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January 28, 2012, 10:58 am By Guest Author 5 Comments

While the Democratic Party is On Track to Commit Suicide by Obama

By Lawrence Sellin
The Post & Email (site is under maintenance at time of publishing)

Be assured that the far left-controlled Democratic Party, its anti-American financiers like George Soros and its partners in the biased, liberal mainstream media will use any tactic, tell any lie, violate any law and support any, even violent movement to ensure the re-election of Barack Hussein Obama.

Republicans can unseat Obama at any time simply by telling the truth, but they won’t.

Actually they can’t, because it would also reveal their complicity in Obama’s violation of Constitution, their willful ignorance of his felonies and their perpetuation of the greatest election fraud and Constitutional crisis in American history.

Rather than tell the truth, Republicans have chosen to succumb to political blackmail and have endorsed permanent corruption in Washington, D.C.

Even Conservative media and talk show hosts have decided in favor of safety and political correctness in order to protect their personal financial interests.

History will note that in 2012, against the combined opposition of the Republican and Democratic Parties and the mainstream media, a relative handful of American patriots brought down an illegal President, exposed the corrupt political system and a compliant press that protected and facilitated Obama.

They vigorously opposed the efforts of patriotic Americans because the Republican and Democratic Parties and the mainstream media financially benefit from the corrupt status quo.

Barack Hussein Obama is a Constitutionally illegal President. He does not meet the natural born citizen eligibility requirement outlined in Article II, Section I, Clause 5 of the Constitution and the binding Supreme Court precedent Minor v. Happersett (1874), which defines natural born as a US citizen born of citizen parents at the time of the child’s birth. (Link, at

In addition, Obama has committed felonies by forging his birth documents and his Selective Service registration and using a Social Security Number not issued to him. (Link, at

Because Obama, whose father was Kenyan, is not a natural born citizen and, therefore, has never been eligible for the Presidency, a lawsuit was filed against him by ordinary American citizens and heard on January 26, 2012 in Atlanta, Georgia by administrative judge Michael Malihi. (Links A, B, C, D at

Neither Barack Obama nor his attorneys appeared at the hearing.

According to preliminary reports, Judge Malihi issued a default judgment against Obama and will recommend to the Georgia Secretary of State that Obama’s name not appear on the Georgia ballot starting with the March 6th Georgia Democratic primary.

Undoubtedly, that decision and others like it will be challenged by the Obama Administration, the Democratic Party and its press arm, the mainstream media.

It will not, however, end there.

Expect to see all forms of intimidation: race baiting, threats from union thugs, menacing of voters by Black Panthers and violent Occupy Wall Street mobs.

George Soros has promised as much. He predicts that, although the Occupy Wall Street “is an inchoate, leaderless manifestation of protest,” it will grow.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Soros says, almost gleefully to the inevitability of rising anger and riots on the streets of American cities. (Link, at

In the face of such threats, the Republican leaders and the Conservative media remain paralyzed by fear.

It will be the task of patriotic American citizens to act to preserve the Constitution and restore the rule of law in government.

We will continue the fight to expose Obama’s ineligibility and his crimes. We will never give up.

As Obama goes, so go the corrupt Republicans and Democrats and their stooges in the mainstream media.

Their demise will usher in an American political Renaissance.

Lawrence Sellin, Ph.D. is a retired colonel with 29 years of service in the US Army Reserve and a veteran of Afghanistan and Iraq.

He receives email at


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It will take an overwhelming write in vote to  fix the problem remember the electoral college elects the occupant of the oval office

We must all unite... there are so many groups that have the same inherent goal but are not united as one. I have been listening to Rod Class he has a constitutional understanding and is trying to launch a presidental run check him out just google him

P.S. our military should take the lead in fixing our problem they are being run by a community organizer with no military experience or confidence in our  military

That community organizer knows his alinsky forward and backward. That article of him going over with panetta to PERSONALLY decide where the HUGE cuts in the military budget should go, made me MAD AS A WET HEN!! He said, "after all I AM the cic (chicken in chief, corrupter in chief, you take it from there.)   YOU CAN BET HE'S NOT GOING TO CUT ONE CENT OF FUNDING TO MAKE THE MILITARY lgbt COMPLIANT!  HE ALSO IS SENDING RECRUITERS TO GAY BARS, AND IT MAY WELL BE THAT THE RETIRED AND FORCED OUT MILITARY MAY WELL HAVE TO TAKE OVER TO PROTECT THIS NATION AND RETURN HER TO GREATNESS!  (We need to pray constantly for those brave men and women with principles AND FAITH IN GOD, who are in there for they may well be being watched by insurgents in our own forces issued guns by our own military budget!, MAY GOD BLESS PROTECT AND GUIDE THEM!!



Dear Dale:
Thank you for contacting me to express your opposition to the policies and conduct of the Obama Administration.  I share your concerns and welcome the opportunity to respond.
A fundamental cornerstone of our Constitution is the inherent checks and balances between the branches of government.  Each acts as a check on the others to ensure no single individual or institution can accumulate undue powers.  Actions that seek to challenge this balance undermine the founding principles of our federal system entrusted to us by our Forefathers.
The congressional oversight process serves to hold executive officials accountable for the implementation of delegated authority.  Given the evolving role and scope of the federal government in recent decades, the importance of Congress’ review function looms large in checking and monitoring the delegated authority granted to federal agencies.
The Government Performance and Results Act of 1993 strengthens legislative oversight by enhancing committees’ ability to hold agencies accountable for the implementation of their performance goals and outcomes; to carefully evaluate the budget requests of various agencies, and to reduce or eliminate unnecessary duplication among federal agencies that implement policy areas.  
The Congressional Review Act (CRA) of 1996 enables Congress to review and disapprove agency rules and regulations.  Under the CRA, agencies must submit major rules to Congress and Government Accountability Office before they can take effect.  The law provides for expedited procedures for any joint resolution of disapproval.  The President can veto the joint resolution of disapproval; however, as with all legislation, Congress can override the President’s veto with a two-thirds vote from each chamber.  Congress also has the ability to constrain the executive branch by passing statutes that repeal rules, including appropriations measures that limit funding for the development, implementation, or enforcement of certain rules or types of rules.   
The role of the executive branch, whose activities have wide impact, underscores the critical importance of holding administrative entities accountable for their actions and decisions.  Congress has a responsibility to continue strong oversight of this issue to ensure that our branches of government exercise their powers in a manner consistent with the Constitution.  Government transparency and accountability are important aspects of a healthy and vibrant democracy, and I support initiatives to reassert public and congressional oversight of government programs and initiatives that have an effect on the American people. 
The delicate relationship that exists between the Legislative and the Executive Branches, as directed in the Constitution, is vital to the effectiveness of the federal government and must be protected.  The ultimate check on the conduct of elected officials is the public.  Our Founding Fathers envisioned a system of government in which the people would be given the power to regularly review and pass judgment on elected representatives through the ballot box.
Again, thank you for contacting me. Please feel free to contact me in the future on this or other matters of interest to you. For more information about the issues before the U.S. Senate as well as news releases, photos, and other items of interest, please visit my Senate website,

THE PROBLEM IS THAT OUR GOVERNMENT HAS BEEN OVERTHROWN WE ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE A "DEMOCRACY" BUT RATHER A REPUBLIC. In a democracy the majority rules and in this country that means the majority of the elected officials who seem to all be in on the plan to line their pockets. we have been told for so long we are a democracy that everyone now believes that was the intent of our founding fathers

The response kinda sounds like his name doesn't it? SURE FULL OF CRAP! LONG ON WIND, SHORT ON ACTIONS!!!

Soro's and the corrupt political Parties are begging for and calling for unrest and violence in the streets. They are counting on the people to cry out for the Government to stop them. We have proven that Soro's and the Government in fact, are the one's funding it all. Hillary Clinton's in on it, too. This is what is behind the NDAA and removal of American's Citizenship.

Without the people calling out for the Government to stop the violence the well planned, plan won't work.

Except the people that are still asleep will cry out. Hence the Martial Law Plan will remove the True American Patriot's that demand the Constitutional Rule of Law. Then the final plan of a Communist/Islamic Regime will be forced upon the Nation.

So we are all in a real dangerous situation and will be forced into defending ourselves. The book, "Rules for Radicals," and "Naked Communism,"should be mandatory reading for all students.This has very little chance of ending well for anyone except the NWO Elites, behind the scene, lurking in the Shadows in every aspect of our government.

If people did open their eyes, we could do this, but they just refuse to see the danger. It saddens me to be so angry with those that refuse to see. Even when put in front of them, they can't face the horror or facts. So it's up to the few.

Thanks Cheryl- I believe you nailed it! Communists are using Occupy to cause the violence (Soros says this spring) and the people will ask the government to stop it and the military will be used (You all heard about the military training exercises over Los Angeles and Boston?) martial law will be declared and the dictatorship will be complete, They will have taken the ammunition away, and so they can arrest us and we will "Disappear"

Public won't care because the Dems keep calling the Tea Party and Republicans "Terrorists" so they will be fine with the government arresting us!  I was holding up a sign today at local TP rally- says Obama is a dictator because he bypassed congress with the 3 appointments- either I got no response from motorists, or a thumbs down!

Jager, I agree with you totally.

However a word of warning- Remember the last (and only) constitutional convention of 1787?

The founders went into the convention with the intention to 'fix' the articles of confederation, but instead threw them out completely and we ended up with our current constitution- less the first ten amendments which followed later.

Can you imagine the damage that the current senate and congress could inflict on us?

Can you just envision the communists like Pilosi, Read, Durbin, Kerry, Dean, Conyers, Feinstein, Boxer, and their ilk getting their slimy claws on our constitution and shredding once and for all?

Their idea of a new constitution for America would look more like the communist manifesto of 1848 as written by their heroes Marx and Engles.  Before we can convene a constitutional convention to improve it, we MUST eradicate the communists/socialists/RINOs who would strip us of our first 10 amendments.  Only then can we be sure that the ideas you've promoted here actually come to fruition for the benefit of all Americans.

In HIS Name,

Jim S.

Oath Keeper

Promise Keeper

still we would need the full support of the standing military... within days of any conflict the UN would have hundreds of thousands of troops here. They have deemed anyone that loves this country more than its government is a terrorist to be rounded up and held indefinately

How do we go about conveneing a Constitution Convention? What is the process that we have to do? Doe it take a certain number of Patriots? Do we need some from every state? How do we determine who is part of this Convention? I'm all for taking any steps we can do and hopefully be done before any elections!!! I'm willing to help as much as possible, but II don't know what needs to be done, nor where to start, and NOONE CAN DO THIS ALONE!!!



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