Two stories came out last week, two stories that paint a very, very ugly

picture about the Obama administration and its notions of "border security."

The first: a report by an ATF agent that he was assigned to track stolen guns --

and when given the chance to seize them, was ordered to allow the guns to

"walk" and continue right into the hands of Mexican drug cartels.

The theory, he was told, was that the intelligence gained by following the guns

and the trail of possession they passed through was more valuable than the

risks of letting those guns get into the hands of the cartels.

The second:

a report on the murder of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry last Dece...

Terry was part of a patrol along the Mexican border when they were confronted

by Mexican drug cartel gunners. The Border Patrol agents were, on the specific

orders of their superiors, armed with non-lethal weapons, and opened fire with

shotguns firing beanbags. The Mexicans responded with real guns --

and Agent Terry was killed.

So, here we have two policies of the Obama administration:

first, to not only allow but assist the Mexican drug cartels to get guns;

second, to deny border patrol agents from using their own guns in a lethal fashion.

Together, they form a lethal setup:

the drug cartels with heavy-duty weapons, border patrol agents with beanbags.

It's a formulation with only one possible outcome: American agents getting killed.

This could just be incompetence.

This could just be ignorance.

This could just be a case of Obama's left hand not realizing

what his right hand is doing, and no one connecting the dots.

But that can't be; we've been told, repeatedly, that Obama is brilliant.

That he's surrounded himself with the best and brightest,

and they know just what they're doing.

So, the inescapable conclusion:

the Obama administration is trying to get US agents killed.

It's not clear why, what purpose their deaths will serve,

but that's the only conclusion one can draw.

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I didnt like bush, but this imposter is WORSE than anyone else. 1000 X WORSE
We are being attacked and divided on all fronts.  Divide and conquer is the mantra of obozo and his band of thieves and thugs.  It is time for a total uprising of the citizens to get rid of all usurpers from obozo, his band, judges, teachers, etc that are raping our country.  Time is not on our side.  The people on the border should arm themselves and annihilate anyone that crosses the border illegally or points a gun from messico.  obozo is working to create a crisis so large the ignorant citizens of this country along with the illegals will give and help him to obtain supreme power.  We do  not have time to sit on our be-hinders.  The Constitution allows for the citizenry to have weapons.  Not just guns, but weapons.  The people had cannons in their homes during the revolution.  It is time for all citizens to have weapons to fight the invaders from without and within.  REMEMBER  WACO!!!  It was a test run by slick willie and his lesbo AG to find out how much they could get away with.  It worked!!!!  The people did nothing after a the Waco group was vilified, lied about and then toasted by the slick willie and his lesbo AG with sub agents.  Tanks against people that DID NOT break any law.  They were never charged with a crime or breaking of any minor offense.  That is what is happening now on the border.  Create a crisis by killing the border patrol agents so they will quit and then move in the military, then spread it to other states for control against the citizens.  It is time to arm and form our standing militias.  The second amendment states " A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, The right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed ".  The key words are the right of the people."  Yes WE the PEOPLE have the responsibility to bear arms against the tyrannical government that was established under slick willie and is now being fast forwarded by obozo and his band of thieves and thugs.  All you militia people we have heard the talk where is the walk?????

Why can't we the people hire an attorny and sue the government employees ie obama, reid boxer and the other idiot palosie know I spelled her name but I don't care. Anyway why can't we do that instead of just complaining about the way things are. Seems to me that there is treason happening in the good ol' USof A. You better believe that it was any other party doing this to our country people wouldn't be just complainng there would be action. I say it's time for action, lets sue the jerks.


Every time we try the "Court System", it is shot down.

No one will prosecute BO or Reid or Pelosi on Election Fraud charges.

EVERYONE of them KNOWS BO is illegally POTUS and they don't do anything.

Sueing them for what?  No attorney will touch that. (If you don't believe me, talk to one.)

I have written and e-mailed my Republican Representative with no response. (Not even 'Sorry, but I can't comment on that.')  My next step is a visit to her office when I can find the time, and she is there.

Christine, I was thinking the same thing this weekend.

HOW do we do this??


Are there any attnys here?


Courts are a last, last resort.


Let's have the military take action against the administration.

How do we do that - H. Gregory?

Simple. A military arrest for high treason.


My insider tells me the Pentagon is infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood.


See the mess?

Like you Pauli i am so disgusted with the lack of response from the American people from the truck load of regulations & laws coming from the White House that is destroying liberty & and the American way of life. With that said i am ready for the big game.

William, too many Americans were only worried about the almighty buck.

THEN, they got Obama while they were sleeping.

I dont know what to do.

THEY 'organize' all the time.

I dont know how to organize. I have always went to work, paid taxes, I never though of destroying America like these beasts to all day long.

The States need to pass legislation for Militias in there States, let the Governor deputize them and put them on the board. Let the States guard their borders since the Federal Gooberment is not doing the job they should be.

George Counts and John Dewey have produced a nation of vacuous heads.  Heads whose ears are dulled, possessing ephemeral scull content, heads which "know the price of everything and the value of nothing." Heads which can hear words and cannot process their value and meaning.  Many of these heads are teaching in our public schools, and continue producing more empty sculls.  So, the empty sculls are now running America.  How long is it going to take for America to learn that the "clinched fist"  represents "the Death of A Nation?"  How long is it going to take realize that loss of "Rule by Law" represents a stab in the heart of Freedom; represents toil and agony without recourse, represents stifling of gifts and talents which retards the growth of a nation.  How many people understand that Joseph Stalin had every intellectual killed whom he thought could be a challenge to his rule.  This included, Doctors, Lawyers, College professors, Scientists and lesser assemblies of people who could influence a political turning.  Also, he had the Living Church eviscerated.  The "clinched fist" became the logo.  As the possible challengers of Stalins rule were murdered, the Soviet Union became an intellectual void.  In order to gain complete control Stalin saw fit to starve those portions of the nation which were thought to be threats.  So what did he do?  He forbade anyone to turn over one shovel of dirt in order to grow food.  He forbade the cutting of vegetation fron around ones house.  He constructed several intertwined spy organs who watched and reported information on each other.  Workers in industry had to undergo Sensitivity training sessions which became spy operations that filled the "gulags."

America will never recover from the slide into hell as long as vacuous heads are in the majority in the senate, house, Supreme Court and oval  office.  In America today the vacuous heads are being filled to accept the Stalinist model.  So, why is it hep to be sophisticated?  See if the definition of "sophisticated" as defined in the 1828 "American Dictionary of the English Language by Noah Webster, can help with some understanding.  SOPHISTICATE:  "To adulterate; to corrupt by something spurious, to pervert as in sophisticate nature, philosophy or the understanding."  "Adulterated, not pure."  Sophistication is acid on the brain which leads people to spend millions just to be "one up" on their neighbor, drive a better car  --  you get it.  The U.S. Congress responds to their "sophisticated" constituency;  and we find ourselves in the worst bind in our history.




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