By Michael Connelly

July 29, 2016

For years I have listened to the leaders of the Democratic Party and the left wing media lie to the American people about what they stand for and their intentions for America. This has been particularly true during the last seven and one half years of the Obama administration. Americans were lied to about Operation Fast and Furious, about climate change, about the IRS attacks on conservative groups, about Benghazi, about the true state of the economy, about the threat of radical Islamic terrorism, etc.

Yet, during the four days of the Democratic National Convention, the Democrats finally spoke the truth about their vision for America, and speaker after speaker confirmed that it is a vision of the total destruction of our Constitutional Republic. It is to be replaced by a socialist utopia where everyone will gladly march in lockstep like good little drones and be happy every after. The problem is that this vision has failed everywhere it has been tried for over 100 years, and the results have already resulted in the deaths of over 60,000,000 people, massive poverty and repression, and often starvation. Just look at what is currently happening in Venezuela, a “socialist paradise” touted by the left that is now a country in total chaos.

Hillary Clinton’s speech was mostly platitudes, but she started off by completely embraced the “progressive Democratic platform”. (By the way, I have been trying to find the text of that platform on line so I could read it, but it is mysteriously unavailable, only select portions of it can be found. Why is that?) What I do know about the platform and what I heard from the convention speakers, including Hillary, is chilling. For the first time, they talked honestly to the American people and this is what they told us:

  1. The U.S. economy will no longer be based on the free market, but will be completely controlled by the federal government.

  2. Small businesses will be regulated out of existence, and major corporations taxed into oblivion. In fact, all hard working Americans will pay massively higher taxes so that those people who choose not to work will receive the free stuff the Democrats have told them they are entitled to.

  3. If you own a firearm to protect your family and property, you are a criminal and must be disarmed. This particularly true if you are a military veteran, or social security recipient.

  4. If you are a Christian or a Jew and your religious beliefs don’t conform to the federal secular agenda, your churches and synagogues will be shut down.

  5. If you attempt to exercise your free speech rights by saying something the government deems politically incorrect, you will be silenced.

  6. When it comes to freedom of the press, most of the main stream media is already in the tank for the Democrats and their socialist ideology. As long as they continue to go with the party line they will be fine, but members of the media who don’t follow that route will be silenced.

  7. The due process clause of the Fifth Amendment to the Constitution that protects Americans from having the federal government arbitrarily take our lives, property, and liberty will be ignored.

  8. The federal judiciary, including the Supreme Court, will no longer be a separate and independent branch of the government, but will be stacked with judges who will support the agenda of the federal dictatorship.

  9. The Congress of the United States will no longer be an independent branch of the government. If it refuses to submit itself to the control of the executive branch of the government it will simply be ignored and laws will be imposed by executive order.

  10. There will no longer be any illegal immigration, because our borders will be wide open to everyone including drug dealers, violent gang members, and potential terrorists. The United States will be a country without borders, and therefore not a sovereign nation at all.

              This is the Democratic Party plan for the future of America. They claim it is a progressive vision, when in fact it is both regressive and oppressive. In other places; and at other times it has been referred to as socialism, communism, or fascism. It doesn’t matter what they call it because it ultimately translates into the loss of human freedom.

              Of course, what do we know? In the eyes of Obama, the Clintons, and the other elitists, the rest of us are just the ignorant unwashed masses, who cling to our guns and our religion, and therefore we must allow the elites to take care of us and make all of our decisions for us. In my popular new novel, “The Rag” I refer to this new order as the Socialist Republic of America.

              That is the message the Democrats have given to us. As a free American my message to them is that I will never submit to being a slave on their federal plantation.

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Again you post your opinion over known facts... You cling like a drowding man to the old Covenant while disregarding the New which JESUS instituted while he was on earth in human form. Cling to your Law and keep trying to live upto what JESUS said was impossible for Man to keep... The Law is a "Taskmaster to lead us to Christ". Lest the Holy Spirit open your eyes my speech is in vain. Keep living in a law that has been superceeded by Gods Grace and Jesus's sacrifice Lee. What do you think was the whole purpose of His coming??? Was it not to show that no one can't keep the Law which you indevor to keep?
You miss the whole discourse of the Sermon on the Mount where Jesus tottally destroys the Law, and issues in a New Covenant. Your years of study have lead you no closer than that of an unbeliever. Gods Grace and Salvation by Faith alone is to much for you because you think you must still do something to attain eternal salvation. Put away your Old Covenant/Old Testament keeping of the Law Lee and step into the New Covenant of Gods Grace and Eternal Salvation in Christ and Him Alone. Put away your Animal Sacrifices and your Aaronic Priesthood and your keeping of the Law as a means of Salvation and step into the New Covenant of the High Priesthood Of Jesus Christ, our Eternal High Priest after the order of Melchezedek. With that I'm done here.

Michael.........thank you for being "done" and I hope Lee is also as far as the personal arguments over religion/faith.  Try to stay focused more closely on the thread/topic of the post at hand.

If there is more, please take it elsewhere.

I was going to reply to Michael's post but he is truly clueless to what I really believe, the "Law" was given to teach us what is right and pleasing in the eyes of God, it was NEVER meant to be the vehicle unto Salvation.  Had Jesus, as Michael falsely claims "totally destroys the Law" then He is neither the Son of God nor Redeemer and Savior.  He, Michael, simply has not read nor spiritually understands what Jesus said in The Sermon on the Mount.  If he were to carefully read Matthew 5:17-19 he would never again claim Jesus "totally destroys the Law".  Jesus was not sent to destroy one single Word of God His Father.  The New Covenant is misunderstood and incomplete without the Original Covenant.  The New Covenant was made to write God's Law on our hearts so we could obey God both in Spirit and Truth.

And, once gain, my original post that Michael used to attack me, again, was due to the postings of clearly anti-Semitic ravings from some truly demented thinking individuals that have been allowed to continually post here.

Harry I have no desire to continue this endless controversy.. If this discussion shows us anything it shows us that most people are convinced that what they believe is the Truth. But is what we believe the Truth? What is the Truth? How is Truth discerned over the Lie? These are Philisophical questions that must be answered if true discernment is to be acquired. Whether it's Politics or Religion or any other subject for that matter, can the Truth be know? Are our perceptions of Truth tainted by our own personal biases? Is there a formula for arriving at the Truth? I'm wondering after having many a discussion here how many of us have asked these questions, who hold knowing the Truth over clinging to our own biases and personal perceptions? Is it really the Truth we seek or do we seek validating our own personal opinions?? It is essential that each of us ask these questions if the Truth is to be know..... Just my finishing comments on these never ending controversies...

Michael, I sent a friend request to you a few minutes ago.  Harry suggested we take it elsewhere and I'd like to explain better on where I stand OT vs. NT; if you would be so kind as to accept.

Lee: For whatever it is worth to you and those admonished in your comment: I could not agree more fully. The prejudiced and anti-Semitic views presented here are totally inappropriate for such a constitutionally oriented forum . If these epithetical diatribes were directed against Islamics and the consummate danger they represent to us all  whether the inept and Muslim sympathetic president will acknowledge it or not would be far more appropriate but, overall, it is the constitutional compliance issues with which we should be concerning ourselves, AND WHAT IF ANYTHING A RELATIVELY SMALL GROUP CAN DO TO TRY TO PROMOTE CONSTITUTIONAL GOVERNMENT AND A RETURN TO SANITY IN A TOTALLY CORRUPT AND ENABLING CRIMINALLY COMPLICIT AND ENABLING CONGRESS IN BOTH PARTIES. I am on the internet exhorting in every commentary to which I contribute for all Americans worthy of the title AMERICAN CITIZEN, to vote for Trump and AGAINST every incumbent in BOTH Houses to throw out the trash , making it easier to actually address and resolve existing problems, rather than exacerbating old ones and creating new ones as is their current pride and joy and all to OUR detriment. I find all these attacks counterproductive and quite frankly, disgusting..

Thank you Brian.  I have been quite disappointed with some of Mr. Trump's recent rant and raves, he is now the GOP nominee, and by some polls (for what they are worth) have him ahead of Clinton, he needs to tone it down, prepare to debate Clinton and maintain whatever lead he may have.  Myself and many others wish to back Trump simply to block Clinton, yes I'm still willing to hold my nose and vote for him, but he needs to stop it with the bombastic rhetoric.  In the coming House election in my district (VA-4th) we have new candidates for both parties, the DNC has an avowed progressive running while the GOP has a relatively unknown county sheriff.  The GOP (establishment) candidate has yet to express his feelings or thoughts on the Constitution, which concerns me deeply but I sure as hell ain't voting for the Democrat nominee.

History of Trilateral Commission that established as an organization in 1973 and Both Clinton and Bush belong, the Trilaterals established just after US began BSA, Binational Scientific Agreement with Isreal in 1972. This all occurring when Nixon under investigation for Watergate.

Nixon was traveling to Russia and China easing trade barriers 1970-1972, Vietnam war troops was preparing to pull out. The European Socialist UAW labor union, president Walter Reuther just died in a plane crash. Teamster president james R Hoffa was being released from prison just after giving up his leadership role of the US largest labor union.

The opening of relations with Isreal caused great conflict to spark between US and arab nations

Just something i want to foreward to you.

When this is a mixed society of many peoples with many religious and political beliefs trying to share this mixed society, one must ask, who are the other people and what are their beliefs?

This is some religious beliefs of the Jews, whom are usually the more educated class and upper economic status in America.

Remember that Jew is not necessarily a certain blood decent of Hebrew genealogy, it is a religion that can be of personal choice, like becoming a Christian or Muslim if you choose to do so.

Quite frankly, this could be a good religion for a criminal who wants to claim that their unjust actions are just as it is written according to their religion that it is by approval by Yahweh.

Remember, Jews become Lawyers, Judges, Politicians, Doctors and teachers and they dont prosecute another jew for actions that are just, written in these texts.

Just like Jesus, Christians are always accused for being rebellious against jewish control. Hitler and even Walter Reuther, both German Christian Socialists whom rebelled and acted rebellious against the jew controlled political systems for equality, social and economic justice.

Why Jews Are Persecuted For Their Religion

See the Trade policy with Isreal and the strong influence they have on US policies since 1977 FTA during President Carter's term.
Which one of these Democrat presidents did common worker right?

Democrat president Johnson Cut taxes on the Americas wealthiest citizens and Corporate taxes, both 25%n in 1964 Kennedy Tax Reform then sent 55,000 American troops to their death in an expensive war , also he was funding the NASA space moon exploration projects which were all costly Champaigns causing Americas treasury reserve to become over leveraged and precious metal backed currency to convert to the fiat currency of the petro dollar in 1972.

Democrat Carter change policies to deregulate all of trucking, train, plane and shipping which hurt union labor protection laws in the whole transportation industry making it easy for non union companies to compete and take contracts away from union labor employed companies resulting in union labor struggles and job loss from the policy change.

1979, Carter passed the ESOP Employee Stock Option Program which allowed for Corporate executives to recieve the employer stock as bonus which used to not be allowed before this labor policy.

By not being stock owner, it forces the corporate executive to make policy goals for long term Corporate growth and expansion rather than short term stock value growth to grow his own invested stock value, resulting in company destruction and failure.

Carter also did the final Completion of signing US into trade Compitition with China, who killed US steel industry in the 90's and early part of 2000's.

China unfair trade deal took away the production and manufacturing many of the common everyday used products, products such as electronics, shoes, clothing, hygiene, kitchen ware and utensils, toys. These production jobs all to make fore a stable economy and job market because people buy these items even during economic slowdown.

Democratic President Bill Clinton supported and signed NAFTA making for more American business and industry to leave to Central America and Mexico.

Bank mergers occured under Clinton resulting in banks becoming too big to fail.

He also allowed for bank deregulations and changed banking restricting policy called the Glass and Steagall Act of 1933, a financial stabilizing policy that corrected the bank institutions by seperating the savings and loans from securities and investments branches at bank institutions. The change in policy resulted in the 2008 global financial meltdown thatwas very simular to the 1929 crash bbefore the regulation was first put in place.

Obama made up his own executive governing rules as he presided over the U.S. regardless if Constitutional correct or not. He also supported and wanted TPP and be allowed full power and approval to make trade deals with no Congressional oversight.

2006 Bush administration had passed the 2006 pension reform act which eliminated the traditional pension retirement plans for working class peoples, in the 8 years of Obama, he did not mentioned or fix this anti union retirement plan, instead he put more effort to legalize pot and pass pro transgender policy and make open borders which put americans at risk from radical foreign terror agenda, which is supposed to be a main responsibility of the government, keep the US citizens safe.

These are Communist government officials whose policies are working to destroy America and good and welfare of American union working class people.

Your unions monetarily supported and endorsed all these candidates and now are endorsing crooked Hillary. Your unions are infiltraded by the same Communist globalists and it is a Federal offence under the Anti Communist provision part of the 1948 Taft and Hartley act for union reps and officials to not be affiliated, supportive or a member of the Communist political party and just because candidates dont announce it or identify their polition, it does not mean that their political initiative is not to progress our society and political system to that if Communism.

Since government and judicial system are not enforcing and
Jesus and his deciples were a trade union.

Jesus was a carpenter, whom had no private property of his own. In the old testament, the gifts of ownership of private property, such as the blessing of the promised land, ownership was to those whom were of Gods chosen peoples. Ancient Hebrew teachings taught this.

Just like the King David, king Solomon, and to Joseph, one son of the 12 sons of Jacob whom became Isreal, when seen good in gods eye, God blessed them with a kingdom to rule over, with many children, by many wives. They were blessed with many livestock, gold, silver and much cloth of fine linens. Jesus had non, he did not fit in to the Hebrew teachings of reward for blessings from God.

The Jew saw Jesus as a peasant with no blessings, to them he could not be their messiah, he did not fit or fall into prosperity blessing as was of this early teachings. To them, the messiah would have to be a rich man, a king.for this reason, they accused Jesus for blasphemy on behalf of this false assumption that he could not be the awaiting messiah that they seeked.

Jesus the carpenter, had many deciples who were fishermen, exception was Matthew the Tax Collector to serve as Treasurer, Luke the Physician for a healer and Judas Iscariot whom was a businessman, a jew Judas/ Judah (this council being like that of a trade union)

Just like a businessman whom cant be trusted, he took a bribe, this story told 4 times in the first 4 books of new testament, letting you know that a bribe is the greatest sin in Jesuses Socialist created society of no private property, no generation of great wealth but teaching of economic and social equality amongst all people whom followed him, both man and woman. That also went against the Anchient Hebrew teachings that men were dominating and woman was of ownership and not created as equal.

The bribe is the biggest sin in a Socialist Society where wealth must be perged from the wealthy and no bribery must occur for personal gain of wealth for any one individual such as in Judas Iscariot case.(This message is that a businessman has no place in a union governing council that is ment to be in the best interest for the working class)

He did not betray the Jesus alone but he betrayed the people whom followed, was fed, healed and looked up to and believed in the Christ. Judas destroyed all that was good for those people.

This is the message of the greatest story ever told!!!

Not only are you an anti-Semite you are plain stupid as this post of yours demonstrates.

I'm not anti Semite, I'm anti Zionist/Bolshevik corrupt Socialist Fascist and Totalitarian Communist, both that come into existance from Neocon Zionists by a social scientific process of social and economic change process resulting from Marxism/Leninism that can set society up for Stalinism, all that occured in Russia as a social experiment between 1910 and 1940.

Hitler, who came to power in 1933, the same year that President FDR took presidency of the US and Joseph Stalin came to power in Russia, Hitler knew the Jews, who ran all the businesses, banking and took over the political system as well as the Judicial system, was the cause of the havoc, enslavement and poverty brought onto the German peoples inctheir own country, so he looted them, purged their excessive wealth, rounded them up and put them to work in industrial labor camps.

The jew was not allowef to own property or businesses in Germany and Hitler rebuilt his nation without borrowing any money from jew bank institutions.

For this reason jews declared war on Hitler and Germany. The Germans, majority Christians, were guilty for not allowing foreign religious cults from infiltration and take over. That made them a bad people!!!

Take your anti Semite and stuff it!!!



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