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Do you have a garden planted yet, or getting ready to plant one or more?


I have spices growing, spinach coming up, onions and garlic producing great plus the strawberries are doing good....I have tomatoes and peppers to still plant....we are suppose to have another freeze Tues. night so still in house but getting tomatoes and peppers already....


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Thus far only potatoes, tomatoes, lettuce, onions, and corn.  Potatoes and onions are up and doing well.  Grapevines are doing much better than last year.  Apple trees are about done blooming.  Based on blossoms should have a good apple crop.  Probably will not plant anything else.

Have cabbage, kale, onions, radishes, carrots, 3 types of lettuce, two types of tomatoes, peas, green and sweet white peppers,  beets, turnips, butternut squash, garlic and  zucchini so far.  Potatoes are going down tomorrow, next month is beans -  strawberries and raspberries and blueberries are looking good, the fruit trees haven't bloomed out yet.  I am in WA state at the OR border on the coast and the rain just doesn't want to stop. 

We've got a small garden going at mamas. She thinned out the radish, but now theyre not lookin very good. And at 1st the green onions looked good but all of the sudden, look like theyre about to die! English peas, potatoes, tomatoes, and peppers look real good

I put down weed blocker first + cut holes in it for the veggies. Definetly cuts back on the weeding :)

not yet ... still too cold here in Pa ... but getting ready to ...

YES  and doing well

Our season is over in SW Florida. I do have an eggplant that is producing right now still.

No I have not planted anything. I am still recovering from surgery.

Certainly did planted: Corn, potatoes, strawberries (might have to replant new as these dried out pips from Wal-Mart look dead) cukes, onions, tomatoes, radishes and 3 kinds of lettuce. Flowering apple and peach trees should bring me something this year! Melons are scattered among bushes and pumpkins are next to corn.

I built a compost pile from used pallets, hinged them and cut one pallet in 1/2 for a "gate"  Place some of this compost in an old sock hanging in a 5 gallon bucket of water  for 2 + days and use as fertilizer on your garden, It beats Miracle grow!

Free instructions are online along with planting instructions on which plants are garden compatible. Some are not at all happy living next to one another and won't produce good vegetables. Kind of like your nasty neighbor!

Folks! I am brand new at this but learning more every day

I am planning a garden for the first time in 50 years. Have several items planted in starter trays and will be prepping the area for the garden throughout this month. Still too cold out to plant outside in MA.

Plant a garden every year, getting the soil ready now. We are in Colorado so I can not plant yet. Expecting snow again today!

I have green onions. garlic, oregano, basil, green bell peppers and tomatoes  soon I'll plant sweet potatoes,   and what ever space I have left I haven't got to that yet.  but I can grow a garden almost year around. Until temps get to hot in Florida.  I also have a grapefruit, lemon and orange trees  Two avocados,  a mango (just started ) and an Earth tree or all purpose tree ( nearly 20 ft tall ) so far.   Jan



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