Constitutional Emergency

"Do Not Engage" Is Killing Our Soldiers & Ruining Their Lives

Army 1st Lt. Sentenced to Prison For Defending His Platoon by Allen West

Lt.  Lorance volunteered to serve two combat tours; 15 months in Iraq and 7  months in Afghanistan. But upon his return home, the ground combat  platoon leader in the 82d Airborne Division was sentenced to 20 years in  Ft. Leavenworth on two counts of murder.

In July 2012, 1LT Lorance ordered the engagement of two Taliban scouts who  were tracking his platoon’s movements while on a patrol in Kandahar province, a platoon that had recently experienced losses, including
the  previous Platoon Leader.

 According to our ridiculous Rules of Engagement, soldiers in a combat zone are told to hold their fire unless there is evidence of hostile action or direct hostile intent.

I spent two and a half years in southern Afghanistan, and we all knew the Taliban utilized fighters on motorcycles and cell phones as scout/trackers. If there are enemy combatants reporting your patrol movements in order to facilitate an attack, how is that not hostile intent? 

CPT  William Miller, the government prosecutor, said 1LT Lorance "used his rank and position to harass, intimidate, threaten, and murder Afghans." What an incredible dilemma for our men and women in combat: fight and kill the enemy and be sent to prison. Or be killed by the enemy and be
denied your death gratuity benefits. This is utter BS and I implore true  Americans, and veterans, to melt down the White House, DoD, and Department of the Army phone lines and email.

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Amen and God bless you for your words of veritas. In this country "We the people have no say and that must come to a screeching halt now, before its to late and a civil war starts because they will not leave US to save face. If they ask for it, then come, the true Americans are standing up finally and you know it  -THINK! before you start something you all will regret. . .


God bless this young man. I ask Jesus to cover him with His blood and keep him and his family safe from all harm.

what is wrong with this? it just seems wrong!

This makes me so Angry, that when we finally get this show on the road one of our first moves is to conduct our own purge of th ranks of all PCvendors particularly those that follow illegal orders they call rules of engagement. The only rules should be is kill all enemy in sight and especally those endangering our troops. The second rule is get this hero out of prison immediately and court martial that lawyer for deriliction of duty. Iam so angry about this travesty I am signing off before I reallyget myself in trouble but not before I say those that caused this travesty  had better find a deep hole yo hide in because We The People are coming and we do not leave our troops behind ever!!!

Amen to that brother!

why is it that this crap always happens when we are at war and a democratic administration in charge ?

This is the best reason all soldiers should not go to fight in these frevious wars set up by the miscreants in DC and others involved in keeping these brave men/women in combat they cannot fight to win -STAY HOME! and live life to the fullest and . . ."This is crap what needs to happen is send all the people in DC to the front lines and tell them they have to obey the ROE and see how they like it."  From below who is spot on and thank you Donnie, amen. They treat vets as fodder so they can keep the flow of opium flowing, why? Then when they return home they kill themselves, like a young man I knew who serve 12, yes 12 tours and wanted to kill his family and his son shot him, sad, but true. All who care for the fighting men of this country had better stand up and be counted in their defense. . .God be with them all.



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