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Liar John - shoot myself in the foot to get a medal that I then can claim disdain for, then conveniently lose - Kerry


Here is the email I received:




Friend --

It's easy to look at the attacks, smears, and lies being told about President Obama and his record and say, "Come on, that's ridiculous. No one could possibly believe that."

Trust me: You and I learned the hard way eight years ago this August that in the new world we're living in -- one with 24-hour news cycles, the internet, blogs, the echo chamber, and now the new Citizens United-fueled Republican money machine -- even completely baseless attacks can stick if people don't call them out quickly enough. No matter how self-evidently false the attacks are, or how disreputable the people telling them may be, there's no attack that can't take hold.

Seeing the new outrageous attacks made against President Obama from a shadowy Republican-allied veterans group called OPSEC, which take issue with the mission to kill Osama bin Laden, remind me all too well of the notorious "Swift Boat" attacks I faced in the 2004 campaign. I honor and appreciate the service of my fellow veterans, but a false attack is a false attack -- no matter who's making it.

It's not enough to wish them away or dismiss them because they come in part from "birthers" who still won't concede that President Obama was born here in the United States.

No, we need to get moving now -- before it's too late.

Take a look at this blog post that fact-checks these most recent smears, and be sure to share it with others:


Throughout this campaign, Mitt Romney and his allies have shown that if the truth isn't favorable to them, they have no problem claiming the opposite -- and the reality is that President Obama has a foreign policy record that is among the strongest in recent memory.

In 2008, then-Senator Obama said he'd end the war in Iraq in a responsible way and refocus on taking out Al Qaeda's leaders.

You and I know he's followed through in a big way on both those promises.

In contrast, the Republicans have a candidate with absolutely no foreign policy experience, who thinks Russia is our "number one geopolitical foe" and who is advised by people who think -- and have repeatedly said -- the Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia are countries that still exist. Romney's two major foreign policy speeches never even mentioned Al Qaeda once, and he's prone to stumbles when he steps onto the foreign policy stage. (He can't even manage to visit London without causing an international incident!)

Faced with all this, it shouldn't be a surprise that Romney and his allies are resorting to the same national security smear tactics I faced in 2004. We have to take it seriously. Forward this email to your friends, and encourage them to join us on the Truth Team today:



Thanks for fighting back -- forewarned is forearmed!


Senator John Kerry




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twit!  traitor!  b.s. artist!

Could this be the same JFK who won 3 or 4 Purple Hearts in a VERY dubious manner in Vietnam " like self inflicted scratches" !!! He then had a video made of himself looking gung ho  . What a guy !! Upon returning to the states he spoke

out against the war with Hanoi Jane who together threw fellow American Servicemen under the bus calling them baby killers

This complete fraud then becomes a US Senator , marries into money , and now disparages former comrades " Swift Boaters"

calling them liars . Many who were too young to remember Kerrys disgraceful behavior today vote for this traitorus fraud .

What a country !!

Time for a Jane Fonda AND John Kerry memorial.....Place his right next to hers and make sure that they are both in "operating" condition for the Veterans to pay their respects.

John,  This  Is  truly  their  postal  Career,  allow  them  to  both  step  into  the `` Latrine  and  lock  it  Tight..!!  All  you  sharp-shooter's  on  your  drive-by  are  welcome  to  put  some  Air-holes ,  as  we  know  what's  getting the  smell  in  the  air..!!  Salute~~Ron 


I have never read a bigger crock of Sh*t than what this America hatting commie has to say.

Ya obama has a great foreign policy, that is if your an muslim looking to abolish the U.S. Constitution and instill Is-slime.

Scary Kerry has never told the truth in his life......




so easy to say that Obama has " a foreign policy record that is among the strongest in recent memory." is that the same one where Obama used American troops and equipment to do the work for the Muslim Brotherhood in the "Arab Spring" expansion of the Brotherhoods area of operations? or How Obama has placed them inside of our Homeland Security and the White House and the office of the Secretary of State. Saying that Obama has a foreign policy record is like claiming that Kerry is a hero and not a two faced con man

I am a native of Massachusetts and that makes that duplicitous piece of inhuman excrement, John Kerry my senior Senator, but I have no use for him. Shortly before his return from Vietnam after four controversy filled and dishonorable months of "Service," I saw him run fom our support in a recon in force along a river in Vietnam with the 199th Light Infantry Brigade. There were four Swiftboats assigned as cover and we were ambushed but three of those boats went in with their ordinance going full force, M-60's, 50 cal and deck mortars in support of our defensive positions. At the time , I did not know who commanded that boat that ran but I NEVER forgot the serial number on the hull, PCF-94. In 2004 ,in the book Unfit For Command, Jerome Corsi and Kerry's replacement, John O'Neill write of the incident and that is How I learned of it. Not even his crewmates have much use for him and if you would know just how totally despicable and without honor or accountability this cretin is, I suggest you read the book and think of how he is in any way different from the current occupant of the White House in so far as honor, integrity or patriotism is concerned. They are BOTH, by their actions and the violations of the oath WE all took but honored, domestic enemies of the Constitution and of American citizens and our way and quality of life. That is how I see it and it pains me that Congress is complicit in ALLOWING the destruction of all we fought to defend and uphold. We can only hope America wakes up and removes the ongoing threat from power for if it does not, there are very bad times indeed, ahead for us all but if we then fail in opposition, for our progeny, as well.,We CANNOT let that happen!

Thank you Brian, and thank you for your service.

John Kerry; Traitor;
In 1973 I was in a hospital in Manchester New Hampshire, just 40 miles north of Boston, Mass. When Army “hero” John Kerry spoke before Congress, all the Boston radio and TV stations covered his speech. I heard that speech on live TV. I was discharged from the Air Force in ’64, (honorable discharge). So I listened intently to every word he said. I listened as that miserable Traitor betrayed his fellow veterans. I listened when he said the US Army was raiding small villages and randomly killing every man, women, and child, without any hesitation or thought of any humanity, like ging-gis kon, Yes I remember his strange pronunciation of that name. He pronounced it as ging, like in a gingle bells song, instead of Genghis Khan - with a hard Gen as in gun. I remember hearing him call our military an uncontrolled bunch of baby killers and worse, raping and murdering at random. I heard that speech.
I said then at that time that John Kerry was a cold blooded traitor and should be tried and executed for treason. These are not new feelings and emotions for me. I feel the same about Hanoi Jane Fonda. I also remember when US Senator Paul Songas resigned from the Senate due to cancer. He and Senator Ted Kennedy said (again on Boston TV) that they “were going to “appoint someone to take Songas’s seat in the Senate”. And then they announced the name – John Kerry.
That may have been nearly 40 years ago now but I will never forget it.
John Kerry and Jane Fonda both should have been tried, convicted, and executed as American Traitors during a time of war. Perhaps this time we can simply add their names to the list of those who will actually be tried and will face a firing squad. But this time I hope America will actually do it. It is long over due. I will volunteer for that duty myself.


While reading his email, which I received as well, I couldn't help but think where he says that lies being told over and over become believable unless they are called out quickly, sounds like the voice of experience to me. He certainly has a lot of experience in spreading those lies himself and knows all to well that if he and his allies tell them often enough they will be taken as true...



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