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“The White House is defending ISIS. Now there can be no doubts about that.” - Maria Zakharova for the Russian Defense Ministry

Death Race Damascus Update – On the Precipice of WW III

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As the clock runs down on the Obama “presidency” and as the Clinton candidacy is becoming more fragile by the day, the information I received from two intelligence sources in 2012 is being validated. We are on the precipice of a World War that will begin in Syria and pit the U.S. against Russia, fueled by Barack Hussein Obama’s policy of arming, aiding and supplying Muslim terrorists throughout the region, and specifically in Syria.

It is being reported today that the U.S. bombed Syrian troops inside Syria, killing 62 troops. This is a dangerous and overt escalation of the war that has been boiling beneath the surface for the last six years. Additionally, Russia has made it clear that they will blame the U.S. should the fragile truce that exists within Syria collapse.

I warned about this in my 2012 column Death Race Damascus – 13 Days in October. In that report, I postulated that World War III will begin in Syria and not in Iraq, Afghanistan or even Iran.  I wrote that US forces are waging a proxy war against Russia on behalf of Saudi Arabia, which provided the context for not just historical moments such as Benghazi, but can explain and define the entire Obama “presidency.”

Now with just a few months remaining for Obama to complete his objectives and under the threat of a complete reversal of foreign policy should Hillary Clinton become sidelined, it appears that a deliberate escalation inside Syria is in progress.

In response to the U.S. led air strikes inside Syria, Maria Zakharova, speaking for the Russian Defense Ministry on the Rossiya-24 TV station, said that the air strikes jeopardized a Russian-US agreement on Syria. What was also stated confirmed, at least in part, the information of my 2012 report:

“We are reaching a really terrifying conclusion for the whole world: That the White House is defending ISIS. Now there can be no doubts about that,” the RIA Novosti news agency cited Zakharova as telling.

From my 2012 report:

The status of relations is now being changed by external influences, namely the United States via the Obama-Muslim Brotherhood alliance and Saudi Arabia. Today, the Syrian Ambassador to Tehran stated that Turkey, in collusion with others, is attempting to revive the Ottoman Empire.

It is for this reason that Russia has upwards of 100,000 “advisers” in Syria. Despite their presence and warnings from Russia, we have been actively arming the anti-Assad rebels so that the Assad regime can be overthrown and replaced by a government sympathetic to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Putin has directly and indirectly warned Obama not to meddle in Syria or risk direct conflict with Russia. Despite such warnings, Obama has continued his foreign policy of using al Qaeda backed rebels, supported by the Muslim Brotherhood, to install leaders affiliated with the Saudi-backed Muslim Brotherhood in Syria. Why would Obama place billions of people in jeopardy in a world war by his attempts to reshape the Middle East? What is pushing this agenda?

Despite the claims of many right-wing politicians and conservative media pundits, it is not a failure of foreign policy, but because of the Obama foreign policy that we find ourselves at the precipice of World War III. More importantly, though, the Obama administration and his spokespeople are deliberately misrepresenting the events that occurred in Libya to cover-up a clandestine operation that encompasses the entirety of the so-called Arab Spring. Libya is the Obama CIA’s weapons hub for the region. It is where the weapons are being collected and shipped for use in Syria, to topple the Assad regime.

Unlike the more palatable and readily acceptable goals of the government backed operations a half-century ago (i.e. fighting the expansion of communism), the goals of this administration reveal something entirely different. It is through this prism of understanding that all of the most recent historically significant events begin to make sense. Could answers to such basic questions concerning the background and meteoric rise of Obama, his relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood, his deep bow to the Saudi King be found in Benghazi? Might this covert agenda, if exposed, reveal that we are actually engaged in a proxy war with Russia on behalf of Saudi Arabia?

It’s been nearly four years since I wrote that column, and the anticipated transition of power from Barack Hussein Obama to Hillary Clinton appears to be in jeopardy. Considering such high stakes that this election holds for the United States domestically as well as abroad, is it possible that this escalation is serving an even greater purpose?

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I know about the Amish, my father was Amish.   I do know that many of them do know more about what it really going on because they have some really good information in their magazines put out.  At least in Holmes County, Ohio that is.   This is where they get their information and whoever is putting the information in there, does not rely on MSM and gets the truth.   I talked to many of them on Friday at Log Cabin Days in Loudonville, Ohio and they knew what is going on with our government and Country.  You are definitely right about technology and things developed make our lives easier and take us further away from God.  Definitely right about that..  You are also right that they are closer to the earth and god's creatures.  Most definitely there.  Most of my cousins are still Amish and live without electric, but a few of them have changed and left the Amish, and some actually are Mennonite now.  Those that still live the Amish faith though, really know more than most people I have talked to that are not Amish, but Christians.  Just what I am seeing here anyway, in Amish Country in Ohio.

We know. We just refuse to believe or see. It is easier to believe what they say on the news because then we can go happily on with our lives. Going to work eating our processed foods. Watching our entertainment on tv and playing video games.  We don't have to toil in the heat and cold just to survive anymore. Even if we work outdoors we have easily accessible hot drinks and foods. We have central heating and air in our homes. We have electricity. People do not want their eyes open. They want to hide in their ignorance and just keep quietly going along.

Thanks for sharing Patricia...........

No Obama cannot put his name on the ballots.

Not only is this idiot in the White House stricken with the worse case ove meglomania I have ever seen, the Democraps and other stupid idiots tha put him there twice are going to feel the wrath of us all if indeed this clown starts WWIII. I truly blame the two even greater idiots Mitch McConnel and the speaker(s) of the house for doing nothing to shut down this worst president in our history all the while knowing full well what he was doing. If they keep their jobs after the election too bad for all of us especially their own constituency. On a very personal note, I am voting for Trump only because he promises to build back our military and defensive as well as offensive capability that Obama and the Republicans allowed him to destroy. That and to stop the madness of the leftists and PC crowd that has not, does not and never will understand why it is so destructive to every sociatal issue we have had to endure under this despot who thinks he is King of the world and his understudy Killory Clinton... Yes, you know, the baths..t crazy one.

The fault lies on the people as a whole. Our Parents and Grandparents and so on back have allowed their children to be indoctrinated. They allowed the history to be rewritten without putting up a fight. This all goes back to even before the civil war. When the elite put Lincoln in as President it began. Lincoln was the first step in breaking the sovereignty of the states. That is the true reason the southern states seceded. To maintain their sovereignty. The northern states were to busy worrying about forcing the southern states to buy their products. Once the southern states lost their bid for independence the people the military brought in and set up as the governments for the southern states allowed the pushing through of the 13th 14th & 15th amendments. 13th outlaws slavery and involuntary servitude. What, aren't they the same thing? Yes but saying it this way allows for voluntary servitude. We are all currently in voluntary servitude these days.  Now the 14th amendment changed the rules and made us all citizens of the city state of Washington dc. This made us all subservient to the laws passed by the federal government. Before this amendment only people born in the dc city state and employees of federal government were under the authority of the federal government laws.    The 15th amendment said that everyone gets to vote and the states had no authority to restrict. It gave the freed slaves the right to vote. This was done as the first mass amnesty. All the slaves were instantly made citizens. The elite began their purchasing of the voting block that is the black American. This was final death knell of constitution. They officially took away the sovereignty of the states.       The people running the south were brought in by the military because they had and never released martial law. We are still under the martial law imposed by Lincoln. That is why the US army and air force are still up and running. Read the constitution. Only a full time navy was established. The army was only allowed to be called up for federal service for 2 years unless actively at war. The states were supposed to have their own independent ARMIES. In time of national conflict each state was responsible to send their armies to unify under federal commanders. Once war was finished the armies should have returned back to active duty in their respective sovereign nation states.

I cannot share on Facebook!

Go to the article directly - once it has loaded, place your cursor on the URL and click on it - it will be highlighted - right click and select copy - go to your FB Timeline and click inside "What's on your mind?", right click and select paste - I just pasted it on my FB page.

Savage Nation:

Former Muslim Brotherhood member: "Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim Terrorist"

I read yesterday a posting when that first came out that the US used a small tactical nuke and took out the Syrian units so that the isis troops could take the Syrian air base. By the way I read they pretty much have done that now. It has been known that Obumanut and his ignoramus sidekick Hillshit were running arms through Libya and they let those there die to cover the tracks. Our government has been behind the Muslims and their arab spring from the start.  It is why they are bringing them here. so we can have our own arab spring. Same in Europe. Hell in London it is already over. They have a muslim mayor and already starting implementation of sharia law there. We have been backing isis in Iraq and in Syria. We have been backing the Turkish. The ruse of we were behind the rebellion in turkey was crap used as a smoke screen. The Turkish government since then has seized a load of military equipment  I have read and were able to eliminate some non muslim resistance in their country. Obumanut is going to start world war III before the election and will use that as his reason to suspend the elections. He will remain in power and will cause us to fall. Russian and Chinese troops are already here in the US out in the plains states. Currently know of in Wyoming and Colorado. They will come through and seize our weapons and obumanut will stay president as they round up any dissidents and put them into the fema camps.

Unless there are some still good in our military and our government, it will be up to God to stop this...I doubt God will do it since many Christians are not listening to God yelling at them, WAKE UP!   Something is coming, not good and we are all going to suffer because there are those who refuse to listen to God.  America Bless God Again, please, and humble yourselves and things will turn around.  God can work miracles, but people have to wake up and I don't see that happening.

I continue to pray for my cousin and her husband who are missionaries in Antioch, Turkey, on the Syrian border....they are in grave danger there, but bringing many Muslims to Christianity.  God keep them safe.



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