Dear Mr Obama, I didn't hear from you when our recruiters were gunned down at their recruiting station right here in this country.

By Bev Perlson

Dear Mr Obama,
I didn't hear from you when our recruiters were gunned down at their recruiting station right here in this country.  I don't ever hear from you day to day when we lose precious young American Heroes in Afghanistan.  I don't ever hear from you when a precious young American Hero loses his legs, his arms or his genitals, trying to beat back this brutal enemy who doesn't have to abide by any rules as he blows up our Sons, our Daughters,  and his own people.  I very rarely ever see you on the TV thanking our Troops for the enormous sacrifice they make on a DAILY basis trying to carry out your mission under your cruel ROE's and catch and release policies that afford the enemy all the advantages!  I heard you loud and clear though when Major Hasan slaughtered 13 of our Sons right here at Ft Hood yelling Allah Akbar, and you called for Americans to practice restraint and not to rush to judgment.  I heard you when you refused to call this a terrorist attack and insisted this was simply a "workplace violence!!!"  I have not heard you call for the death penalty for Major Hasan but I heard your Secretary of Defense immediately call for the death penalty for Sgt Bales, a Soldier whom YOU deployed numerous times for a total of 36 months, who watched his fellow Soldiers getting killed and blown up repeatedly, with not ONE WORD FROM YOU.  But we all heard you apologize to the enemy when our Warriors followed orders and burned a propaganda tool used to pass messages amongst the enemy, messages among prisoners!!!  I didn't hear you call for an apology to the mothers of those Soldiers who were murdered with a bullet to the back of their heads over the latest temper tantrum by the terrorists! Where was your call for an apology to those American mothers, fathers, wives, sisters, brothers?!!!  You seem to have forgotten you work for the American people and your allegiance is to the safety of the American people and her military!  
I have heard enough from you regarding the rights of radical Muslims plotting and planning and murdering our Sons and Daughters and NOW you need to hear from me.  You sir should be ashamed.  You Sir, behave in the most traitorous manner and as an American mother I am here to tell you that you are a national disgrace to the loyal tradition of the Commander-In-Chief of the greatest and most noble military force in the entire world.  You are not worthy of this title and I intend to do everything I can to see to it that you are sent packing on November 4th and when you pack your bags and get out, you should hang your head in shame because you have let down the greatest Americans ever, the most noble among us and you never had a clue.              
 Ninety of the wounded troops this year lost genitals from blasts, according to the Landstuhl data.
I've watched as our Sons are incarcerated while you and your deal makers release terrorists back to their village elders who sign a pathetic Pledge that they promise not to return to the battlefield! AND THEY DO RETURN TO THE BATTLEFIELD TO KILL MORE OF OUR SONS AND DAUGHTERS!  You have made it your policy to return Terrorists to the battlefield Sir, so how do you sleep at night, as American mothers suffer their Sons locked away, some for life, as you release Terrorists?!!!!!  How do you sleep at night as you release brutal terrorists back to the battlefield to maim and kill more of our Sons and Daughters??!!You slap American mothers in the face, you slap all of us in the face as you coddle and appease brutal terrorists!      
Where is your apology to our Troops for your disgraceful, traitorous betrayal of the honor and appreciation YOU owe them?!  These are the most honorable Americans you have used and abused and let me remind you Sir, these are America's Sons and Daughters who you continually betray!  You set out 4 years ago to APOLOGIZE to the world and I'm here to tell you your pathetic Apology Tour will end on November 4th and America and her noble protectors will be restored to the greatness we are, simply by your removal from office!
In the meantime, and this is pathetic that I must remind you that, as Commander-in-Chief of the greatest military force on this planet, your allegiance lies with the United States Military and Americans expect you to remember that and behave accordingly!  We have 224 days left to endure your spineless occupation of our White House but what is worse, our Troops have 224 days left to endure your traitorous behavior of their noble service and sacrifice!  We will endure and we will prevail and in 224 days, you will leave with the legacy of the most shameful and weak President this country has ever seen.  The shame will be on YOU, forever!  
Beverly Perlson
The Band of Mothers 
PS.  I'd like this money back in the Treasury.  It states in this article that YOU, BarakObama, gave all this money to these Afghans.  Well Sir, this is your bill, not ours!  Pony up and hand it over, out of your pocket!  

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Thank you Twana for posting this and thank you all for your replies.  My heart is breaking for our Troops and the horrendous treatment they endure daily by Obama and his inept administration.  I am determined to do all I can to see that he is sent packing in November, that is my main mission.  I am also focused on doing everything possible to ensure these brave men and women of our military get their votes counted this time, NO WAIVERS!  Please sign onto the website and keep informed how you can help with this effort.


Thank you all very much for your comments and support!  God Bless and Watch Over Our Troops!

Beverly Perlson

The Band of Mothers

You Mrs. Perlson and The Band of Mothers are saying what the majority of AMERICANS are feeling, I say GOD BLESS and thank you for having the courage to let your voice, voices be heard.

GOD BLESS AMERICA and OUR PATRIOTS for whom we are all in debt, for without them we THE AMERICAN PEOPLE wouldn't be able to live life the way we do!

I agree that our current regime is making a mockery of THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, and all that our forefathers established, it definitely is past time for a complete make-over as well as salary cuts for all politicians!

BEV NAILS IT.  I'll VIRAL THIS ACROSS AMERICA between now and Monday. I've already b lasted the Churches with irrefutable evidence that they Better saupport the Parents and Spouses of Deployed Troops.  By GOD, Yes Let Us PRAY for Them; But By GOD, Put Our Actions in line with Our Prayers. The Time to Fling out and Defrock any SANCTIMONIOUS HYPOCRITES is NOW.    

Very well said Mrs. Perlson! As a grandmother of a 2nd Lt. in the U.S. Army (which is deployed) I salute  you!!!  

Obama was groomed to be where he is and sent here to destroy our wonderful country! It is up to We The people to stop him! As we all have seen no one in Congress or anyone else has even attempted to do so except for Sheriff Arpaio! God Bless him and I back him all the  way! We all must keep Sheriff Arpaio in our prayers!

I do not believe America will be the same in 224 days! This USURPER must be removed from our White House very soon. He will declare Marshall Law to remain as President of our country. There has already been talk coming from Jessie Jackson Jr. advising him to declare Marshall Law! If this happens there will be no elections! 

Our only hope is Sheriff Arpaio unless someone knows something I have not heard.

You can add my voice to what you say.  You are a TRUE PATRIOT AND A REAL AMERICAN!!!



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