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Take note, I've started a new discussion category. In this category I will bring full circle how this administration, with the help of congress and brass, are working at demoralizing our veterans from previous wars and troops affected today. Pay attention to how many are close to retirement that are being put out of the military.



Military Times


Penned By Patricia Kime - Staff writer
Posted : Tuesday Feb 14, 2012 17:01:50 EST


The chairman of the Joint Chiefs told Congress on Tuesday he would willingly pay more for health care in retirement than the rate structure currently enjoyed by military retirees.

That sentiment is shared by all members of the Joint Chiefs and senior enlisted leaders, according to a member of the Joint Staff.

Dempsey told the Senate Armed Services Committee that the administration’s $525.4 billion defense budget proposal for 2013 is supported by the Pentagon’s senior leadership, including Tricare fee hikes for all military retirees.

In response to Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., who asked whether he was willing to pay more, Dempsey said: “I am, sir.”

Under the proposed budget, a retired Dempsey would pay an $820 annual fee in fiscal 2013 to enroll his family in Tricare Prime. By 2017, that fee would rise to $2,048.

If Dempsey hung up his uniform tomorrow, his 38 years of service would earn him annual military retirement pay of around $219,000 a year.

According to Defense Department statistics, average military retirement pay in 2010 was $33,000 for enlisted personnel and $37,900 for officers. Those making the average would be expected to pay $600 next year to enroll in Tricare Prime for family coverage, up from $520, and would pay $893 for their annual enrollment fees by fiscal 2017 under the Pentagon plan.

Speaking at a news briefing on the budget Monday at the Pentagon, Air Force Lt. Gen. Larry Spencer, the Joint Staff’s force structure director, said the Joint Chiefs and senior enlisted leaders support the hikes and said the increases would still leave Tricare one of the most “generous” health care plans in the nation.

“In accordance with the principles that guide our budget, they honor our commitment to America’s all-volunteer force and their families,” Spencer said.

The proposed fee increases would not apply to active-duty members or their families, survivors of service members who died on active duty or medically retired troops.

Under the budget proposal, annual enrollment fees for health care would rise for all military retirees. Fees for Tricare Prime would increase 30 percent to 78 percent, to between $600 and $820, depending on military retirement income. The fee for family coverage is now $460 or $520, depending on when the sponsor enrolled.

New enrollment fees also would be created for Tricare Standard and Extra and for Tricare for Life, the benefit for Medicare-eligible retirees.

At the Senate Armed Services Committee hearing, Graham voiced his support for the health care proposals.

“It’s hard to ask those who’ve done the most to secure our freedom to give more, but I’m willing to do it,” Graham said. “I’m willing to grandfather the current system but also willing to look outside the box … because if we don’t do something in terms of health care growth and entitlement retiree benefits, you’re going to compete the retired force with operational needs and that’s just not where we want to go.”

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I guess his retirement is alot more than mine.

Must be tea time, or didn't he hear the illustrious Mr Gate lie to the congress on the burden of TRICARE, when the Congress has dipped into the reserve fund.  It is very easy to be an inconsiderate person, and make that type of comment.  If he is so well off he can pay for the screwwing this adminisrtration is going to try to give tho the Veterans and Retirees who were put in harms way due to a lack of definitive leaderdhip nin the selection of vehicles, weapons, personal equipment and general mission commitments.  Another Quarterback with after game ideas, Commonly known as the Monday Morning Quarterback

day after the game.  Defense Department woes are tied into the lack of oversight and very poor bforesight. The making of decisions without adequate analysis and forethought on a weighted basis, to include a review of archives to assess the possibility of faulty prior judgement leads us to this point.  The 6 "Ps" are still important. "Poor Planning Produces Piss Poor Porformance",  Next time when you open your mouth, you should remember those who have served and are not in a position financially to finance the broken promises of a service organization and the administration.  I don't appreciate it for a General Officer to cast his subordinates under the bus..


1SG US Army Retired, Korea, Vietnam, 27 years service, and disabled. Because of Piss Poor Decisions...

To hell with this guy! There's a big difference between making

200 grand a year and making 33,000. If he wants to pay more,

than let him! Nobody's stopping him. I'm sure he doesn't speak

for all those who make a lot less than him.


This is just another PC bs statement from some useful idiot.

Naturally he would.  He is a 4-star general officer and makes a lot more than lesser officer ranks and enlisted personnel who make it to retirement. 

Just more evidence that the Pentagon is in lock step with the illegal (I forgot they & Congress do not know what that means) President.

I would like to respond to this immediately but I am so angry I will have to take time to cool off.  However, I can summarize this entire article as regards the comments by the general and his staff: LIES.

Dempsey is a betraying SOB......he is a disgrace for throwing his troops under the bus.....blood, body parts, a wrecked family, a wrecked and painful life is not enough for the "politically correct" scumbags in D.C...they want the warriors to pay for their own medical care and rehabilitation suffered in defending America.  Does it get any more despicable?  Lindsey Graham saying "...I'm willing to do it" as if he has done anything in his military reserve career to earn anything.  Just another blood sucking dishonrable bastard on the public dole...

Nothing but political a$$ kissers on the Joint Chiefs of Staff...every one of them should be sacked under a new Administration.  I can't describe my anger and still maintain any semblance of coherency.

I'm not a VET but this infuriates me!!! I still remember the promises given to my kids Daddy when he enlisted in the USMC back in 1966!! Maybe those Joint Chief of Staffs can afford this but I know many retired enlisted Vets, and they can't afford it!! It's an insult and TOTAL DISGRACE!!!

Again they are mixing apples and oranges. If the General were to retire today he would go on TFL and by the time 2017 rolls around his wife will also probably be on TFL. . I too am in the mid 30k range, both my wife and I are on TFL, and there would defininitely be major life changes if I had to pay what is proposed for 2017. His retirement will probably double or triple mine.

See my column "Bonus Deal" at regarding my feelings re Tricare Fee Increases.



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