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January 28, 2012, 10:58 am By Guest Author 5 Comments

While the Democratic Party is On Track to Commit Suicide by Obama

By Lawrence Sellin
The Post & Email (site is under maintenance at time of publishing)

Be assured that the far left-controlled Democratic Party, its anti-American financiers like George Soros and its partners in the biased, liberal mainstream media will use any tactic, tell any lie, violate any law and support any, even violent movement to ensure the re-election of Barack Hussein Obama.

Republicans can unseat Obama at any time simply by telling the truth, but they won’t.

Actually they can’t, because it would also reveal their complicity in Obama’s violation of Constitution, their willful ignorance of his felonies and their perpetuation of the greatest election fraud and Constitutional crisis in American history.

Rather than tell the truth, Republicans have chosen to succumb to political blackmail and have endorsed permanent corruption in Washington, D.C.

Even Conservative media and talk show hosts have decided in favor of safety and political correctness in order to protect their personal financial interests.

History will note that in 2012, against the combined opposition of the Republican and Democratic Parties and the mainstream media, a relative handful of American patriots brought down an illegal President, exposed the corrupt political system and a compliant press that protected and facilitated Obama.

They vigorously opposed the efforts of patriotic Americans because the Republican and Democratic Parties and the mainstream media financially benefit from the corrupt status quo.

Barack Hussein Obama is a Constitutionally illegal President. He does not meet the natural born citizen eligibility requirement outlined in Article II, Section I, Clause 5 of the Constitution and the binding Supreme Court precedent Minor v. Happersett (1874), which defines natural born as a US citizen born of citizen parents at the time of the child’s birth. (Link, at

In addition, Obama has committed felonies by forging his birth documents and his Selective Service registration and using a Social Security Number not issued to him. (Link, at

Because Obama, whose father was Kenyan, is not a natural born citizen and, therefore, has never been eligible for the Presidency, a lawsuit was filed against him by ordinary American citizens and heard on January 26, 2012 in Atlanta, Georgia by administrative judge Michael Malihi. (Links A, B, C, D at

Neither Barack Obama nor his attorneys appeared at the hearing.

According to preliminary reports, Judge Malihi issued a default judgment against Obama and will recommend to the Georgia Secretary of State that Obama’s name not appear on the Georgia ballot starting with the March 6th Georgia Democratic primary.

Undoubtedly, that decision and others like it will be challenged by the Obama Administration, the Democratic Party and its press arm, the mainstream media.

It will not, however, end there.

Expect to see all forms of intimidation: race baiting, threats from union thugs, menacing of voters by Black Panthers and violent Occupy Wall Street mobs.

George Soros has promised as much. He predicts that, although the Occupy Wall Street “is an inchoate, leaderless manifestation of protest,” it will grow.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Soros says, almost gleefully to the inevitability of rising anger and riots on the streets of American cities. (Link, at

In the face of such threats, the Republican leaders and the Conservative media remain paralyzed by fear.

It will be the task of patriotic American citizens to act to preserve the Constitution and restore the rule of law in government.

We will continue the fight to expose Obama’s ineligibility and his crimes. We will never give up.

As Obama goes, so go the corrupt Republicans and Democrats and their stooges in the mainstream media.

Their demise will usher in an American political Renaissance.

Lawrence Sellin, Ph.D. is a retired colonel with 29 years of service in the US Army Reserve and a veteran of Afghanistan and Iraq.

He receives email at


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Rod Class would be a good one to ask look him up on you tube

What's wrong with the one we have?  Why open a can of worms that no one can control...certainly not "we the people"......

Let's fight to restore the one that has worked for over 200 years.....

Amen! It has a mechanism for amending!!!

the only way to fix this is by a broad sweeping election where they are  all voted out in one cycle and all the bureaucrats are removed also

I completely agree that the ALL need to be voted out, but that is impossible to do in one cycle because of the way SINatorial elections are held.


There is a way to remove EVERY House member in one election cycle, which would send a powerful message to the rest of the criminals in our government.

The plan is called; Get Out Of Our House or GOOOH, pronounced go.  It was founded by Tim Cox who spent a year traveling the US presenting the idea and holding mock selection sessions so those attending could see how it works. Here is a link to the website:  and their FB page

I attended the local meeting and participated in the mock selection process with Tim Cox.  Of course there are questions and concerns about the idea, but it is certainly better than anything else I've heard about.  The absolute best thing about the plan is that it would replace all 435 members of the House in one fell swoop.

It is an idea...method to begin the process of cleaning out the swamp.  Certainly worth checking out, IMO. 


I agree. A Constitutional convention will mean the end of our Constitution, and our freedoms.  If they get that going we will be Venezuela a week after it is started. The first thing they will do is scrap every liberty provided for now. Don't buy into this lemming of a plan.

I really didn't know what was involved in a Cantitutional Convention but I've spent time -- a lot of hours -- researching it since reading this. I don't want one!!! I now know, that it would give those in office the right to rewrite our Constitution!! Allow them to throw it out and write it the way they want!! Before my research, I honestly thought that it would be CITIZENS not POLITICIANS convening a Constitutional Convention. Those of both parties in office would rip apart everything our Founding Fathers worked so hard to protect us. In their wildest dreams, I doubt that any of them would have thought that AMERICANS --- PATRIOTS -- would have stood by and let all this happen, without having put a stop to it years ago. They -- on both sides, have slipped in one little thing at a time over the years buried in other bills, and no one bothered to read them -- Not the politicians passing them -- but the biggest disgrace is the CITIZENS haven't bothered!! I'm just as guilty as all the rest. It's only been the past 10+ years that I have started paying attention and educating myself, but I still miss stuff!!
I honestly don't think the elections will make a difference -- they're going to stuff the ballots -- and the Electorial College will vote for the one they are told to vote for -- and it woun't matter who actually wins by the vote of the people -- We're not going to be allowed to see the actul count in every precint --- BUT I also think we will have Martial Law before the elections!!! My thoughts are jumbled right now trying to digest the info I have found. I've had to bookmark a slew of pages since I used up 2 cartridges of ink printing my research and need to get more!!. I get it all in an orderly fashion I can clear up my jumbled thoughts.

Sounds good!  But how do you keep all the trolls out! The minute that it was held, they'd round up all the delegates, and try them for Treason, OR JUST STRIP THEM OF THEIR CITIZENSHIP AND IMPRISON THEM!!   We need to remove them from office and do A WHOLE LOT OF IMPRISONMENTS (AFTER CONVICTIONS) AND INVESTIGATIONS BEFORE THERE CAN BE SUCH A CONVENTION!

  Good luck on getting anyone arrested. I have been on the phone today trying to get someone in congress to look into the GA hearing, they don't care period. I could tell in some staffers voices I was not the first one to call.

Only We The People can amend The Constitution, therefore it is UnConstitutional to amend Her in any other way... Therefore The Constitution should be amended* ONLY when We The People have FULL control!!!

...allowing The Constitution to be edited in the presence of anybody other than a representative of We The People, exposes or at the very least risks exposure of our liberties, freedoms and lives to our enemies. 

*or should I say all unconstitutional amendments repealed. 

I don't know what we need to do -- BUT I DO KNOW WE NEED TO DO SOMETHING!!! I just read an article by Marilyn Barnewall that I receieved from She speaks truthfull about the elections.  All of us are concentration on the Presidential election -- as we should be, BUT notforget about seats of the legislatures.  We have crooks and Evil of both parties in office!  I for one don't think we will get to an election -- Marial Law will come first.  If I'm wrong, and even with all the cheating, intimidation, and fraud -- that by chance, obama was to lose the election -- I still feel that between Nov and Jan he would declare Martial Law!! We can call for all sorts of remedies but when you have Socialist/Communist/Power Hungry/Wanna Be Dictators/NWO People holding the Offices of our government -- you're fighting a losing battle with words!!!

I'm retired, and I don't get a lot of SS but I get by.  It takes me a bit to get "big ticket items" cause I have to save a few bucks here and there.  My last "big ticke" item wwas to replace my PU-truck that was shot -- and I was able to do that last week.  So now I have transportation, plenty of food stuff ready with a bug-out bag, my guns, ammo, and my pocket constitution. I'm always locked and loaded.

I don't want war anymore than anyone else, but if we wait for all those who "don't see" now too wake up, it will be too late!! Obama snubbed his nose at the Georgia Court, and has been flipping his finger at all of us for several years!!! Things aren't going to change with an election -- no matter what the outcome. The usurpers in DC have NO INTENTION OF LEAVING!! They got in there and they plan to stay!! Fource is the only way to remove people who think they "are above the law"!! They have their own laws and they don't care about ours!!!

 I agree, everyone should call those in elected positions to demand a congressional inquiry of the eligibility of obama the evidence was overwhelming in GA but still no media coverage



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