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You'd be amazed who all is linking arms with Bill Ayers!



Sent to me by Bev Perlson

This is absolutely unbelievable!  Below is a picture of San Francisco Policeman Sgt Brian McDonnell:
Sgt Brian McDonnell went to work on February 16, 1970 and never made it home. Sgt McDonnell died 3 days later after suffering an agonizing death from a bomb laced with nails which exploded on the window ledge of his police station.
Billy Ayers is wanted for questioning by the San Francisco Police Dept in the murder of Sgt Brian McDonnell.  If he is Innocent, as he says he is, then he should simply report to the nearest SF Police Stn (he has family there in San Francisco) and answer their questions. The case of the murder of Sgt Brian McDonnell is not closed!!
And Christopher Kennedy managed to influence the trustees of the University of Illinois to deny Ayers Emeritus status because the little terrorist dedicated his book to Sirhan Sirhan, the man who killed Kennedy's father, Robert Kennedy. 
Christopher Kennedy:
"There is nothing more antithetical to the hopes for a university that is lively and yet civil, or to the hopes of our founding fathers for their great experiment of a self-governing people, than to permanently seal off debate with one's opponents by killing them," Kennedy said. "There can be no place in a democracy to celebrate political assassinations or to honor those who do so."
Please contact the President of the University,  Edna Mora Szymanski at (218) 477-2243.  Ask her how she can allow such a man with this kind of radical past to be around our youth?!!  It is irresponsible and dangerous!

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Colleges, really all schools, do nothing but promote communism and socialism. ITS EVERYWHERE! Even in TX, they have a muslim day! Nothing these libtard "professors" do surprises me anymore

This is a terrible thing.

It seems the communists have been busy over the last 40 or so years.  Most of  the Universities teach our children to hate America.  Thus, the press, Hollywood, ignorant voters, lawyers and judges who want to see the USA fail and are working towards that goal.  These people are so filled with vitriol that they have trouble breathing when confronted with Patriotic Americans!

The best action would be to stop attending all colleges who promote this communist crap and hit them in the pocket book. The kids can't get jobs with a diploma anyway so save the money and make it hurt them most. Money talks.

Bill Ayers and his "wife" Bernadette Dohrn are behind all this despicable stuff having to do with education in all states.  They both should still be in prison for trying to kill a Federal Judge but got off on a "technicality". Little suspicious I'd say. Why weren't they re-tried and convicted? And their spawn is the vermin we have in the W. H.

The Communist Party has had a grip on our education system since the late '50s.  The infiltration continued until they are embedded in the Military Education System as Educational Specialists.  Then the dumbing down of the industrial system went into play.  Troops leaving the service without the apprentice level training that was part of the industrial contract between industry and the military.  The final cap on the level of industrial knowledge took its biggest blow in the '80s. Industrial Operation Elements of the Departments were contracted out and the military were covered completely by contractors.

Basis for the above, from 1950 to 1995, I was in the federal system.



We do not get a generally socialistic minded broad group graduating from schools across the Nation, from schools of almost all sorts, without there being a common factor regarding the faculties.

     As a former Marine Officer Selection NCO, I went to all the colleges in eastern Virginia, from the most liberal to the most conservative.  The one standard which stood out was a matter of "culture".  All the liberal colleges, all the general colleges taught, enforced highlighting non-judgmental stances except with regard to public display of Christian religion.

   All the half a dozen conservative campuses and the ROTC areas of the other campuses stressed the conventional American culture as relayed to us from our parents, and previous generations because of specific school moral and ethical standards which retained basic American principle.

    All the colleges hired professors from common sources, and the difference was a matter of the conservative schools retaining the right to remove a professor at any time for cause, and retained the legal right to control the curriculum according to far stricter standards than the state.

    I could easily debate policy issues, current events almost anything at the conservative schools and expect logical rational debate, and referenced support for opposing positions.  Invariably, all the other schools had a set of students who had plans and a future intended, more in control over what they were learning than most, the rest were more influenced by personalities of the professors and instructors and their opinions than the curriculum and individual work intended to control their own level and depth of education.

    The latter were in the vast majority and were invariably liberal in outlook and perspective.  One has to seek out a "conventional education school" to find one, and they are under constant attack.  In three years I saw substantial losses in this area because of the liberal activists playing the schools as if they were primarily for that purpose, and education only a cover story.

    I hated going to such schools, they were a waste of my time, they pulled the kids out of class because they needed to prepare to protest the recruiters coming, and when I asked the gay students who was going to join when they opened it up for them they all shut up and slithered away.

   Going to any of the schools with intentional students meant even those who were not serious interested still asked cogent questions, looking for serious, meaningful answers, and responded.  I'd say that portion of most of the schools was perhaps ten percent at most.  I personally believe that is about how many students there should actually be at college, most are wasting their time and money, and end with a piece of paper and not much anything else in the end.

   Both my sisters went to college, paid their own ways, both ended up software engineers, having planned on getting jobs and working for a living.  I knew my dyslexia would keep me out of college, so I just started working, reaching full time by about 12 or 13.  I graduated high school, but got my own education on my own.

   Most of us don't need college, and most of those in college won't actually use their "education" except as a qualifier, and that is a social problem we need to resolve if we are to become a productive society again.  We don't have a "productive ideology" as common social standard, but such are developed personally, or not at all.

   Far too much emphasis is continually pressed on the whole of society about everyone's feelings, and not near enough on just getting on with growing up, learning to be adults, and recognizing we can deal with all the "feelings things" later, when we've got real lives that we run ourselves, that we have chosen because it fits us, we will be a good and easy to get along with people.

   All my schooling since 75 has been for my own professional edification, so I have no real recent experience to consider, but at the time I graduated high school, "the education" was the crucial issue of the school, and expected naturally to be the focus of every student.

   None of what I've seen of students in schools since then comes even close to resembling serious consideration of "being an educated person" at the end of the experience.  I've often regretted not going to college, however I wouldn't trade the life I've lived for the world.  My sole regret is not being able to teach, but it doesn't seem that's what they're looking for anymore.


That bastard is ANOTHER we need to HANG!  Look it up in the Constitution.  HANG 'EM!

This is bullshit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just called this number to express my feelings about Bill Ayers speaking to our youth and I find out that he was there a month ago, the lady I spoke with did not like the situation either bit, he was there a month ago, my beef is this, why the hell PFA are YOU so late on posting such an article, and I call and find out that he's come and gone, he was there for 3 days, what the hell is going on with our site, somebodys sleeping on the job, I'm pissed at you PFA, for being such a slacker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Roger that, Twana!

I guess "dewey" got the boot?

Dewey, your comments are rude and out of line and your anger is misplaced.  Nobody here is sleeping on the job.  Perhaps though, since you are so on top of things, you should be taking some of the responsibility to use YOUR free time and send material that can be used to update the site.  Why don't you seek out and post some of this stuff for everyone else?  Twana is ONE volunteer who is doing a tremendous job of all that has to be done with this site.  She can't do everything.  The news these days is coming fast and furious, and there is only so much one person can do. 

Post up or shut up.  And if you can't do either, go find yourself a site that does it all for you.




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