Constitutional Emergency

I've come to a point that I'm unfamiliar with - I can't decide on something. I have debated the sides and think that I've come to a practical necessity, however unfortunate, that makes the decision for me. It's something that some people never even consider having an issue with while others I've met battle greatly with it.

The issue at hand is concealed carry. Texas is a Shall Issue State meaning, if you pass all the designated requirements, they are required to issue a license to you without you having to demonstrate "special needs" for one. So where does my consternation come in? Yep, I would be applying for a license to exercise a right. That automatically makes it a privilege. That's not good. Especially considering we don't have the option of Open Carry here.

The fact of the matter is, however, that if I were to carry my sidearm as the Constitution says I'm allowed, and am forced to use it - I am going to jail. No doubts or hesitations, that's an arrest. We are "ALLOWED" in Texas, to carry a concealed handgun in our vehicles without a license, however, to take it with us into the restaurant, store, movie theater etc., gotta have the license.

Am I thinking too much (as I'm apt to do), should I just do as I'm told and apply for this license to exercise one of my basic rights as a Human Being? Some have said that I should not and, if I ever do get dragged into court over it, take a stand and fight for 2nd Amendment principles. Well, I read the Heller Decision and they clearly back the idea of "Common Sense" Gun Control. I don't think a friendlier court decision is going to be coming in these days either.

To me, it sounds like my decision is made. However, I suppose I just wanted to throw it out to some like minded individuals and see if my trepidation was warranted or not.

As a side note, I have been told by some to NEVER EVER get that license because the license holders will be the first they come after when the guns have to go. Personally, I am not bothered by that. The Government is well aware of several of my weapons, they are well aware of my position on them thanks to the things I post on these inter-tubes (My Gonzales Flag flying outside the house doesn't hide my ideas very well either) and they are well aware of what response I feel would be required in that situation

Anyway, sort of thinking with my fingers here and curious what thoughts might come out of it.

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I have a concealed permit in Florida......we have a "home is your castle" law which allows me to take down anyone attempting to harm or threaten me or my family in my home or vehicle.......I don't worry about being the first they come after......don't think a concealed permit will necessarily do that since most all guns are all gun owners are pretty well known.....except those that are are obviously secured. I based my decision on what I wanted do......
If the people of Texas cannot get a carry law passed do as your heart leads. Before I moved to Florida I lived in Arizona, which has a modified gun carry law,. There are many places you cannot carry a gun. If you do not have a concealed carry permit then the public or police must be able to establish you are carrying a gun by being able to identdentify 1/4 of the holster or firemarm.

We've gotten the legislation introduced to have unlicensed Open Carry - waiting to see where it goes. We got the castle doctrine passed two years ago which is why we can now keep a concealed weapon in our vehicles without licensing as well.

I am having a hell of a hard time rectifying the necessity of ASKING PERMISSION to exercise my RIGHT. I know damn well that every gun I've bought from a store on a 4473 is registered. They can lie to me all they want but I can't even remember the last time I believed what the Government told me.

I would gladly carry openly - it is my right, however, the exercise of my right will land me in jail at this moment. How the hell did we let this Country get to this point and how the hell did my state, TEXAS, let itself get this way. Federal Money, Federal Money, Federal Money - follow the money.
The enemy kept us just busy enough to feed our families along with enough time for some recreation while the enemy had nothing to do but get ready for us.



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