Does anyone know the true condition of our country's liberty and the true nature of our enemies = the beast destroying this country?

For observation purposes I'd like to know what PFA members think about the stage of loss of liberty in our country? I'm not asking folks to write out battle plans and I'm also NOT looking for electioneering as a fix all because as we all know, the election fraud and crimes is not being fixed and obviously people in this movement are not interested in doing the work to fix it. So, leave out electioneering talk. I'll delete those electioneering comments for two reasons, 1 it is totally off topic and 2 the very reason I mentioned above about election fraud and crimes. 

I just want to know and I'm betting some others are wanting to know where you think our country is at in the falling stage of our country? 

Oh and please, no hype or smack talking like we're at a football game and claiming a win that we don't even know if true or not. Stick with facts please. 

Yes I'm evaluating PFA and the need for it. I'm evaluating if we as a group are truly aware of what is happening or if we are all over the place in chaos and therefore truly unable to know our country's true condition, know our country's true enemies (all of them) and if we truly know our surroundings. In other words, if this group doesn't have our crap together and were just a big group of people running in thousands of directions grasping at any and everything guaranteeing our failure instead of success. I am truly hoping to find we are and will head towards success. 

None answers are also an enlightening answer. 

Twana Blevins

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Being aware of what is happening without action does nothing. We are being attacked on all fronts. There is no one option for action. We are surrounded by the enemies in the courts, the military, the elected politicians and life time bureaucraps. The Constitution is being ripped apart. I believe we are at the stage that France was just before the nazis rolled into France without a shot being fired. We are like a submissive dog that rolls over on it belly when it surrenders. I will continue to fight in every way I can as I believe in freedom and will never, never, never give up. May GOD have mercy and lead in our battle against evil.

This is why the White House wants our guns.. When they have them gone only the brotherhood or Islamic muslims will have arms and will use them as they are in the middle east killing the infidels, which the media will not tell the people the truth..

We are being re-educated by the programming of the left, leaking their actions and the press justifying them after the first flurry of outrage.

All trial balloons to desensitize the populous.

The solution is for Constitutional Christians to join together in nonviolence and confront their spineless congressional representatives in their home districts and remind them that if they intend to return to their homes and families, they will uphold their oaths of office or bear the consequences.

If your political representative is afraid of the powers that be, you need them to be, most afraid of you.


About a decade ago I found a used book that I read and set aside because it seemed radical.--The Wealth For All:Religion Politics and War. R.E. McMaster Jr Editor, An Inc. publisher ,1982 -- Now we have Barack Hussein Obama  ,and Occupy  Wall Street, and the Muslim Brotherhood-- and all the rest..  McMasters book seems more clear. He writes that he was reviled when he said we would have a Caesar arise in the US  in the 80's When did Obama become involved in American Politics? is my question-- Does it affirm or deny McMaster?I may not be able to stop it--but I dam sure will NOT embrace the suck / change.

I knew R.E. and his family when I lived in Montana in the '80s.  His daughter and mine were in the same class at a private Christian school.  At that time there were a number of people/families, like mine, who were aware of what was happening in the government/world and were preparing for tough times.  McMaster's were prepared to the teeth.  I don't know if they are still there...maybe not because the area has been infiltrated by the left...but where ever they are I am sure they are even more prepared.  R.E. seemed a little more on the radical side than others at that time but now I can see it was somehow he saw the future more clearly than the rest of us.  He doesn't seem radical at all anymore.

T'anks Judy .I pray you and your family will remain protected by the shield of Faith--and the Grace of God

The only protection I can trust completely!

How about we select a specific cause, and mass on each State Capitol grounds, with perhaps a 2 week notice.  Permits being requested, and the specific cause can be administration position to which we are all opposed, or a specific cause that we advocate, whether or not there is any administration action regarding that issue.  We don't always have to be 'opposed' to a cause.  Let's advocate our own.  Keep is simple.  A singular manageable piece of the political issues floating around.  Take the causes to the streets and the media as well, in that way.  Push the issues legally via NALC , public demonstrations to follow, and  repeat the sequence.  We need to get out there and be seen for who we are.

We still have the 10th Amendment, and we ought to use it.  Enough of  going to DC.  Old think.  Media won't ever cover us anyway.  Last step may well be armed confrontation.  When blood is spilled, no matter who fires first,  then we are in a new realm.  For now, let's peacefully demonstrate per specific issues.  We have a load on our plate even for today.


Like Carrie I agree we are in trouble, beyond trouble, doomed, due to our disinterest of God, all the corruption this wandering away has caused, working through the fabric of who we are, what our country has come to stand for, With theT general public's keeping busy with every day living its been easier to just  trust those who have made it their job to get involved and run the business of our country  and complacency is coming home to roast. For decades the majority of Americans, only for the short time before a election allows the time to focus attention on politics first, or along with whats going on this weekend or cooking for dinner. The watching of evening news stories and reading the Sunday newspaper articles perhaps now and then is the extend of their involvement  throughout the rest of a elected official time In office, maybe.

 People are disgusted over acts of fraud or corruption and stories of bad decisions made but if they voted for so and so chances are they will defend them despite the adding up of evidence that should give them food for thought. Even when logical thought would bring the conclusion  that so and so is a part of the problem and not the solution they remain in denial, ignorant and comfortable that way. Sad to say and hard to admit but I could be counted in this group until a couple years ago. Now that I'm wising up the frustration of not knowing how to use this information I've obtained and come to believe concerning my country, leaves me feeling confused and almost just as ignorant. Like the more I've learned the more I'm certain I don't know the half of it. It has also scared me, at times, to the point I thought, "This would be a time when the  saying ignorance is bliss might very well apply"  Of course that's not really what I feel, well, sort of it is.

I've never been political, my personality and experiences in life hasn't left me with a positive, confident and modivating attitude that leads me to be first on the corner holding a sign because it might change things. I would be willing to include myself in the numbers who turned out there but I'm not a leader of men in that for instance. And this I'd do if I could afford the gas to get there. My personal situation for some time has left me broke with not much hope of that changing for awhile though I have managed to stay on line for a consistent number of years without much interruption, a real  accomplishment which is pretty pathetic, I know.  I know our country is in trouble, deep deep trouble and I know I can be rousted to action.  I have sat here reading some of this stuff you've posted with my heart pounding almost out of chest, tears in my eyes and barely able to sit in my chair wishing I knew what the next step in this fight was, that I had a direction to head in, that I knew where my contribution would most be useful toward changing this mess we are in, that has consumed us and is eating us alive day by day, slow but sure.

I've been a member of this site for a while but today is the first day I have came on line for sometime due to the stress realizing the situation we are in and my seemly hopelessness in making a difference, the realization that I am guilty of a lack of attention to matters that will effect my kids and grandchildren's futures.  My involvement extends only as far as being totally disillusioned that the country I thought I could be proud of and was worth sacrificing ones life for no longer exists, a pill I swallow with a tear and a prayer. 

I'm ashamed and am willing to do better. I believe what you bring to the truth and in the spirit of patriotism and loyalty to a country, a idea, a constitution  and a people that is worth putting a effort toward rescuing and is worth fighting for if it comes to that.  I burn with shame and resentment that we are thought to be so stupid to the point they aren't even worried about it getting around any more it seems, no one can fix it anyway, they are too powerful and we are too lazy and ignorant. I'd love to prove them wrong about that. But I don't know what to do and I hate to admit it seems they are right. I don't want to be counted as part of that group any longer but don't know what to do in order not to be. I'm not you that's for sure but wish I was even half the women you seem to be and hope you can find some way to use someone like me in this fight for I understand the need and would rather die trying to change things than sit and watch the country die leaving only sad memories of what it was and what I didn't do to prevent its passing..



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