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Well, this won't hurt anything, and it may well help -- depending upon the chemical composition of the stone(s).  Twenty-eight ounces of fluids every hour will certainly flush things out.

Well, I am pretty busy right now and don't really have time to do a lot of research.  I didn't mean to step on your toes. 


PM me; maybe we can team up or something.

If/when the gov. gets control of healthcare, like the national parks, the gov. will be able to block access to your doctor and care. We'll need home remedies. So many work perfectly well.

For UTI (urinary tract infection) I no longer go to the dr. for antibiotics like I used to. Now at the first hint of symptoms I flush my body with drinking lots of water and cranberry juice. Within a day the UTI is gone. (I haven't been to a dr. for 13 years. I give God all the credit.)

Thank you so much.

Thanks for posting this!  Kidney stones hurt!  People need to have this stuff on hand when SHTF.

Sounds like a lot of "ACID" in the stomach, that may cause some temporary discomfort, but as a short term solution to getting rid of the kidney stones it just might be the answer. Certainly sounds better than surgery.


Twanna, thanks for sharing this type of info!  It is helpful!  I will pass this on



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