Constitutional Emergency

Deaf Dumb and Blind;
75-80 percent of the American people still have no idea of what the hell is going on in American politics and in our own federal government. The only thing they know is that they do not like it when either political party has a majority in both the house, the Senate, and in the Supreme Court. It doesn't matter which political party it is, Republican or Democrat – the American people believe that if they can break up the majority in control then they can keep the country on a level, even playing field. And no matter what the majority in control has for an agenda the American people want a level balance between the parties. Most of them don't even pay attention to what the “Agenda” actually is.
Take the Trump administrations agenda on tax cuts, The majority in Congress under President Trump has been Republican for the first two years of the administration. The Democrats have been opposed to his tax cuts and in fact ran their 2018 midterm campaigns on repealing those Republican tax cuts. The Democrats in fact ran on the idea of RAISING the taxes on the American people. Now does anyone out there really believe the American people WANT to pay more in taxes??? How about you? Do YOU want to pay more in taxes?? Be honest about it. Do you really think your taxes are TOO LOW ???

Immigration: The Trump administration wants to control our immigration, they want people who are coming here to come in legally. The Trump administration (and the Republicans) want better, stronger, border controls. But the Democrats do NOT want border control, they do NOT want immigration controls. In fact the Democrats ran their 2018 campaigns on eliminating all border and immigration controls. The Democrats ran on a platform of eliminating the department of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, (ICE). They want open borders. If you asked any American citizen if they are in favor of eliminating all US borders, if they are in favor of eliminating all US Sovereignty as a Nation, how many of them do you think would say YES? In fact if you turn that question around and ask the American people if they are in favor of eliminating America as a Nation and turning the entire country over to the United Nations, how many of them do you think would vote YES to that? And yet THAT is precisely what they have done. At least in the House of Representatives. The mid-term election the Democrats won control of the House of Representatives. They voted in favor of higher taxes and the elimination of our National borders, they voted against OUR National Sovereignty. What kind of sane person would ever vote to eliminate their own country? But most of them don't even understand that. If you tried to tell them that they would call you a scare monger, a kook, and a crazy Republican NAZI fanatic.
All they know is that they think splitting up the majority in control of Washington somehow creates a better balance of powers. And THAT is why any administration, be it Republican or Democrat generally looses their majority controls in the mid-term elections. It's got nothing to do with popularity, it's got nothing to do with the administrations agenda, (good or bad) it's all about breaking up a majority of the current administrations.

History tells us that in-spite of all the attention by the news media the American people simply still don't pay attention, The American people still don't have a clue what is really going on in Washington.

If they did they would tear the place apart and stomp every politician up there into the dirt.

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