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Cruz to introduce constitutional amendment for term limits (We The People Must Begin An Avalance Of Support)

Sen. Ted Cruz announced that he will introduce a constitutional amendment to limit the number of terms members of the Senate and the House can serve. (AP Photo/Cliff Owen)

Sen. Ted Cruz announced that he will introduce a constitutional amendment to limit the number of terms members of the Senate and the House can serve. (AP Photo/Cliff Owen)

Cruz to introduce constitutional amendment for term limits

Sen. Ted Cruz announced Friday that he will introduce a constitutional amendment to limit the number of terms members of the Senate and the House of Representatives can serve.

Cruz, along with Rep. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., made the announcement in an op-ed in the Washington Post, and said their plan is a great way to implement President-elect Trump's plan to "drain the swamp." The proposal would limit members of the Senate to two terms, while members of the House would be limited to three terms in office.

"On Election Day, the American people made a resounding call to 'drain the swamp' that is modern Washington. Yet on Capitol Hill, we seem mired in the same cycle of complacency," wrote the pair of conservative lawmakers. "The game hasn't changed, and the players remain the same. Thankfully, there's a solution available that, while stymied by the permanent political class, enjoys broad public support."

"Passing term limits will demonstrate that Congress has actually heard the voice of the people," they wrote. "We believe that the rise of political careerism in modern Washington is a drastic departure from what the founders intended of our federal governing bodies. To effectively 'drain the swamp,' we believe it is past time to enact term limits for Congress."

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Patriot Vet sent me a link I feel all of you should look at, I hope he doesn't mind, I doubt it since I know he's a Patriot. It will reveal why theirs so much anxiety over a Trump Presidency. It will also show many who have attained high office are not who they claim to be. It will also expose the Bush family and show why Bush Sr. spoke of NWO and who they really are. If this research is true and from all his reference sources and Photos posted I believe it is you will understand more clearly Why Trump becoming President is Anethama to their plans and the depth of corruption. I don't know how to post the Site as I'm a computer idiot so go to the web type in IV Reich in USA and go to the site where it begins with "A death bed confession". He asked me what I thought, I'll ask you the same thing.
IF this is true o don't know why it's still on the Net??

Michael, copy and paste the link here.  Patriot Vet wouldn't mind, I'm quite sure of that.

I would advise all to be careful with this site.

No if you type in IV Reich in USA
The site starts off George H. Scheff jr becomes the 41st president of the United states. It's also come up starting off: a deathbed confession. When you pull it I it starts off with a family photo, I find some of the things written hard to believe but if half of it is true its mind boggling.

Some additional info on the same subject:

A bit more info on the Bush family:

Anyone ever heard of David Icke from UK?  I found this video to be very interesting re: pedophile ring - claims Bush Sr. was major abuser, as well as others in the UK who were close friends and cohorts of Margaret Thatcher:

A little more research on David Icke would prove disturbing, Judith.  He's been around more than 30 years.

In what way, Lee?  Wack-job or......???  I believe I have heard his name in the past but really know nothing about him.  I'll do a bit of searching.

You answered the ?  Do the search, you can figure it out.

Here's the site hope you can get it from here I dont know to get it where you can just tap it and go to it sorry
Oh it just did it. I feel like an idiot !



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