Dear Friends,

Today In the news Journal an article has been published relating to a threat to your First Amendment Rights That has been introduced by General Assembly member Earl Jaques of Middletown Delaware.
Friends, If you oppose HB 11 You can click Reply all and send an email to each of the General Assembly members. You are also encouraged to call or visit the General Assembly to voice your opposition
Here is the link for each of the Senate membersAnd House membersNews Journal Jan 19, 2011Bill seeks to ban 'fusion candidates' from ballots | delawareonline...Dear Members of the General Assembly:

I am witting to you today In Re HB 11 that was recently introduced by Mr Earl Jaques, and co sponsored by Mr. Lavelle,

Mr, Lavelle in the Delaware News Journal Article reported saying; "it is important that the parties be able to decide who runs on their tickets."
The parties should be able to control their own destiny," said Lavelle, R-Sharpley.

To Mr Lavelle, Respectfuly sir, Your comment is hypocritical.

If the political parties should be able to decide their own destiny; Why is it you are supporting a measure that infringes upon that Right sir?

To all the members of the General Assembly
Supporting any bill such as HB11 is a threat to the peoples rights protected by Section 16 the right of assembly .
Delaware Constitution § 16. Right of assembly; petition for redress of grievances would be infringed upon by voting in favor of HB 11.

A candidate and political party who exercises their rights as fusion candidacy, are exercising the right of assembly, petition for redress of grievances. When a political party has a vacancy for a candidate who is running for the same office and the candidate and the people of that party agree, They are therefore saying the voice of that candidate is the voice of that party as well, Though they may not be a member of the same body of political parties. And agree that voice would suffice for addressing their grievance is beyond party lines In a form known as bipartisanship agreements-- actually not any different than what is done when the the Democrat and Republican Party agree to pass laws in a bipartisan attitude.

If the General assembly decides that fusion candidacy is bad for the state, that would then suggests that the state would agree in segregation of not only classes of people but Race and gender. It would also show that the general assembly is not working in what is called bipartisan politics but are actually two of the very same platforms only with two different names Not much different than what Russia or any other autoritarian government has. Including Iran.

HB 11 is wrong for the state.

Contractual agreements between two entities have been fought in many areas of law. from Same sex marriage to business contracts

When the state infringes upon the right of two entities based upon their political background they are therefore violating the rights protected under Delaware Constitution § 16

Although disobedience to laws by a part of the people, upon suggestions of impolicy or injustice in them, tends by immediate effect and the influence of example not only to endanger the public welfare and safety, but also in governments of a republican form contravenes the social principles of such governments, founded on common consent for common good; yet the citizens have a right in an orderly manner to meet together, and to apply to persons intrusted with the powers of government, for redress of grievances or other proper purposes, by petition, remonstrance or address. the state now is willing to Infringe upon the peoples right of freedom of assembly by passing HB 11

Earl Lofland

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