DHS Whistleblower Exposes Government's Submission To Jihad (FULL Press Conference)

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No one OBJECTED to the counting of the EC votes and sessions did not OBJECT either times, once in January 2009, and January 2013. Sessions or any senator could have OBJECTED but they chose not to and the birther issue was very hot issue.

The truth of the matter is that ANYONE involved in the political system, from national all the way down to your local level, would have to be considered for treason as well, since EVERY SINGLE STATE ALLOWED AN INELIGIBLE CANDIDATE ON THEIR BALLOTS!!!!  So, Lee, we would have to remove ALL OF THEM!!!!  Yeah, like that's going to happen.  You remind me of those so-called "evangelicals" who insist on having another Jesus running for President before they will vote!  Very, very short-sighted, IMO.  Do you WANT another Civil War, Lee!!??!!  'Cause I sure as hell don't if it can be avoided some how, some way!!!

Most "evangelicals" preach another Jesus, not the One God sent to redeem fallen man.  As a true southerner with ancestors from both sides of the M-D line that fought for the Confederacy I support state rights but I don't desire another civil war (what an oxymoron) but I do support a return to full adherence to the Constitution as originally envisioned by the Founders and if that necessitates another America Revolution, which I believe it is going to take, then I support that option, completely.

I am willing to cast my vote for Trump though I do not like his approach to running a campaign and if nothing substantial changes as far as returning to adherence to the Constitution then I believe a second American Revolution IS necessary. 

Lee you should keep your broad brushing condemnations of some branches of Christanity to yourself until such time that Old Rooster, Col. Riley and others allow for Theological debate as they do politics and other subjects. Personally I feel if people think someone is in error they should be able to respond no matter what the subject. If people Are allowed to make a statement with no opposing views then we have ceased to have discourse and are left with only people posting their opinions.

Responding to someone that labelled me a "so called "evangelical"" Michael, nothing more than that and spoke my general view on evangelicals.  You have any comments on the rest of my comments?  If not your opinion is mute on my view of anti-nomian (lawless) evangelicals.  Sensitive eh?  One sentence and you jump on me for that?  Get real Michael.

Lee. You can't even name the majority of evangelical teacher, preachers or Seminary Professors let alone their Christology. So unless you can post all of that, your statement is only your opinion. And your first statement is in no way connected to your other two so it makes no sense why you would even make the statement. Which by the way if you condem the majority of evangelical teachers you are then condeming the majority of the evangelical church which is a major part of the Christian Church. Your good at telling us how your right and were wrong. Would like you to prove it with facts which you cannot because your opinions have no basis in fact. I'm done discussing this with you.

Michael, concerning your last reply which there is no option to reply.  It's a theological debate in your reply, you are a hypocrite in writing that and disingenuous too.  Have you ever read "The Two Babylon's" by Alexander Hislop?  It is proof of how the RCC adopted the Babylonian worship system and the Protestant Church followed right along with it.  The Harlot and her daughters is what it is about.  This country is where it is today because we have rejected God and His Word; it IS theological.

"You remind me of those so-called "evangelicals"....."  Care to point out where, exactly, I claimed you WERE one of those so-called evangelicals?  Disingenuous to a fault, I see.

"you remind me of" is the same thing in my mind.  You know what, screw you arm-chair warriors, bitching about this government and too scared to really do anything substantial about it.  Nothing is going to change this government because we let it get this way by years of going along with what the politicians wanted.  Sorry bunch of apathetic people, the founders would be disappointed with the last three to four generations of Americans.  And people like Michael are ignorant to how apostate the church became 1,800 years ago under the leadership of the anti-Semite sun-worshipping Emperor Constantine.  Thank you Col. Harry for trying to effect change, sorry you have so many people with no guts to continue effecting real change.  It's going to take more than Trump to really make real positive change.

I sure wish someone would have a plan to remove them....actually there is a plan out there.  I will share it with you, and already shared it with Col. Riley about little over a month ago.   They have tweeked this plan since that time.  They are asking people for feed back on it.  Ernest Lee who is heading this up is a very good man, Christian and honest and a veteran I believe.  They have already many State Legislatures who like this "plan" and you can read about it here, and share it.   Millions of people they claimed have signed the Declaration of Intent.   http://www.thelibertypledge.com/get-connected-.html

Though I am not pleased with how they define a person eligible to run for POTUS I do support this as a beginning to restore Constitutional principles to our Federal Government.  I believe the Founders intended that a person eligible to serve as POTUS to be the off-spring of two citizen parents at the time of that candidates birth.

Lee. I'm sick as hell of you condeming a major portion of Gods people and the New Testiment Church.
For however long I remain active on PFA. I will not have any comments on any of your posts.
Your condescending, holier than Thou, judge mental attitude I find quite offensive. Don't bother trying to communicate with me ever again and I'll do the same. I know you'll still have to post a comment because that's just the type of condescending pompous ass you are. So go ahead and make your comment just don't talk to me again. Please



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