Constitutional Emergency

I just watched a Democrat campaign TV commercial by Bill Clinton.
He said President Obama has a plan to completely rebuild America from the ground up.
Clinton is right, they do have just such a plan. We learned about it over a year ago, in fact it was written down in 1848 by a killer named Karl Marx.

The way change is going to happen in this country is through the destruction of what we call the United States of America.

The image of the Fabian Glass window shows that they will burn and destroy the whole free world so that they can create a New-World-Order and remold it into an image that better suits their likings, Communism.

Don’t take that threat lightly folks, they mean what they say. It IS their goal to destroy America.

Karl Marx: Communist Manifesto;

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During the last presidential campaign when Hilary was running against Obama, she and Bill could do nothing but bad mouth him constantly.  Then silence and she gets her Secretary of State job - often wondered why?  Now Bill is kissing his back side and again I must ask - why, what is in all this for Bill?  What were they promised?  Yes, Dorris you are right,  they are trash, all of them. 

Here is a Youtube link to that campaign ad by Bill Clinton, (Yes I know - it's painfull to watch and listen too.)

But listen for those key words; "Obama has a plan to rebuild America FROM THE GROUND UP").

That is Clinton finally telling the truth. But the most important part is what he (they) DO NOT SAY.
lies by ommission; What they do not say is that they plan to first completely destroy America, and then they will rebuild it into a Communist/Marxist state controlled by a United Nations New-World Order.

It's painfull to watch, but it is critical to know and understand what the message really is.


Excellent points Ronald.......ever notice a farmer burning his fields, prairies as the fastest and easiest means of weed, rodent, clearing control, to plant a new crop?  

I firmly believe that's exactly what Obama and the democrat party want to do.......scorch America, rid themselves of any capitalist, constitutional opposition and plant a new crop of socialist/communist/Marxist with initial support from Muslim radicals tilling the fields......(who will eventually chop up the harvest, i.e., the heads of the likes of Obama, Clinton, et al)

Obama's efforts to field a "army" of illiterates to march in lock-step following the pied piper will walk off the cliff destroying America............if.........if.........we allow it to happen.

Clinton is a liar and so is BO.  They are all Commies and want to kill us all off and create a world of their own.

Read the book Amateur.  Clinton does not even like BO nor does Hillary.  They are all about evil and lies.

Also go see the movie 2016, that is an eye opener.  People of this free country had better wake up before

it is too late!!!!!!!



The Clintons are both members of the CPUSA as well.


They may not like BO, but they wish the many of the same destructions on America.


      Think about this...............Joe Biden stepping down and Bill Clinton will take his place....Do Not say it can not happen

           They seem to do as they want... and we the people sit on our hands and the news media could care less.



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