Constitutional Emergency

Democracy does NOT work.

You're absolutely right America, Democracy does NOT work. It never has and never will.

But neither does Socialism or Communism. None of these political systems have ever worked, no matter where or how many times they have been tried throughout all world history.

America was NOT Founded on Democracy, and certainly not on Socialism.

America was Founded on a Free Constitutional Republic.

That is not a political party, it's not the GOP or the republicans that we have today.

No one who is alive in America today has ever lived under our original Free Constitutional Republic form of Government. That was taken away and changed back in 1887 and again in 1913.

Barack Hussein Obama and the Democrats were elected in 2008 on the promise of Hope and Change.
After 75+ years of living under a system of half-assed Democracy with elite upper class socialists and greedy banksters, crooks and politicians running things we were ready for a change.

Obama and his crowd promised to “Fundamentally Transform America”. But they never said what they wanted to “Transform” America into. After eight years of the worst Government administration and the worst economic and social policies in American history, we now know what they want to “Transform” us into; A total Oligarchy system of Communists dictatorship, total and complete control, and mutual oppression. And now in order to “fix” the mess they created they want us to Transform once again into some kind of “New-World Order”. They want us to hand over everything in America to some unknown political elite bunch control freaks crazy with the idea of looting not only the bank vaults and Fort Knox, but also all the land and mineral deposits and resources on the continent.

They are trying to convinces us that moving our heads of Government from Washington D.C. to the halls of the United Nations building in New York city, or most likely to some place over in Africa, would produce some type of great and wonderful life of utopia. Everybody will all be equal, there will no longer be any “Rich” upper or middle class. There will no longer be any lower poor starving classes either. Everybody will have and be treated equally, (Except them of course). Just like Washington does today they will exempt themselves from all the rules and regulations. Just as they do today they will set themselves above the daily and yearly grind of having to figure out how to survive and make a living.

If any one believes for even one full minute that those greedy bunch of crooks and control freaks are going to share enough with you to make your lives comfortable and easy (or equal) then you are even dumber than they think you are.

Ask yourselves one simple question; If that form of Government is going to be so great and wonderful, why do they need to take all our guns and weapons away from us? You shouldn't even have to go any further than that to figure out that their system of a One-World-Governance is just another big ass LIE. In fact it's the biggest lie and scam job ever perpetrated on any civilization in world history.

And they keep doing the same thing over and over and over, each time getting the same results; more and more slavery and oppression., More and more starvation and more dead people. That's the definition of Stupidity.

The radical black panthers and the Islamists all want to take over the system so they can initiate what they think is a utopia. What they will really Transform us into is the slums and ghettos of Chicago or Detroit. They want to send us all back to Africa where we can all fight and kill each other like the Hooties and the Tootsies, or back into the caves of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

If we want some real hope and change why not try going back to the only system of Government in world history that has actually been proven to work? Go back to the only system in world history that allowed more people to work and dig their lives out of poverty and into any heights of wealth and prosperity, and success, that they were hungry and ambitious enough to achieve. Go back to the only system of Government in world history that gave it's people real freedom and guaranteed liberties. Freedom to be who and what you wanted to be, as long as it didn't adversely effect your neighbors and others. It's not a freedom to kill and rob people, not a freedom to simply take what someone else has just because you're too lazy or too stupid to work for it yourself. But it is the freedom to get an education, learn how to do something that others are will to pay you for. It's the freedom to achieve the heights of success and the life style your goals and aspirations, and dreams can now only imagine.

Has America made mistakes in the past? Yes – absolutely. And slavery was one of the biggest of them all. Going back to our Original system of a Free Constitutional Republic does not mean we will go back to a system that accepts slavery. And it doesn't mean we have to back to a system where the poor and handicapped and disabled are simply cast aside and discarded like so much trash.

If America wants hope and change why would anyone consider going to a system that drives us all back into slavery and a world of oppression? A system where every one is equal but equal in poverty and starvation. There is no such thing as a free lunch, if you want to eat you're going to have to pay for it, one way or another. Why would you choose to pay for you lunch by giving up everything else in life?

America – restore the only system in world history that HAS actually worked.

America - Restore the Free Constitutional REPUBLIC.

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