If you are a veteran, you know that you often spend time working with people you may not have otherwise worked with. I sure have, and I'm sure there have been those who would not have worked with me if they had the choice.

For his work in the military, MajGen Paul Vallely wrote a paper with another government employee named Michael Aquino 33 years ago. To some, this just naturally means that the General himself has become an agent of the devil.

Now just imagine me rolling my eyes when I heard someone say OAS was a devil scheme to kill patriots. 

Cathy Rubio on Bill Powell's micro-internet show, just rattled off a list of loose facts, opinions, accusations and intimations without any real elaboration, or credible intent. It simply makes sense to these folks that the devil is literally running OAS like Hitler answered "the Jewish question".

In fear of this satanic plan, their answer is to just fall over like fainting sheep at the thought of doing anything with any real confidence in the God they worship. The devil is running OAS and we're all doomed! I'd better crawl in my bunker until the second coming!

So there are detractors at this point. But these I've seen are ineffectual with no listeners, for obvious reasons. Bill encouraged all of Cathy's statements despite having this disclaimer on the screen at the beginning of his video -

"1/17/14 I have received confirmation from Col. Harry Riley, the founder of Operation American Spring, that MajGen Paul Vallely has no connection to OAS."

Despite this statement, Bill and Cathy went on with the premise that MajGen Vallely is running OAS, and is a surrogate of the devil because he wrote an article with Michael Aquino during his military service. Aquino you see is a real devil worshiper with a satanic temple and everything. (What are the people you knew 33 years ago doing today?)

What is really being implied here is that, as Christians, we can't trust God when our enemies are attacking, or when we surmise they may be attacking us.

Cathy Rubio quotes - 

"Vallely is leading everyone to their deaths. Because they are going to the monument."

"the monument is a palace for Nero for the great society, mighty hunters".

"this is one of their sacrificial areas that's used for mind control."

"and he's a part of darpa"

"and he's part of mk ultra"

"and they're gonna use the microwave technology"

"voices are being beamed into your head with microwave technology"

"unless the spiritual warriors are going ahead of the physical warriors, this can't be won."

Wow! I'm so overwhelmed by the credibility of all this, I must take a vacation.

Cathy stated that her heart went into arrhythmia, and she just knew that it was being done to her with microwaves by the government. She just knew? This must be because she is such a credible source of information that so many millions of people are influence by.

The theory stated between Bob and Cathy and her "friends" is that, everyone that goes to OAS will be microwaved with thought control messages until we kill each other. After all she has stated, this just makes sense.

I'm not afraid of MajGen Vallely because of his brief working relationship with an idiot who dooms himself in God's judgment. The General has stated that he is a man of faith. Everything he's written has been right with mine, and the founder's philosophies. If he were running any or all of OAS, I would not fear him.

I'm not afraid of some crackpot devil worshiper that MajGen Vallely had to once work with. If you know anything about military fellowships, you would understand the pressure to write such articles, often required to be done with others in your field.

Because the General wrote an article as part of his job with this Aquino, this means all the Christians will be doing the devil's will or falling into his trap. To me, it means nothing more than a job he had to do. Period.

I'm not afraid of the devil, his worshipers, or a whole country full of them. I'm not afraid of government conspiracies, nor government agents, nor police forces, nor undercooked eggs, nor snake bites. Not Pontious Pilot, and certainly not Barrack Obama.

I am a Christian. I don't live my life by fear, I live by faith.  If God is for me, who can be against me?

I am going to OAS, microwave brain control or not. I'll bring popcorn.

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Bobby Powell claims that he has over 15,000 followers God help us, people will believe anything. I guess I'll bring the microwave so we can enjoy the popcorn.

Hope to see you in D.C.   

I'm a capitalist. We should have a stand selling microwave proof head gear. Let's make some money on this Larry.



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