Discussion for PFA members - What talents do you possess that you can bring to the table?

What are your talents, trades and skills? What can you bring to the table? What WILL you bring to the table? Are you going to get involved more than just observing what is posted?

In order for me to keep PFA running.....I expect members to be engaged and offer up help. We all know our economy is going to collaspe. Obama has told us his plan (which we already knew) is to spend spend spend and tax, tax, tax.

We also know, after the collaspe, thievery will come as will violence, plus, our enemies from around the globe and even in cells here are going to take advantage of that crisis. So, are we serious about working together as a group to prepare to defend ourselves, families and have each others backs or not?

I note many new members have been joining. But I also note that most members and new members are not contributing on PFA. We must lay everything on the table and pick out the best from it all. However, if you don't lay it out, how do we pick from it.

I need help! I cannot do this alone and I do not want to do this alone. So again, what can you bring to the table and WHAT WILL YOU BRING TO THE TABLE?

PFA Immediate Mission :

Prepare for what is coming. Networking with each other to ensure our constitutional republic stands in liberty after the collapse.

Just a thought for all to ponder! Will our troops and National Guard be here to help us? Probably not! They are deployed! Also, what do you think is going to happen to them in the muslim hell holes when our economy collapses? No money to bring them home and no money for ammo and other supplies they must have! Despots sure don't want to get them home! What is going to happen to your husbands, wives, sons, daughters, uncles, aunts, cousins, nieces, nephews, friends that are left over there?

My question to PFA membership is......................

Are you/we going to step up to the plate! The ball is in our court now! If we wait until after the collapse to try to figure out our plans.........there will be no ball and no court.........WE FAIL!

If we start working together, start learning about and from each other, offer up what we each can bring to this life or death work, We succeed! We Win! We restore liberty for our descendants.

Then we can really claim "Failure is not an option!"

I also do not want to see any comments on here saying, let go and let God. That is not an action on your part, that is you using an excuse to not act! Am I a Christian? Yes I am! And I will not use that unscriptual false doctrine that many use to justify not doing what I don't want to do. I / We must be honest with ourselves and each other. I bring this up only to NOT see comments in comment section here about that, that is a whole different topic than what we are discussing here, but it never fails someone always uses that cop out.

Stay on topic and lets see if PFA is a tool that we will use. Electioneering is off the table.


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Twana, I will contribute whenever and whatever is necessary My time. my limited talents. I am trying to figure out what is needed on this site that I can do. I negotate contracts. I plan, organize and implement plans. I inservice and cross train people. And I supervise people.

Thats for sure.

I'm a barber , i'd be happy to share this gift from God , with those in my group . I also do a little gardening and i'm a good helper on projects .Not too sure what i can contribute , but i'm healthy and able bodied . I'm a single mom so i work 6 days a week . Trying to put together some food and water .

I assume that the members are all scattered across the country. For myself what I am doing is preparing for the worst and hoping for the best. By that I mean that I have a means of purifying enough drinking water for my wife and myself and we have enough dried packaged food to last us for four to five months. Not the recommended six months but close enough. I reload and have a sufficent amout of supplies. I believe that every member should be making preparations to initiallly save themselves and then be able to help their family and friends.

I love to share my love of Jesus! I love to share what news I've been given to others. We have to keep our eyes and ears open to what is going on around us. I love America and I love Oklahoma. I've lived in Texas and 10 years in West Germany and I've learned to listen to what's happening around me. My husband is retired military and we live in western Oklahoma and it's hard to find a doctor that will accept TriCare Medical Insurance so everyone should be getting ready for what Obamacare is going to be like. Thanks for what you're doing!

We need Readiness Commands Cells of US Republican Conservative Citizens in each Red State. 5 Cells to protect the center and boards of each state. Boats or Ships will be needed for coast lines.

If you are a Conservative Republican living in: California, Oregon, Washington and Nevada Get out as soon as possible and head to a central location such as: Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana or in other words, a conservative state. Look on the internet for Presidential Election Polling Maps that Indicate the Electoral College Vote.The Red States are the Conservative Republicans. That is where you want to go.  Ask or invite yourself for a vacation to a friends house in any red State,  as long as that friend is Republican or Conservative. Stay away from the Cities. Rural Areas is possible. Gas, Water, Food & Ammo will become the only currency. Try To Feed and defend your family as best as possible.

The Blue States Are the Enemy. If you are conservative living in a blue state, get out of those states.

Bring as much as you can with you.

Especially Food, Water, Camping Gear, Heavy Clothing, Generators, Fuel, Dried Goods, (Beans, Rice, Canned goods & etc.) Guns and ammo ( All that you can get). If you voted for Obama and his Traitors, you are now a Traitor to the United States of America. You are now a enemy of our Constitution.

We Have Sometime Left, So Start Preparing Now. My concerns are defending air space and ground troops that are well armed.

If you get caught up in a bad situation the main thing is to keep moving and take as many weapons as you can carry and don't forget the ammo for that weapon.

I hope and Pray that our: CIA, FBI, DEA, Local Police, Sheriffs, State Patrol, SWAT and other Law Enforcement will be on our side. Allot of them are not or we would not be in this situation and Obama and his Cronies would be in prison for treason.   

I Believe in our Constitution that is set in writing for us to build on, Not to destroy it from within. plants but will need help with the heavy stuff, I'm Getting older. Took an oath when I was in the Military and I still believe in that Oath.

I can operate Power Generation Plants, Water Distillation Plants, Hydraulic Systems, Range Qualified Expert Small Arms, Enlist Surface Warfare Qualified, Air Conditioning and Heating Specialist, Automotive Repair, Cook, Dishwasher, I have some vehicles, weapons and ammo, Trained in Military Logistics, Generator 5000kw, Air Compressor, we will need more information like this. As far as I'm concerned send your info to my PO Box. If anyone is interested send my your email address and i"ll send you my info. The Internet may not be up that long. So we need to do something quick.

thanks for your post.

Me too.

Me Toooooooooo: and yes let's prepare ourselves.Denise I have been in contact with many who are/have moved to red states.

I want to be your friend.LOL good post.

I guess thats it.Prepair now and head out when it hit's.Been trying to figuer out how is everyone going to get togather.

Suggest everyone read this:  How to Survive the End of the World As We Know It


There's also a later one by Wesley Rawles...forgot the name!lol

You combine efforts in your own community.  It isn't easy to get people to listen, it takes hard work and getting your hands dirty at times.  Once your community is organized and the one next to yours and so on, guess what, we are all connected.  One community at a time and it all starts with one person in each...............YOU!





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