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Dangerous Writing and Arrogant Ignorance

Posted: 19 Mar 2011 01:02 PM PDT

IN A RECENT article in entitled, James Madison Would Be Horrified By Peter King, the authors write:

Haven’t we figured it out yet? It is not religion that makes a terrorist; it is belief in a radical ideology condoning violence, a perverted ideology promoting the killing of civilians, and even blowing up oneself, in the name of a cause.

What the authors obviously don't know (and arrogantly assume can't exist) is that a "religion" might itself be an ideology that condones violence and promotes the killing of civilians. Such a religious ideology exists and it is the source of almost all of the terrorism in the world.

The authors are professors of history. They may know a lot about history but they should either read the Koran or stop making assumptions. At the very least, they should stop making assumptions with so much arrogance and condescension. For those of us who have read the Koran, their article is a pathetic display of self-righteous ignorance.

This kind of writing is dangerous. Most of their readers obviously haven't read the Koran either, but because the authors are professors of history, and because they deliver their pronouncements with such absolute certainty, they are persuasive. They are leading people to believe Islam itself couldn't possibly be the problem. And with what result?

One result is more "homegrown" Islamic terrorists. And more Islamic enclaves in Western democracies. And more sleeper cells. But the consequences go beyond terrorism. Orthodox Muslims are working hard to gain concessions in free countries all over the world. Western values are yielding to Islamic values. Why? Because so many non-Muslims don't understand even basic facts about Islam. Why? Because so many writers and newscasters and teachers and even presidents are leading people to falsely believe Islam itself couldn't possibly be the problem. It is not religion that causes terrorists, after all. It is a "radical ideology."

I would say to the authors what I say to everyone: Take the Pledge and read the Koran. And then help us launch a new era in non-Muslim-Muslim relations.


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I read in an article over the last few days that the Muslim nations are not happy because they have not reached parity with America yet. It all suddenly made sense.... all the concessions we have been making to the Muslim World since 9/11 is to fulfill their want to reach parity with America. We, America, and western civilization are being extorted in the same way that Sharpton, Jackson, and Farakhan have been extorting our politicans, our banks, and housing for decades. The Muslims have learned from these men and now they are doing the same. And our leaders silently are selling us out without thought for even their own grandchildren. God have mercy on us all.

People fail to understand, Islam is more a Political System that encompasses the Koran.  A political doctrin based on barbaric practice and manical ideology.  It is a danger to anyone it comes in contect with.


I truly will miss this site, Thank you Col and Twana...for ALL that you do.  God Bless

I second that last comment. Yes, thank you both for all you've given us.
And I third it. Thank you.
I don't think anyone is saying that Islam is a peaceful religion. At least not anyone associated to Patriot groups such as this one. Now the politicians are another story.
I feel the same and agree with the comments made concerning Islam.
  We will miss you so much.  Thank you for all you have done-- all this time--you and the Colonel.  God bless you both.
I realize that you must know your enemy in order to defeat them,I will not how ever read this so called koran,the muslems have already showed their ugly side they have proven themselfs a enemy  of our country,we are at war and our freedoms are at stake...please take time to read THE UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION,it so states as to what MUST BE DONE  to rid our selfs of a CORUPT GOVERNMENT...WE THE PEOPLE MUST STAND AS ONE INORDER TO KEEP OUR FREEDOMS,ANY LAW THAT HAS EVER BEEN PASSED AGAINST WE THE PEOPLE OWNING,OR BEARING A FIREARM IS ILLEGAL,IT IS OUR RIGHT TO OWN  THEM AND USE THEM IF NECCISARY AGAINST A CORUPT FORM OF GOVERNMENT,....PEOPLE THAT CORUPT FORM OF GOVERNMENT IS HERE MAKE NO DOUBT ABOUT IT AND THE TIME IS NOW TO RID OURSELFS OF IT. DAVID SMITH
I Had to make just one last"before dawn" trip to PFA.  And I see Twana carrying out Her Duty to Our Beloved Country.  She's a trooper to the last....never saying surrender.  Well, Ill copy this article and send it out across America where I think it can do the most GOOD. My tactic is sort of like a commando strike; attacking with important, credible and possibly life Saving information that just may jar someone awake as they make ready before the day in front of their glowing CRT. Sort of a "Sun Up " before sun up to stir the emotions, and set the warning bells clanging in a here to fore sleeping mind who would respond with courage, alacrity and ingenuity to bring the public to a state of shock, indignation and resolve to clean house.  Always after early visions that just flood my mind between two and 5AM, I'm pulled by my vision of the most Beautiful "One Nation Under GOD" that history can try one more time for Life - Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, the small creature that I am in this Sea of Humanity. Thanks Twana and Harry for making US possible.  You've done a Tremendous job with Your Constitutional Emergency.  GOD Bless You Both.
I will miss you all GOD BLESS
To: Twana and Harry---"Domo Arrigato, Gozimus" and GOD speed. I fight my own battles, most of the time, but if this country ever calls on this old vet again, I will be ready, as I know you are.

   I know all I need to know without reading the Koran as I have Muslim neighbors and I know how they feel.  I keep my peaceful distance.

God Bless you Twana and Harry.

I am a 2nd generation American. My parents were 1st and their parents, my grandparents, came here as children. My great grandparents who were Italian and Catholic wanted only one thing and that was to be Americans. They worked hard to become Americans, learned the language and did everything they could to become Americans. All in my family are loyal Americans because we were taught to be by our parents. We are all Americans of Italian decent not Italians Americans. Although we have kept some of our customs, pasta every Sunday at Grandmas, salad after dinner and bocci ball, we are and always will be 100% loyal Americans. In WWII of the 14 million soldiers who fought 1.6 million were of Italian decent including 9 of my uncles. They fought in Sicily and Italy as hard as they did in the Pacific. My family also fought for this Country in WWI, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm and Iraq. This is not the case with the Muslims, they will never be Americans 1st, and not 2nd, not ever. Allah is their God, the Koran is their law and the United States of America, my Country, is just another place to be taken and subverted by any and all means necessary. They will lie, cheat, murder and terrorize until they have accomplished their goal. Unless enough real Americans understand their intentions we will continue to lose ground until our Country is lost. Didn't see many of you all in DC March 19th but those who were there were committed to preserving our Country. We need many more with that same commitment if we are to win this fight. We must engage them whenever and where ever they show their ugly heads and continue until we have won. Blogging is easy but words won't get it and until we understand that our Country will continue to fail. God bless the USA and thank God for the Free Republic. 300 Friday nights in a row standing tall at Walter Reed against the Moonbats. That's committment



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