The 30 wounded denied the Purple Heart have been buried in the same gaping hole as the hidden Benghazi survivors

Obama’s No Purple Heart for Wounded Fort Hood Survivors Easter

- Judi McLeod (Bio and Archives)  Saturday, March 30, 2013
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A polluting-the-culture President Barack Hussein Obama, who has trademarked the American presidency as one dominated by golfing and holidaying, continues down the destructive path of gutting the American military.

While the mainstream media will show the simpering Obamas during an ‘Easter Egg’ roll featuring lessons in a White House ‘Yoga Garden’ this year,  Obama has laid a deceit-laden egg on the military in time for Easter:

“Pentagon says survivors of the Fort Hood attack should not be eligible for the Purple Heart, arguing it would adversely affect the trial of Maj. Nidal Hasan by labeling the attack terrorism, a claim an attorney for the families called an “utter outrage”. (Fox News, March 30, 2013).

Americans waiting for the brutal kick that usually comes from the Commander in Chief during every national holiday,  just got it through the country’s most precious resource next to its children.  (The nation’s children having been kidnapped by Obama’s Common Core is another story).

Living under an administration too cowardly and sissified to identify terrorism as terrorism, Americans will also now see an end to military funeral honors for vets to cut costs from a president so holiday crazed, his daughters have been Secret-Service babysat during two holidays in one week.

Nowhere does the hypocrisy of the Obamas shine more brightly than it does on the military.

It was only last month when Michelle Obama used the military as Oscar props, some called “human wallpaper” on Oscar night.

Before a television viewing audience estimated somewhere in the hundreds of millions, Obama made no mention of the group of young military surrounding her as she addressed Hollywood’s most influential films this year.  Critics slammed the appearance, saying she used the military personnel as “props”.

“So…today you young men and women of the US military are to stand looking interested whilst Michelle Obama presents Best Picture #Ofcourse!” one user posted on Twitter.

Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin tweeted a similar sentiment: “Why was Michelle O at the Oscars and why did she use service personnel as props but not thank the military?”

Indeed, in her brief speech about the best picture award, Obama failed to make mention of the men and women standing behind her, leaving many wondering what they were doing there.

There were to be no shame or apologies forthcoming.

“It was a thrill to announce the #Oscars2013 best picture winner from the @WhiteHouse! Congratulations Argo! –mo,” she wrote early Monday morning.

An academy award is what the Obamas should be given for their ongoing blatant hypocrisy when it comes to the U.S. military.

Thirteen people were killed by the administration-protected, “allahu Akbar”-shouting Maj. Nidal Hassan, and 30 wounded at Fort Hood on November 5, 2009.

Hassan still not brought to justice some three years later, whose court date has been pushed back while he hid behind a beard,  and plays musical chairs with lawyers, has had his feelings spared while Purple Hearts are held back from the wounded on the basis it would adversely affect his trial by labeling the Fort Hood attack as terrorism?

The 30 wounded denied the Purple Heart have been buried in the same gaping hole as the hidden Benghazi survivors.

Meanwhile, thank God that medals for courage don’t follow the same trajectory as Nobel Peace Prizes.

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Judi McLeod is an award-winning journalist with 30 years’ experience in the print media. A former Toronto Sun columnist, she also worked for the Kingston Whig Standard. Her work has appeared on Rush Limbaugh,, Drudge Report,, and Glenn Beck.

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Allen, since most of them are lawyers, yes they do know what the Constitution is all about. They just choose to look the other way,  and in the meantime they keep raising money for the next election and the one after that.  Our well being is no concern to them and laws that affect us, does not apply to them.  Where else can you get a job for two years and then collect benefits for the rest of your life? 

My only hope now is Judge Moore in Arkansas, new Chief Justice of the State Supreme Court who will be hearing the Obama eligibility case.  Remember this judge, he refused to remove the 10 commandments from the courthouse.  Lets hope no accident befalls him!

I believe they (demos and rebubs) are a part of his agenda-----to destroy American for their one world government. They have all, who are not calling him out, committed TREASON.

If we had an American President Not some godless Muslim/Communist Maybe the Pentagon would award the Purple Heart to those who survived Islamic Jihad. I mean if the hero of the Communist Revolution in Vietnam Quick John Freakin' Kerry could get the Purple Heart and not lose it for tossing somebody's Medals over that chain link Fence when he was committing Treason in the Navy Reserve Those service men /women  wounded by the bloody Muslim Hasan deserve the award more than the Traitor.

Truth is true whether anyone believes it or not. Real Americans know the truth whether the Pentagon or any other spins a lie. They will be caught in their own web of deceit. God bless all. Happy Resurrection Day !! 

  Commander and chief,,,, right....... POS.  Gods law,,,,,,, Mans law....... and now governed by Out laws.

I have no respect for Obama or his mrs.



But according to our government it was simply another Workplace kerfuffle. Nothing to see here folks... move along now...

At this point the only thing that will satisfy me is hearing that one of Nidal Hasan's guards helped him slip on a bar of soap while showering and his head hit the floor hard enough to explode into small pieces.


those TWO bottom feeding SCUM TRASH in our WHITE HOUSE, needs turned into FERTILIZER ASAP.

Semper Fi.


Obama just wants to make me Puke.

Photo Credit: Breitbart

President Barack Obama signed an Executive Order Thursday establishing a  Presidential Commission to deal with “election administration” that critics say  is an attempt to nationalize the country’s elections for partisan advantage.

The Executive Order states the Commission “shall identify best practices and  otherwise make recommendations to promote the efficient administration of  elections in order to ensure that all eligible voters have the opportunity to  cast their ballots without undue delay

Read more:

What I can not figure out is WHY someone in the House of Reps has not filed a petition for Impeachment??????? Does everyone remember in 1994 when Nixon tried to use  Executive Privelege to cover up watergate and the Supreme Ct. ruled tt he could not use it to cover up wrongdoing.(the dems were in chg) and no one in the house has gone to the Ct with Fast and Furious.(the reps R in Chg) I just e-mailed My Rep and Snator Rubio and asked the Question???? are all the Conservaties

 BRAIN DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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