By Michael Connelly

July 29, 2016

For years I have listened to the leaders of the Democratic Party and the left wing media lie to the American people about what they stand for and their intentions for America. This has been particularly true during the last seven and one half years of the Obama administration. Americans were lied to about Operation Fast and Furious, about climate change, about the IRS attacks on conservative groups, about Benghazi, about the true state of the economy, about the threat of radical Islamic terrorism, etc.

Yet, during the four days of the Democratic National Convention, the Democrats finally spoke the truth about their vision for America, and speaker after speaker confirmed that it is a vision of the total destruction of our Constitutional Republic. It is to be replaced by a socialist utopia where everyone will gladly march in lockstep like good little drones and be happy every after. The problem is that this vision has failed everywhere it has been tried for over 100 years, and the results have already resulted in the deaths of over 60,000,000 people, massive poverty and repression, and often starvation. Just look at what is currently happening in Venezuela, a “socialist paradise” touted by the left that is now a country in total chaos.

Hillary Clinton’s speech was mostly platitudes, but she started off by completely embraced the “progressive Democratic platform”. (By the way, I have been trying to find the text of that platform on line so I could read it, but it is mysteriously unavailable, only select portions of it can be found. Why is that?) What I do know about the platform and what I heard from the convention speakers, including Hillary, is chilling. For the first time, they talked honestly to the American people and this is what they told us:

  1. The U.S. economy will no longer be based on the free market, but will be completely controlled by the federal government.

  2. Small businesses will be regulated out of existence, and major corporations taxed into oblivion. In fact, all hard working Americans will pay massively higher taxes so that those people who choose not to work will receive the free stuff the Democrats have told them they are entitled to.

  3. If you own a firearm to protect your family and property, you are a criminal and must be disarmed. This particularly true if you are a military veteran, or social security recipient.

  4. If you are a Christian or a Jew and your religious beliefs don’t conform to the federal secular agenda, your churches and synagogues will be shut down.

  5. If you attempt to exercise your free speech rights by saying something the government deems politically incorrect, you will be silenced.

  6. When it comes to freedom of the press, most of the main stream media is already in the tank for the Democrats and their socialist ideology. As long as they continue to go with the party line they will be fine, but members of the media who don’t follow that route will be silenced.

  7. The due process clause of the Fifth Amendment to the Constitution that protects Americans from having the federal government arbitrarily take our lives, property, and liberty will be ignored.

  8. The federal judiciary, including the Supreme Court, will no longer be a separate and independent branch of the government, but will be stacked with judges who will support the agenda of the federal dictatorship.

  9. The Congress of the United States will no longer be an independent branch of the government. If it refuses to submit itself to the control of the executive branch of the government it will simply be ignored and laws will be imposed by executive order.

  10. There will no longer be any illegal immigration, because our borders will be wide open to everyone including drug dealers, violent gang members, and potential terrorists. The United States will be a country without borders, and therefore not a sovereign nation at all.

              This is the Democratic Party plan for the future of America. They claim it is a progressive vision, when in fact it is both regressive and oppressive. In other places; and at other times it has been referred to as socialism, communism, or fascism. It doesn’t matter what they call it because it ultimately translates into the loss of human freedom.

              Of course, what do we know? In the eyes of Obama, the Clintons, and the other elitists, the rest of us are just the ignorant unwashed masses, who cling to our guns and our religion, and therefore we must allow the elites to take care of us and make all of our decisions for us. In my popular new novel, “The Rag” I refer to this new order as the Socialist Republic of America.

              That is the message the Democrats have given to us. As a free American my message to them is that I will never submit to being a slave on their federal plantation.

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You need to get off the meds your psychiatrist has you on.

The problem with the implosion of immigrants, is that they are non-caucasian, non-property owners with little to non assets, who dont have an education and are supportive of socialism or even communism because that is the only political system that can support their living in an unsustainable job market that can't even provide for the nations current low educated citizens whom have also fallen on government welfare to live on.

They all will favor Communism when the next economic crash comes upon the nation!!!

Reverse technology that stolen their jobs and bring manufacturing back on the consumer products that everybody buys and uses regularly, even during a slow economy, jobs taken by china that had stabilized and sustain their job market regardless of economy slowdowns !!!

A nation of diverse and uncommon economic, political and social beliefs destabilizes the nations strong common direction for political long term agenda.

A house divided, will not stand, that is why a strong muslim nation, stays muslim. A strong population of Christians, remains on christian policies, once destabilized and mixed together, all of that society are trying to take control over the other as they are busy resolving their differences, then a totally different (Communist agenda) group comes in and sells the idea that their progressive political agenda will resolve the issue.

Strong religious nations with many to support a common goal or objective will then have to be taken over by bloodshed and brutal force to make it change to another nations policies.

When divided, foreign group can move in and convince that their communist agenda policy will resolve the political and social conflict and concur all.
This is a time in America to return to McCarthyism. 

Demand for the indictment on government officials on charges in violation of 1940 Smith Act, that is currently a national law on the books today. It was a law that was to prevent and perge U.S. government from being infiltrated by foreign nation loyalists and sympathisers who could take government over for their own political agenda.

Also, 1954 Anti-Communist Act by Executive Order from President Dwight Eisenhower was established to prevent Communist political supporters from campaining and taking office in US government because they would cause havoc and disfunction in the US political system to get you to support them in their agendas. 

1948 Taft and Hartley Act was established to prevent Communist dictator from taking control over U.S. Labor unions becsuse they would create hardship and discourage earners that capitalism is no longer working for the labor and try to convince the society that Socialism is the way to fix and help support the working class.

The Commie tactics are working as Americans are loosing ability to afford to possess private property ownership which is necessary for a free society

Individual citizens, get the Court to indict and press charges. If they will not, then do so according to US Constitutional Law by the Court of Common Law. Under this court system, the citizens form a trial jury of 25 members who have a right to indict, investigate and judge over the Admiralty Court systems established by the Corporate courts currently (illegally) practiced by the judicial systems today!!!

When an elected judge goes against the taken oath of office to practice law according to the Constitution and does not keep to that oath, according to Blacks Law, they are guilty of purgury and can be imprisoned for such violation.

Punish by Capital punishment to set a good example and send a clear message that there will be harsh consequence put upon wrongdoers. Capitalist society must enforce capital punishment!!!

American Citizens, take back your Nation, you are the Governing Republic.

Back up a little bit and lets identify why the armed protest was taking place. 

Many ranchers were forced out of making a living by policies put in place that hurt their ability to ranch.

The ability for herds to graze, water rights was restricted and cut off.

When ranchers loose their cattle, they loose their income. When they loose their incomes, they loose revenue to pay for living expenses and taxes.

They been forced out of business and are made to sell out of their family ranch.

Government buys and takes the land. Government exists to protect the citizens, citizens liberties and their private property. Government, Corporations and Banks are not to become the sole owner of property, unless in a Communist nation like China.

If government does not do what it is supposed to do, it does not have a right to exist.

When the financial crisis occured in 2008-9, Government did not protect and help homeowners, it protected bankers interest and enriched bankers.

The crisis was created by the Central bank System through a monetary policy change made in 1999, under Clinton, which removed a bank stabilizing policy, the Glass and Steagall. This policy was put in place by President FDR in 1933, which seperated savings and loans from investment and securities, which stabilized the bank industry for almost 70 years.

Instead of citizens being allowed to stay in their homes, the bankers whom run the Central Banks, made policy for TARP that enriched the bankers.

Come on, Old Rooster / Harry - get rid of this anti-semite already!

Now that is something I fully agree with you about.  He makes some good points but it's always "the Jew's fault", a sure sign of an anti-Semite.  There are good and bad Christians but we don't blame them all for the few bad ones out there.

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As a pastor I declare in the name of JESUS..

Sunday July 31st Celebration of "In God We Trust" SUNDAY

Soon, it will be time to eradicate the evil demonRATS or be eradicated.  Gun up Patriots.

We do not want any part of the Democrats.

Nor the present day GOP, both are controlled by the global elite.

Trump wants to save America. Hillary want to kill America. Dark cleaveth unto Dark. God bless America.

If we are to use the premise that both parties are controll by the global eliete whoever and wherever they may be along with all the multimillionaire career politicians; would it make sense to pick someone who's not a career politician? One thing you have to agree with.... Trump won't bend over and take one for the "Team" he's nobodys water carrier... That makes him Dangerious to those who do...
Pick Trump, pick Hillery, pick someone who's not on the ticket and can't win or stay home, those are the choices...........

Does anyone know for sure that Trump hasn't been approved to run as the GOP choice by the global elite?

Not an attack on you Michael but I feel it IS a valid question and concern.

Both parties have it so rigged to make almost impossible for a third party candidate to win the office of POTUS, and the "pick some who's not able to win" is a straw man argument that the GOP and DNC love to see.

Who was it that stated, "doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result..."  That's what we've been doing for over 100 years!



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