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DHS Whistleblower Exposes Government's Submission To Jihad (FULL Press Conference)

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Gentlemen, Please, Agree to disagree, but please keep it civil. Remember in the long run we are all on the same side here. The side of the Constitution and freedom. The Religious beliefs that each of you hold and those differences are 2,000 +++ years old. I don't expect that they will be resolved here. The one thing that we can all agree on is that there is only one True GOD, and as far as my understanding goes (which is very limited acknowledged) both Christians and the Jewish faiths believe in that same GOD........
Also according to my limited understanding that GOD might be the same GOD that the Muslims originally believed in. The differences came after Christ was born and then after Mohamed in around 400 AD.

At any rate, I have no wish to enter your discussion on the issue, but please try to keep the tone down to a (Mostly) civil and "friendly" roar. Sometimes I think It's a good thing that you two guys are on opposite sides of the Country.

Bad enough that we are in a fight for our lives in this country, no need to fight amongst ourselves.

And the same goes for Chris too.

Something here that just occurred to me in this dispute between the two or three of you guys is that we may be overlooking a great opportunity, a learning and teaching opportunity. The aspect of our American Constitutional Freedom OF Religion. Over the course of the last two years and more specifically when we were trying to organize the OAS mission, I heard objections from several people about joining a mostly Christian movement. They voiced concerns about that aspect of OAS. Yes - They agreed that the current Government was corrupt and needed to be cleaned out, but they were concerned that what OAS was about was to install a very heavily focused Religious Government.
Your arguments and disagreements here (Plus a lot of things that were much much worse in history) is precisely why our Founding fathers wrote in our First Amendment guaranteeing us our Freedoms OF Religion.

We should keep in mind that over the years the left wing liberals have educated people into believing that there is some sort of separation of Church and State and that our Constitution guarantees them a freedom FROM Religion. When we - as Constitutional advocates and advocates of the Republic under the Constitution  - say that we want to restore the Free Constitutional Republic,, It becomes our responsibility to make sure people understand what that Constitution actually says, and what it means to people.

Going back to your discussions here about your individual Religious beliefs we have to keep in mind that THAT one part of our Constitution guarantees us all the rights to hold those individual beliefs without fear of retribution from others. When we (PFA/OAS) say that we want to restore America to a Constitutional Republic we should make a point to make sure people know and understand every aspect of that Constitution, including that freedom OF Religion. And our dedication to protect and defend all aspects of that Constitution also includes those First Amendment rights along with all others.

So you guys go right ahead and beat the hell out of each other but make sure you all agree that under the Constitution you will also defend each other's rights to disagree and to hold those individual beliefs.

GOD BLESS America.

Sorry Old Rooster but I refuse to be attacked by Michael as often as he attacks me personally.  I believe it to be in my best interest to leave this site.  I have studied the history of the Church and it became the reformed Babylonian system under the RCC and the Protestants took 95% of it with them when they split from the RCC.

BTW allah is the pagan Sumerian moon god, not the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  Muhammad was a pedophile mental defective.

Lee, You know I respect your opinions and beliefs. And you also know that I respect Mr. Regan's beliefs. I don't blame you for not wanting to be attacked for your personal beliefs, No one should be expected to just simply shut up and let it happen. And - Yes - Michael can be a bit crude at times.

We are all on the edge of our tolerance levels right now.

Maybe I should repeat that


The things that are happening in this country (and around the world) right now are enough to drive any one of us over the edge at any time. I'm not going to ask you to just simply shut up and take it, Either one of you guys. BOTH of you.

- - - - - - KNOCK IT OFF. - - - - - - - -

We have a critical mission that MUST be maintained and MUST be completed. Failure is NOT an option.

And I hate to remind you guys that THAT mission is NOT to resolve a 2,000 years old Religious dispute nor is it to carry that dispute forward for another 2,000 years.

We can not resolve those Religious differences here, all we can do is tolerate each other while we try to save this Nation from the evils and the hell that our enemies are trying to force upon us.

Should you (or Michael Regain) leave this site?

I Sincerely hope not.
When TSHTF I am still very comfortable having BOTH of you guys cover my six.

And I believe that day is fast approaching.

"BTW allah is the pagan Sumerian moon god, not the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  Muhammad was a pedophile mental defective."

Thanks for that one, Education is always welcome.

Peace brother.

I'm just going to say this and let me be "Perfectly" clear. Freedom of religion in no way gives license to Lee, Muslims or anyone else to condem the New Testament Church or as Lee has stated that they donot preach the true Christ. There are some Theological issues where differences can exist but when it comes to the essential Doctrines .e. The personhood of God the diety of Christ, Salvation there can be no division within the True Church. And any one who condemns the church in my presence will be confronted. Even the weakest Christian is called to be a defender of the Faith. We're told to be ready to give a defense for the hope that is within us. I am ABSOLUTLY fed up with all the falsehood and lies by those who are attacking the True Christian Faith and the Church. And if confronting those who post here is unacceptable then I'm out the door. God forbid that I should sit silent when His church is attacked by anyone. And Old Rooster I know you seek peace on the issue, however, what you should be seeking is the Truth. If you think Lees statement that the majority of the evangelical church preaches a false Christ then stand with him. But you just can't stand in the middle and call for peace. Our words are important and it couldn't be clearer that what we're seeing in our leaders not wanting to call it Islamic Terrorisum and even redacting the Orlando killers words. It is not within me when I hear what is patently false concerning the things of God to let it go unchallenged. And all of us as children of God can't either.

Thanks for responding Michael, I do appreciate it.

Look, I know you two guys have completely different educations and directions of your beliefs. Both of you are adamant in your beliefs, and that's ok. THAT is the real true beauty of America. Our system of a Constitutional Free Republic is the only system of Government in the world where we are each allowed to have the freedom to hold our own individual religious beliefs, and we can do so without fear of retribution for those beliefs.
I was raised as a Christian, a Methodist Christian. My Mother was an Sunday School teacher. She taught me that it was important for me to learn something about all religions so that later on in life I could make my own decisions. So I did try to learn a little about each of the major religions and about the different Churches. What I learned was that - Yes, I do believe in Jesus Christ, and I also learned that the Jewish beliefs about Christ are different than the Christian beliefs. The Protestants, and the Methodists, and the Catholics,,,, etc are ALL different. And Judaism is also different from the Methodists teachings..

There are also three other things that I've learned in my 73+ years, ,

#1) Tolerance, If I expect others to respect MY Religious beliefs and MY rights to worship as I choose, then I should also except that I must respect their rights to worship as they choose just as I expect them to respect me.

(THAT is so fundamental that it is written into our Constitution which is known as our First Amendment right of Freedom of Religion).

#2) The second thing I learned was that Islam is NOT compatible with either my Christian beliefs OR our Constitution and our Freedoms of Religion.

#3) the third thing I've learned is that I am NOT the smartest person on Earth, and I never will be.  (My older Brother made it a point to teach me that every day until I left home and joined the U.S. Air Force, - where they picked up where he left off).

All of this is now under attack. We are in danger of loosing even the rights to hold this discussion, never mind our Freedoms of Religion and our Constitution.

Every bit of this is under an assault the likes of which America has never seen or experienced. I'm not asking either of you to disregard your Religious beliefs I'm not asking either of you to just simply shut up and let the other attack your beliefs without defending yourself.  I know, and I understand both of you.

But if we don't put those differences aside and focus on the war that Obama, the Communists, and the Islamists are currently waging against us then all of this is for not. We wont even have the right to hold these types of discussions. I've said it before, I will stand beside either and both of you and I will be proud to have either or both of you cover my six. There will be plenty of time to finish the argument later, but ONLY if we manage to survive this war on America first.

GOD Bless America.

And for you Lee, Shalom Aleichem, May you be well, (and please forgive me if I said that wrong) I told you I'm not the smartest person on Earth.

History of Trilateral Commission that established as an organization in 1973 and Both Clinton and Bush belong, the Trilaterals established just after US began BSA, Binational Scientific Agreement with Isreal in 1972. This all occurring when Nixon under investigation for Watergate.

Nixon was traveling to Russia and China easing trade barriers 1970-1972, Vietnam war troops was preparing to pull out. The European Socialist UAW labor union, president Walter Reuther just died in a plane crash. Teamster president james R Hoffa was being released from prison just after giving up his leadership role of the US largest labor union.

The opening of relations with Isreal caused great conflict to spark between US and arab nations

Just something i want to foreward to you.

When this is a mixed society of many peoples with many religious and political beliefs trying to share this mixed society, one must ask, who are the other people and what are their beliefs?

This is some religious beliefs of the Jews, whom are usually the more educated class and upper economic status in America.

Remember that Jew is not necessarily a certain blood decent of Hebrew genealogy, it is a religion that can be of personal choice, like becoming a Christian or Muslim if you choose to do so.

Quite frankly, this could be a good religion for a criminal who wants to claim that their unjust actions are just as it is written according to their religion that it is by approval by Yahweh.

Remember, Jews become Lawyers, Judges, Politicians, Doctors and teachers and they dont prosecute another jew for actions that are just, written in these texts.

Just like Jesus, Christians are always accused for being rebellious against jewish control. Hitler and even Walter Reuther, both German Christian Socialists whom rebelled and acted rebellious against the jew controlled political systems for equality, social and economic justice.

Why Jews Are Persecuted For Their Religion

See the Trade policy with Isreal and the strong influence they have on US policies since 1977 FTA during President Carter's term.

A different slant at anti-Semitism Chris?  BTW all non-Jews are NOT Goyim, they are the Lost Sheep of the House of Y'Israel; Hebrews just like the genetic Jew is.

What a European Christian unionist knows about Jesus and his deciples were that this political system was a trade union.

Jesus was a carpenter, a skilled trades man with rest organizing skill and abilities, whom had no private property of his own. In the old testament, the gifts of ownership of private property, such as the blessing of the promised land, ownership was to those whom were of Gods chosen peoples. Ancient Hebrew teachings taught this.

Just like the King David, king Solomon, and to Joseph, one son of the 12 sons of Jacob (renamed Isreal by God)l, when seen good in gods eye, God blessed them with a kingdom to rule over, with many children, by many wives. They were blessed with many livestock, gold, silver and much cloth of fine linens. Jesus had non of this, he did not fit in to the Hebrew teachings of reward for blessings from God.

The Jew saw Jesus as a peasant with no blessings, to them he could not be their messiah, he did not fit or fall into prosperity blessing as was of this early teachings. To them, the messiah would have to be a rich man, a king.for this reason, they accused Jesus for blasphemy on behalf of this false assumption that he could not be the awaiting messiah that they seeked.

Jesus the carpenter, had many deciples who were fishermen (general laborers), exception was Matthew the Tax Collector to serve as Treasurer, Paul the Physician for a healer and Judas Iscariot whom was a businessman.

Just like a businessman whom cant be trusted, he took a bribe in a secret deal with the Scribes and Pharisees of the Sinagoug, this story told 4 times in the first 4 books of new testament, letting you know that a bribe is the greatest sin in Jesuses Socialist created society of poor, suffering, oppressed by the Jews whom had all the great wealth.

Jesus despised the rich and went teaching of economic and social equality amongst all people whom followed him, both man and woman included.

That also went against the Anchient Hebrew teachings that men were dominating and woman was of ownership and not created as equal, women were stoned to death as adulterer under Hebrew law but men were able to have multiple wives with no punishment of adultery, more wives ment more prosperous in the mans economic status.

Jesus on the other hand thought that a marriage was between man and women and both equally sinned in adultry cases.

The bribe is the biggest sin in the Christian Socialist Society where wealth must be perged from the wealthy and no bribery must occur for personal gain of wealth for any one individual such as in Judas Iscariot case.

He did not betray the Jesus alone but he betrayed the people whom followed, was fed, healed and looked up to and believed in the Christ. Judas destroyed all that was good for those people.

This is the message of the greatest story ever told!!!

SMH!  What garbage you are spewing Chris.  I suggest you move away from this discussion and spread your garbage on your own forum; doubt you'll have many following you.  What cultist are you following?

Chris... There is so much wrong with your assumptions and conclusions. However, the leaders here do not feel PFA is a place for Theological discussions. So if you want to private message me if be glad to try to explain to you why your conclusions are wrong.


We clearly have a secret Gov working against "We the People"...Now is the time to act, or it will be to late to do anything!  God please wake-up and pull "We the People" finally together to stop this Secret Gov from destroying OUR (not their) Nation!



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