Discussion for PFA members - What talents do you possess that you can bring to the table?

What are your talents, trades and skills? What can you bring to the table? What WILL you bring to the table? Are you going to get involved more than just observing what is posted?

In order for me to keep PFA running.....I expect members to be engaged and offer up help. We all know our economy is going to collaspe. Obama has told us his plan (which we already knew) is to spend spend spend and tax, tax, tax.

We also know, after the collaspe, thievery will come as will violence, plus, our enemies from around the globe and even in cells here are going to take advantage of that crisis. So, are we serious about working together as a group to prepare to defend ourselves, families and have each others backs or not?

I note many new members have been joining. But I also note that most members and new members are not contributing on PFA. We must lay everything on the table and pick out the best from it all. However, if you don't lay it out, how do we pick from it.

I need help! I cannot do this alone and I do not want to do this alone. So again, what can you bring to the table and WHAT WILL YOU BRING TO THE TABLE?

PFA Immediate Mission :

Prepare for what is coming. Networking with each other to ensure our constitutional republic stands in liberty after the collapse.

Just a thought for all to ponder! Will our troops and National Guard be here to help us? Probably not! They are deployed! Also, what do you think is going to happen to them in the muslim hell holes when our economy collapses? No money to bring them home and no money for ammo and other supplies they must have! Despots sure don't want to get them home! What is going to happen to your husbands, wives, sons, daughters, uncles, aunts, cousins, nieces, nephews, friends that are left over there?

My question to PFA membership is......................

Are you/we going to step up to the plate! The ball is in our court now! If we wait until after the collapse to try to figure out our plans.........there will be no ball and no court.........WE FAIL!

If we start working together, start learning about and from each other, offer up what we each can bring to this life or death work, We succeed! We Win! We restore liberty for our descendants.

Then we can really claim "Failure is not an option!"

I also do not want to see any comments on here saying, let go and let God. That is not an action on your part, that is you using an excuse to not act! Am I a Christian? Yes I am! And I will not use that unscriptual false doctrine that many use to justify not doing what I don't want to do. I / We must be honest with ourselves and each other. I bring this up only to NOT see comments in comment section here about that, that is a whole different topic than what we are discussing here, but it never fails someone always uses that cop out.

Stay on topic and lets see if PFA is a tool that we will use. Electioneering is off the table.


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Yes I would be glad too

I have a pressure cooker that cans 5 quart jars, and more pints. Live in the country, but no well, community water.  Gardening has not been really good because of drought in east Texas, just used the last of the tomatoes put up last year, but have jars and resealble lids.  Powered milk and eggs, some dried fruits.  Sugar, flour but going to get more.  I know how to cook, sanitize, ability to purify water.

Karen,  Check out "Back to Eden" gardening video. It is very useful for gardening in drought.

thank you.

I have accounting skills below the CPA level with some college accounting and experience in the sole proprietorship area.  I also was lead accounting tech over 8 military commissary store clerks using computerized accounting in a pre-set program for two years. 

I have clerical skills, minus shorthand, used in initiation of paperwork and tracking documents with and without funding for a public works on a federal base.

I have skills in researching and tracking payments to third party  accounts payable from locating, auditing, and forwarding these payable documents on to the ones who actually wrote the checks for payment...at home office.

Not much, but it is something.

I have many skills and will share them, but what is needed first is a clearing house for all of the info people are offering. Maybe a part of the web site labeled "Skills" and then subdivided/tabbed by skill. Put them in, catalog and add to appropriate skill set. Users would be able to access PDF/printable versions.


Side note: You'd be surprised by how many folks could not start or maintain a fire for cooking/warmth.

One skill I do not have is knowing what natural plants in N America can be eaten, especially in the south and west.  If someone can get in here and fill this position I, for one, would be grateful.


yes I would like to help will, I will take a look at the tabs. Thank you.

I am a retired LPN (licensed practical nurse) but I believe I could offer help with basic medical issues, if needed.  Although I have been retired for over 15 yrs, if you , I would be happy to do some reading to get caught up on the basics. During the years that I did work, my experience was mainly working with the elderly and the disabled.  I have also had a lot of personal experience in recovery from a traumatic auto accident and sometimes the best way to learn is from first hand experience. 

I also have had lots of experience with teaching children in Sunday school.  I am not a licensed teacher but I do love working with children.  Twana, although I do agree with you about not posting anything about religion using it as a crutch, I do believe that we really do need to depend on God and seek His direction, just as our Founding Fathers did.  Teaching our children what the Bible has to say about who God is, will give them a great sense of hope and comfort esp. in times ahead that might be extremely difficult to bear alone.  I would love to offer help with teaching children Bible lessons.  I would also love to offer help with setting up Bible lessons and prayer sessions for adults who would be interested.  I do not have any experience teaching history but would be willing to learn about it to teach elementary students.  I would definitely need some time to get prepared if you would need me to help with that subject.

I have also had years of experience in art, mainly painting and drawing.  I am not sure how this talent might be of help, other than to teach it to children.  If you have any other suggestions, pls feel free to let me know.

My husband has been an electrician for a very long time and I am sure he would be happy to offer his help if needed.  He has also had lots of experience with building and doing house related repair work.  Although most of his experience has been on a personal and not a professional level, his work has always been on a high level.



I am a Private Duty Pediatric Lpn. Have worked in all areas of Hospital in past, Med-Surg etc.

My talent is Artwork. I posted several photos of my paintings as an example. I am better with pencil. I can draw about anything if I have a good enough detailed picture of it. I make my own S/N Art Prints and usually barter with them. I have an Epson 9800 printer which prints up to 44 inches wide by 90 inches long (posters, prints, photos, etc). I am on a limited budget, but would help with what I can.
I could donate prints to help raise money.

I have been prepping for a while now, water, food, basic medical supplies, ammo, clothing.
I am a good shot with a rifle. Don't like to hunt, but would to survive or help others.
I have been investigating "Back to Eden" gardening. Since we have been in a drought and are expected to be for several more years here in N.W. Missouri.

I have been trying to Educate my friends and whomever will listen for several years now. Many are waking up to what is coming down, others unfortunately won't until the "SHTF", but I love them so I keep at it. I have my "BOB" packed, and a place off the grid in N.W. Missouri to go to.
Many of my friends are farmers, and they see what is coming also. They are all pretty well set up to survive. I have asked some of my people who are more aware to join this group, but truth is they want to hear about it and will help with what they can but want to remain anonymous.

I am a Christian, and I believe God will be with us and help us. I don't believe in doing nothing, I believe we should do all we can and that after that God will do the rest.

I have had several Spiritual Dreams (maybe because I am an Artist?). I saw a time of great destruction ahead. In the dream I was with a group of people and we had come out of an area of great destruction, we had come to a high place, there was fire and terrible destruction all around us, yet I knew we would be safe and that everything we needed was there to build anew.

So that is where I am coming from. I will do whatever I can to help.

This group has been very informative, I have passed on much of the information I have found here, You-tube videos etc to my FB page.

Thank you,

Shirley Burgess

I also might add that I have an 18 ft Jon boat with a 70hp motor and am use to using it on the Missouri River.

Also a reply to MS. Shirley Burgess, Shirley, What kind/brand software do you use, do you use computer CAD systems at all? Also - VERY important, You may not be a Military Veteran but please do NOT discount that as a negative. From what you say here you are a very valuable member of this or any other survivalist group. Being a Veteran only brings certain attributes to the table, but any and all of those special Military attributes depend on the capabilities and expertice that you possess.
As for Twana's question concerning maps, That's one area I can also do. I have 45 years experience in civil engineering fields.

Glad to have you here Shirley.




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