Constitutional Emergency

Two stories came out last week, two stories that paint a very, very ugly

picture about the Obama administration and its notions of "border security."

The first: a report by an ATF agent that he was assigned to track stolen guns --

and when given the chance to seize them, was ordered to allow the guns to

"walk" and continue right into the hands of Mexican drug cartels.

The theory, he was told, was that the intelligence gained by following the guns

and the trail of possession they passed through was more valuable than the

risks of letting those guns get into the hands of the cartels.

The second:

a report on the murder of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry last Dece...

Terry was part of a patrol along the Mexican border when they were confronted

by Mexican drug cartel gunners. The Border Patrol agents were, on the specific

orders of their superiors, armed with non-lethal weapons, and opened fire with

shotguns firing beanbags. The Mexicans responded with real guns --

and Agent Terry was killed.

So, here we have two policies of the Obama administration:

first, to not only allow but assist the Mexican drug cartels to get guns;

second, to deny border patrol agents from using their own guns in a lethal fashion.

Together, they form a lethal setup:

the drug cartels with heavy-duty weapons, border patrol agents with beanbags.

It's a formulation with only one possible outcome: American agents getting killed.

This could just be incompetence.

This could just be ignorance.

This could just be a case of Obama's left hand not realizing

what his right hand is doing, and no one connecting the dots.

But that can't be; we've been told, repeatedly, that Obama is brilliant.

That he's surrounded himself with the best and brightest,

and they know just what they're doing.

So, the inescapable conclusion:

the Obama administration is trying to get US agents killed.

It's not clear why, what purpose their deaths will serve,

but that's the only conclusion one can draw.

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I am SICK about this.

One AM very soon, I will disappear from my home up N. AZ and go to the border with these men.

I just cant take it anymore.

I am not totally sure that BH Obama is brilliant. I do believe that he is a mentally impaired individual. He is inconsistent. He displays mood swings. And I do believe that Obama is using something, like pot, or another. Watch his behavior on TV.
The only thing Obumer does correctly is read his teleprompter. He is being guided by his handlers and is completely insane as stated by several Phsychiatrists. It is time PEOPLE to remove him and all of the lefties and Rinos from office and start over with real working Americans. They are our enemies and have violated there oath of office which is TREASON. Publically hang them as a warning to the rest. Deport there families to Kenya or another muslim dictatorship.
Debrajoe,  BHO is following one of the most brilliant principles of war which can be displayed at this time in history.The communist plan to take over America was to "encirlce that last bastion of free enterprise, we will not have to fight for her, she (America) will fall into our hands like overripe fruit."  In another passage they (the Communists) said "We will smash them (America) with our clinched fist."  The war principle says, "feign disorder and smash them."  We have seen enough of their "CLINCHED FIST" in Wisconsin the last 3 weeks and who is the enemy?  It is those rich billionaire conservatives who are trying to free wisconsin of their debilitating debt.   Another tragedy is:  We will see a thoroughly rabid media lend weight to the destabilization of our Wonderful Constitutional Republic.  During the 70's the term "change Agent" came to the forefront.  BHO, in my estimation is that agent. 
Traitors in government (key Individuals) can see to it that the criminal population is loosed on society to help create the chaos needed to bring out the guns. It has happened throughout Europe already.  Once a titular head of the revolution moves into place, the prison population is released to increase the chaos.  .  And it is beginning to happen here.  Deception is creeping into every nook and cranny of America. 


There was a post today which gave all of the Arizona Legislatures e-mail addresses.  I sent them an email which asked two questions, "What has Obama done to you so far?, and, "What is he going to do to you in the future?"  Here are the two attachments to the e-mail to all Arizona Congress.


What the first says is that Gov Abercrombine inherited a crime committed by the Dem Party Hawaii and the DNC Nancy Pelosi, violation of 220 years of CUSTOM (Which is common law), and everyone is shouting that she did not break a law.  Even though she was acting as a private citizen, she still has to live up to her Oath of Office to protect and defend the Constitution, not lie and destroy it as what is occurring.


The second attachment is a self nomination (under NOTARY) whereby OBAMA swears under oath that he is eligible to be the POTUS.  Given that he is a HARVARD Grad supposedly with great Constitutional Knoweldge, he damn well knew that with a FATHER from Kenya and a Mother from Kansas, he did not qualify IAW the Constitution; additionally, he was under Oath of Office as a Setting Senator.  This for you and I would be perjury and we would be jailed.  He lied under that oath.

“Tonight is a particular honor for me because, let’s face it, my presence on this stage is pretty unlikely. My father was a foreign student, born and raised in a small village in Kenya. He grew up herding goats, went to school in a tin-roof shack. His father — my grandfather — was a cook, a domestic servant to the British. But my grandfather had larger dreams for his son. Through hard work and perseverance my father got a scholarship to study in a magical place, America, that shone as a beacon of freedom and opportunity to so many who had come before.”   Barack Obama, 2004 Democratic National Convention Keynote Address

In this speech he acknowledges his parantage.

In a BIO at Whitehouse.Gov (Presidents) he states same Kenya -> Kansas copulation.

Even a fifth grader can read and understand this - but most of Congress cannot.

Maybe we should elect only 5th Graders as Congressmen and Senators.

And, one sixth grader for President, that is if the 6th Grader passed on from the 5th.

Now, what we need is for every american to find a piece of crap like the two attachments about OBAMA and email or snail mail the crap to Washington until the House and Senate Post Offices are bogged down completely.

The writers of the attached HawaiiGov document must have spent a fortune on stamps mailing this little puppy out to Washington. 

I see that Gringo has taken a great amount of time to see that thousands of e-mail and other post have been accomplished.

So there are some of us beating the bushes.  Sooner or later we will hit the snake.

This is not only despicable on their policies but their performance as well.

obama is a crack-head puppet for geroge soros.  he and george soros MUST BE ARRESTED FOR TREASON.

There we are Steve. Anybody has the guts for citizen arrest?
I agree.  Watch Obama's eyes.  He obviously has been using at times, when he appears in public.  I guess he thinks Americans are too stupid to recognize drug use when we see it.  And he is being handled by "greater powers" and I truly believe it is Soros. Why is Trumka, who was indicted for murder in the slaying of a non union contractor, acquitted, then settled a 27 million wrongful death suit with the family,,,,,,,at his side, or on the phone with him daily? Ask yourself?  Why is Hilda Solis, head of the Dept of Labor.  She is nothing more than old criminal LaRaza, Union thug , cleaned up and put in his administration.
The clinched fist has been the communist logo for almost a century.   The "clinched fist" is trying to close down the Wisconsin Government.  The Clinched fist is trying to start a revolution in America.  Associates of the "clinched fist" i.e. the LAME Stream MEDIA keeps hammering away about those "billionaire" capitalists as though the "clinched fist" had a right to smash.  The millionaires and billionaires are the ones who made it possible for the common man to have the greatest life of anyone on the earth throughout the ages.  AND, the good part about it is:  With industry (work and planning) anyone can make it.  Where else on the globe is that possible?  Next.  Any state which is trying to get out of debt, especially the debt incurred by wasteful, flagarant spending of previous administrations, should be commended as a first order of business.  But the "clinched fist" wants to denigrate the process and use it as a reason to revolt.  They - simply - do not have the best interest of our country at heart.  Most people would like to see the nation healed, but, the "clinched fist of communism" wants to destroy - and not - heal.  The clinched fist needs the repudiation of the entire country.



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