“The White House is defending ISIS. Now there can be no doubts about that.” - Maria Zakharova for the Russian Defense Ministry

Death Race Damascus Update – On the Precipice of WW III

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As the clock runs down on the Obama “presidency” and as the Clinton candidacy is becoming more fragile by the day, the information I received from two intelligence sources in 2012 is being validated. We are on the precipice of a World War that will begin in Syria and pit the U.S. against Russia, fueled by Barack Hussein Obama’s policy of arming, aiding and supplying Muslim terrorists throughout the region, and specifically in Syria.

It is being reported today that the U.S. bombed Syrian troops inside Syria, killing 62 troops. This is a dangerous and overt escalation of the war that has been boiling beneath the surface for the last six years. Additionally, Russia has made it clear that they will blame the U.S. should the fragile truce that exists within Syria collapse.

I warned about this in my 2012 column Death Race Damascus – 13 Days in October. In that report, I postulated that World War III will begin in Syria and not in Iraq, Afghanistan or even Iran.  I wrote that US forces are waging a proxy war against Russia on behalf of Saudi Arabia, which provided the context for not just historical moments such as Benghazi, but can explain and define the entire Obama “presidency.”

Now with just a few months remaining for Obama to complete his objectives and under the threat of a complete reversal of foreign policy should Hillary Clinton become sidelined, it appears that a deliberate escalation inside Syria is in progress.

In response to the U.S. led air strikes inside Syria, Maria Zakharova, speaking for the Russian Defense Ministry on the Rossiya-24 TV station, said that the air strikes jeopardized a Russian-US agreement on Syria. What was also stated confirmed, at least in part, the information of my 2012 report:

“We are reaching a really terrifying conclusion for the whole world: That the White House is defending ISIS. Now there can be no doubts about that,” the RIA Novosti news agency cited Zakharova as telling.

From my 2012 report:

The status of relations is now being changed by external influences, namely the United States via the Obama-Muslim Brotherhood alliance and Saudi Arabia. Today, the Syrian Ambassador to Tehran stated that Turkey, in collusion with others, is attempting to revive the Ottoman Empire.

It is for this reason that Russia has upwards of 100,000 “advisers” in Syria. Despite their presence and warnings from Russia, we have been actively arming the anti-Assad rebels so that the Assad regime can be overthrown and replaced by a government sympathetic to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Putin has directly and indirectly warned Obama not to meddle in Syria or risk direct conflict with Russia. Despite such warnings, Obama has continued his foreign policy of using al Qaeda backed rebels, supported by the Muslim Brotherhood, to install leaders affiliated with the Saudi-backed Muslim Brotherhood in Syria. Why would Obama place billions of people in jeopardy in a world war by his attempts to reshape the Middle East? What is pushing this agenda?

Despite the claims of many right-wing politicians and conservative media pundits, it is not a failure of foreign policy, but because of the Obama foreign policy that we find ourselves at the precipice of World War III. More importantly, though, the Obama administration and his spokespeople are deliberately misrepresenting the events that occurred in Libya to cover-up a clandestine operation that encompasses the entirety of the so-called Arab Spring. Libya is the Obama CIA’s weapons hub for the region. It is where the weapons are being collected and shipped for use in Syria, to topple the Assad regime.

Unlike the more palatable and readily acceptable goals of the government backed operations a half-century ago (i.e. fighting the expansion of communism), the goals of this administration reveal something entirely different. It is through this prism of understanding that all of the most recent historically significant events begin to make sense. Could answers to such basic questions concerning the background and meteoric rise of Obama, his relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood, his deep bow to the Saudi King be found in Benghazi? Might this covert agenda, if exposed, reveal that we are actually engaged in a proxy war with Russia on behalf of Saudi Arabia?

It’s been nearly four years since I wrote that column, and the anticipated transition of power from Barack Hussein Obama to Hillary Clinton appears to be in jeopardy. Considering such high stakes that this election holds for the United States domestically as well as abroad, is it possible that this escalation is serving an even greater purpose?

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Rooster........Centurylink is blocking all my mail to you.  I've tried using three different email addresses I have..........all bounce.

I edited my spam filters, made some corrections to email addresses, please try again Col.

I sent out a message on my Facebook, as there is a gal within my 400 friends who works for Trump's campaign and she was the one who got message to Daryl Thorn, one of our prisoner's who was release,  who Trump was trying to get in touch with.  Daryl Thorn was trying to get Trump's attention at a rally and his security thought he was a Hillary supporter and kicked him out.  If I get this gal's name I will contact her and she might be able to link you up with Trump or one of his campaign people.   Not sure if I will have luck, but will try anyway....

It would also be good if we could get the Terry Trussell flyer I sent out yesterday to Trump.......

Any good contact within the Trump campaign will be good. Thanks.

Also,,,,, Col. I just sent you a message from my cell phone email address.

That one should work, but is not a secure system.

Here's my idea on filing charges against Hillary,,,,,,,,,
Any State or local County judge and district attorney can accept a complaint about a crime being committed.
The trick is to formulate the complaint in such a way that it makes sense,,,,,,,, ie - a REAL Crime has been committed. AND that it has or will effect YOU and your community in some adverse way.
Use any valid documentation you can get your hands on, print it out, and high light anything that can be verified, and how that might have an adverse effect on you and your community.

example; Conspiracy to Defraud, Racketeering, Conspiracy against the Constitution; Secretary Hillary Clinton accepted bribes, contributions, and donations through the Clinton Foundation for her assistance and participation in, and through the use of her office, to assist and effect the sale and/or transfer of sale, ownership, or control over certain amounts of US owned and controlled uranium assets within the boundaries of the United States of America. Hillary Clinton assisted in and helped make possible the transfer of ownership and/or control on minerals contained within the United States of America to a foreign Government or an agency of a foreign Government. (Uranium One Corporation owned and operated by Russia.
And further Secretary Clinton using the powers and authority of her office cohearsed and/or ordered members of various federal agencies to insure the removal of all current private land owners from any lands or property within the effected areas.

Sorry about my spelling errors,,,,,,,,, The idea is to get State or local County charges filed against Hillary Clinton for making the deal with Uranium One, (Russia),  and then getting the BLM and the Wild Life administration to remove the ranchers from the land.
YES,,,,, I know our judicial system is corrupt,,,,,,,,,,, and getting a federal judge to hear or rule on this is very remote,,,,,,,,, but --- getting the charges filed and then making it known that charges have been filed is the whole game plan.

Let the GOP and the news media know that charges have been filed.

Even if we know it will lead to nothing in the Justice Department.

It WILL make a difference.............

There is little point in further discussion. Had our Criminally complicit and cowardly or co-conspiratorial Congress simply done their jobs and lived up to their sworn oaths to defend and uphold our constitution, rather than allowing this puerile little twerp to have his way on all issues all the time. he'd be in a prison awaiting trial for High Treason or already found guilty under called for procedure and punished accordingly in constitutional compliance and other, More Capable people would already be dealing with the reality of staving ,off a war no one can win but will affect all people on the planet. I have always doubted this wretch's sanity and he is someone's puppet and that is plain for anyone to see when he proclaims his stupidity in speaking of our 57 states and the US Marine Corpse, though he has effectively made that description more real than not. Gather survival supplies while ye may, the world is not the same today as it was before it all turned gay and may we all live to see another diffrent day. Perhaps some will last through it all but if not, may the next sentient beings do a far better job of living with REALITY OF THEIR WORLD, than we ever have. A people never learning from their mistakes are doomed to repeat them over and over to the point of self-termination and we are nearing that sad end;  solely, because WE NEVER LEARN  !

I don't often agree with you Brian, but this time I do.
If the very real possibility of a WW-III doesn't get anyone's attention the the real thing certainly will.

UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - The United States accused Russia of grandstanding on Saturday by calling a U.N. Security Council meeting over U.S.-led coalition air strikes in Syria, as Russia said the attacks killed dozens of Syrian soldiers and could endanger a truce deal between Moscow and Washington.

The 15-member council met for an hour on Saturday evening after Russia and a war monitoring group said coalition jets bombed a Syrian army position near Deir al-Zor airport.

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Samantha Power, said Washington was investigating the air strikes and "if we determine that we did indeed strike Syrian military personnel that was not our intention and we of course regret the loss of life."

This whole thing sounds to me like Obama is determined to get his State-of-Emergency, and Martial Law one way or another,,,,,,,No matter what it takes,,,,,,,,,,,, The end always justifies the means...............



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