizens of the State of Texas and this Nation for granted, now he thinks the People will not remember what he has done to get into Washington, D.C. and all at the hands of the People of TEXAS.  Frankly Linda, the Convention of States, is a dead issue, that is exactly what the Politicians want. If we ever have a Convention of the States, then NO Person in Washington D.C. should be allowed to convene, IT SHOULD BE PERSONS IN EACH STATE SELECTED BY A VOTE OF THE PEOPLE, WHO HAVE NO POLITICAL TIES OR EXPERIENCE (COMMON FOLKS) NOT BEHOLDEN TO ANYONE, INCLUDING THE STATE....

"We The People" need to clarify the NBC issue NOW.  It is my understanding that the Founding Fathers intended that a NBC is the offspring of two citizen parents and they set a limit as to when that would kick in but I am having a difficult time finding that info.  Anyone have an answer to that one?  Cruz, as well as Obama, should be forced to unseal their records and when the truth comes out both should be incarcerated for a long period of time as a deterrent, and also those who knew and facilitated their illegal acts should be incarcerated as well, for equally long periods of time.

I do not know if I can find it..I saw this in  a discussion months ago, when we were really fighting over whether or whether not Cruz is was something like North Law Center...I cannot find it on Google, but the law is...both parents...back then, when it was written, we did not have our borders being tainted/abused.  We did not have across borders marriage as we have today, increasingly so.  It was understood that both parents or Native Americans/Inuits were Native and truly, they are the only truly Native America..

Name you are looking for, Millie, is the North American Law Center - JB Williams (see below)

Publius Huldah

NBC Part 1

NBC Part 2

Do "Birthers" Still Have an Issue?

The Big Lie: How Ted Cruz Deceives His Flock With A Naturalization Law That Was Repealed 221 Years Ago!

Thank you very much.

I totally agree, Lee. Hiding their records from the public should not be allowed for anyone seeking political office, especially the president.

You are all aware that he  sealed his paperwork just as O did aren't you..yep, he sure did.  I read a lot on that and I studied in depth what Cruz is about and it is not about this, "It is an honor to sit down with the Honorable Henry (Heinrich) Kissinger."  this man has a warrant, out of South America, I think Venezuela for crimes against humantiy or something he is in America and we do not pick him up and return him to the country where the warrant lies?



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