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Everyone please note the date correction for the moonbats march on the Pentagon. The correct date is 03212009 NOT 03292009. If anyone has issued invitations already - you have my sincerest apology. When I posted the event I wasn't sure of the maximum character number allowed per entry so I posted what I felt was most important. Below is a cross-post from EaglesUp.


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The Moonbats March on the Pentagon
By concretebob | January 28, 2009

On 21 March 2009, the loonie-tunes from our favorite anti-military, anti-American, pro-terrorist organzation are going to march on the Pentagon. The list of demands is the typical extreme-leftwing idiotic hyperbole we have come to expect from asshats who don’t care about the right of self-determination. I expect they’ll be goose-stepping down Memorial Drive, wearing Che t-shirts, waving Cuban, North Korean, Palestinian and Iranian flags, totally missing the irony of spectacle. They’re also now going after the Afghanistan conflict. I knew they couldn’t leave it alone. I won’t get into a rant about how stupid they look protesting a war we have won.
While we have no planned organized counter-protest to this, we do need to be mindful of the threat to our Nations’ memorials to our Fallen Warriors while these libtards are in town. We know they will descend to unfathomable depths to spread their filth.
There are some folks in our camp who have expressed a willigness to devote that Saturday to maintaining a presence at the most critical Memorials, specifically The Vietnam War Memorial (”The Wall”) It would seem The Wall has some sort of talismatic charm on these clowns. It draws them like flies to honey.
If you are able, please consider giving a few hours of your time on Saturday 21 March and help keep an eye on The Wall, Korean Memorial, Navy Memorial, and the WWII Memorial. The Navy Memorial is far enough removed from the AO that it may not suffer the same fate as it did in January of 2007. The others, however, are in close proximity to each other and to the Pentagon. I have not seen the rally point or the march route the moonbats plan to take, so I’m not sure they’ll even get close to them, but there’s also the chance that some lone nut-job activist (i.e. BlackBloc, IVAW) will take it upon itself to “get creative”.
ROE’s are simple. Position yourself within sight of the Memorial, have a video camera at the ready, and maintain a watch. Identify yourself to the Park Police in the area. Have your busness cards with you.
I have to include the following disclamer to keep things legal:
DO NOT intefere with anyone who tries to deface any Memorial. (unless you can do it and make it funny. A funny video of someone protecting a Memorial will work better in court if the asshat decides to press charges, and it may have revenue-generating potential on Americas Funniest Home videos.)
Simply catch the perpetrator in the act, record the action with your camera, and notify the Park Police.
You can also work out a signal with the Park Police, (whistle, air horn, siren, bullhorn, etc) if you suspect that an act of vandalism is about to occur.
In any event, laying hands on someone else, no matter the reason, will at the worst, get you arrested for assault. or at the least, cause you hours of headache fighting the charges in court. Believe me, if these moonbats have the chance, they will sue anyone.
Times can be worked out if you decide to lend a hand. From this point on, all responses, identities, times, and other logistical information should be emailed.
Most of us know each other on sight, so when you get to the Wall, it shouldn’t be difficult to spot like-minded individuals.

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