Did Ted Cruz enter the U.S. illegally in 1974? by COL Sellin

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Did Ted Cruz enter the U.S. illegally in 1974?

by LAWRENCE SELLIN, PHD February 11, 2016



This article is a statement of the facts, and is not meant to, or intended to, be interpreted as a political endorsement, or lack thereof, of any political candidate. Family Security Matters takes no political point of view whatsoever. 

Exactly how and when did Ted Cruz obtain U.S. citizenship?

The fact that it is still an open question at this stage of the Presidential campaign is a testament either to the galactic ignorance of our political-media elite or their willingness to place political expediency ahead of the Constitution and the law.

There is no third alternative.

Rafael Edward "Ted" Cruz was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada on December 22, 1970 and remained a Canadian citizen until he officially renounced it on May 14, 2014, eighteen months after taking the oath of office as a U.S. Senator. At the time of his birth, Cruz's father was a citizen of Canada and his mother was a U.S. citizen.

Legally, Cruz could have obtained US citizenship through his mother consistent with Public Law 414, June 27, 1952, An Act: To revise the laws relating to immigration, naturalization, and nationality and for other purposes [H.R. 5678], Title III Nationality and Naturalization, Chapter 1 - Nationality at Birth and by Collective naturalization; Nationals and citizens of the United States at birth; the relevant section being 301 (a) (7):

"a person born outside the geographical limits of the United States and its outlying possessions of parents one of whom is an alien, and the other a citizen of the United States who, prior to the birth of such person, was physically present in the United States or its outlying possessions for a period or periods totaling not less than ten years, at least five of which were after attaining the age of fourteen years: Provided That any periods of honorable service in the Armed Forces of the United States by such citizen parent may be included in computing the physical presence requirements of this paragraph."

In that case, Cruz's mother should have filed a Consular Report of Birth Abroad of a Citizen of the United States of America (CRBA) with the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate after the birth to document that the child was a U.S. citizen.

According to Cruz spokeswoman Catherine Frazier, Cruz's mother did register his birth with the U.S. consulate and Cruz received a U.S. passport in 1986 ahead of a high school trip to England.

There are two apparent contradictions regarding how and when Ted Cruz obtained US citizenship.

First, according to the Canadian Citizenship Act of 1946, also referred to as the "Act of 1947," Canada did not allow dual citizenship in 1970. The parents would have had to choose at that time between U.S. and Canadian citizenship. Ted Cruz did not renounce his Canadian citizenship until 2014. Was that the choice originally made?

Second, no CRBA has been released that would verify that Ted Cruz was registered as a U.S. citizen at birth.

It has been reported that the then nearly four-year-old Ted Cruz flew to the U.S. from Calgary, Alberta, Canada in 1974.

Ted Cruz could not have entered the U.S. legally without a CRBA or a U.S. passport, the latter of which was not obtained until 1986.

If Ted Cruz was registered as a U.S. citizen at birth, as his spokeswoman claims, then the CRBA must be released. Otherwise, one could conclude that Cruz came to the U.S. as a Canadian citizen, perhaps on a tourist visa or, possibly, remained in the U.S. as an illegal immigrant.

It is the responsibility of the candidate for the Presidency, not ordinary citizens, to prove that he or she is eligible for the highest office in the land. Voters deserve clarification.

Even assuming a CRBA was filed, the weight of the legal evidence indicates that Ted Cruz is a naturalized U.S. citizen because he was born outside of the jurisdiction of the U.S. and obtained U.S. citizenship by an Act of Congress (Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution). As a naturalized citizen, he is not eligible for the Presidency (Article 2 Section 1 Clause 5 of the Constitution).

It is disturbing to this writer that, Ted Cruz, a man who claims to be a "principled conservative" and a staunch supporter of the Constitution, should be so opaque about his personal history and unwilling to release his records.

Does that sound familiar?

Lawrence Sellin, Ph.D. is a retired colonel with 29 years of service in the US Army Reserve and a veteran of Afghanistan and Iraq. Colonel Sellin is the author of "Restoring the Republic: Arguments for a Second American Revolution ". He receives email at lawrence.sellin@gmail.com.

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What brought on the global stock market crash in 1929, was that the Central bankers had too much control over governments economic systems. The bankers and economists being majority Jews, Hitler and other nations including France Italy and the Arab muslim nations hated and chose to kill all jews.

President Franklin D Rosevelt and other US political leaders put bank regulating controls on the Federal reserve and banks that stabilized bank industry for nearly 70 years until one such main stabilizing pillar of the financial market was changed in 1999, this being the Glass and Steagall Act. This policy seperated savings and loans from the securities and investment divisions.

The removal on this division in the banking divisions, created a situation were trading of toxic assets taking down the finance sector that resulted in a meltdown. This brought on by the double increase on gasoline at the fuel pumps from $2.40 to approx $4 per gallon in Aug 2015.  Those prices remained at $4 until Feb 2015.

This created a longer then usual economic slowdown that resulted in corporate bankruptcies and heavy home foreclosures in 2008-9, Foreclosures resulting from people exceeding the allowable time limits set on unemployment Insurance recipients that only lasts up to two years after all the extensions were exhausted.

Besides that, unemployment insurance maximum limit was that what it was in the 1980's, $360 per week, hardly enough for a single parent with a mortgage to feed and house that family along with all the other life sustaining necessities. 

The system set up to fail. Currently the economy is moving again, but no adjustments or economic or monetary policies have ever changed to fix those problems which can put America right back into a 2008-9 crisis against.

Obama care, is a new law since 2012, which is even more cost burdening on individuals and the established 1949 traditional labor union pensions were terminated for future employees, when company bankruptcies occured, putting future union retiree 401k savings plans more in control of federal banker policies. 

Company paid pension and healthcare for senior union employees prevented those from loosing all their houses in the financial crisis, when it happens in the future, there is no longer those same safety nets.

These problems need to be corrected or the result will be more catastrophic then it was in 2008!!!

Chris …I believe you are correct in many assertions here . I hope everyone will google the and fact check it to understand who the players are to this day …it is truly eye opening  ! 

The Plot Against FDR:
A Model For Bush's `Chile Model' Today

We have demanded and they walk away. Until recently when Rep. Yoho stepped up not one person in Congress would carry the impeachment papers to the membership. They are smart enough to know if they impeach Obummer there will be major "trickle down" and many others will have charges brought again them.

I will quote from uscis.gov...

D. Application for Certificate of Citizenship (​Form N-600​)​

A person ​born abroad ​who ​acquires​ ​U.S. ​citizenship ​at birth ​is not required to file an Application for Certificate of Citizenship (​Form N-600​). A person who seeks documentation of such status, however, must submit an application to obtain a Certificate of Citizenship from USCIS. A person may also apply for a U.S. Passport with the Department of State to serve as evidence of his or her U.S. citizenship​

As you can see Cruz was not required to provide a certificate of citizenship but was permitted to obtain one if he desired to prove he was a citizen. I also question the facts as stated in this article. You claim that his father was a canadian citizen...  where is your proof?   the facts are he came to america on an educational visa and was then given political asylum in the usa so was a legal resident. He married Ted's mother and they started a company in the USA and was contracted to do work using computers to find oil in american oilfields, then the company they worked for asked them to go do some work in oil fields in canada. Certainly Mrs cruz was an american citizen working in canada when she had Ted and what proof do you have that his father ever became a Canadian citizen?  and why would he?  he had been in America a very long time, entered and graduated college, worked for many years, married and had the opportunity to become a citizen as a spouse to one but waited, and then when he took a contract for a temp job in Canada he was instantly a citizen even though he only lived their about 4 years???   sounds fishy to me. Also, where is proof that Ted was a canadian citizen?  did they every apply for their version of social security card for Ted?   or did they consider themselves Americans working under contract in Canada as the fact show. Also why do you suggest a baby born to an american citizen could illegally enter the usa?babies don't need passports, nor do american citizens to enter and return from canada, all you need is a state ID to prove you are a legal resident of usa which both his parents were.

My babies had to either be on the passport with their mother or have a individual passport when going out of the U.S. to a foreign land.  I don't know about incoming.............but logically it follows the U.S. would do the same.

I will pass your thoughts to COL Sellin his consideration.

From COL Sellin..............

Thanks, Harry. My son was born abroad. I know the drill. You cannot bring a child into the US without some kind of documentation. I had to go to the US Consulate and obtain a Consular Report of Birth Abroad and then a US passport for my son in order to get into the US. You cannot legally enter the US without documentation even for a toddler. The form is an FS-240, so I don't know what the writer is talking about regarding N-600. The rest of the comment is nonsense.

You are right!

Isn't it important that according to Canadian law, he was always considered a legal citizen of Canada and if his mother "registered" him at the U.S. Embassy in Canada she would have been given some sort of certificate to show as such. He has shown nothing to show any ties to the U.S. but a passport to go to England and a Canadian passport. He is a liar and a cheat!

Thank you Guardian Eagle, and god bless

EVEN if crudcruz had TWO USA citizen parentS (which he doesn't have) and STILL born outside USA (except on military duty) he is NOT NBC! How can any American vote for a canadian to be potus (he gave away his canadian citizenship last year and now is a man without a country).

Ted Cruz' father became a Canadian citizen in 1973.  That fact is not contested.  He has acknowledged it.  First a Cuban citizen, then a Canadian citizen and a naturalized American citizen in 2005.  He's apparently a man whose loyalty to a country can shift as it benefits his, or his son's, ambitions. 

It was already determined by two lawsuits that Ted Cruz is, in fact, a Natural Born American Citizen,  I question the validity of this question after the fact!



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