Does anyone know the true condition of our country's liberty and the true nature of our enemies = the beast destroying this country?

For observation purposes I'd like to know what PFA members think about the stage of loss of liberty in our country? I'm not asking folks to write out battle plans and I'm also NOT looking for electioneering as a fix all because as we all know, the election fraud and crimes is not being fixed and obviously people in this movement are not interested in doing the work to fix it. So, leave out electioneering talk. I'll delete those electioneering comments for two reasons, 1 it is totally off topic and 2 the very reason I mentioned above about election fraud and crimes. 

I just want to know and I'm betting some others are wanting to know where you think our country is at in the falling stage of our country? 

Oh and please, no hype or smack talking like we're at a football game and claiming a win that we don't even know if true or not. Stick with facts please. 

Yes I'm evaluating PFA and the need for it. I'm evaluating if we as a group are truly aware of what is happening or if we are all over the place in chaos and therefore truly unable to know our country's true condition, know our country's true enemies (all of them) and if we truly know our surroundings. In other words, if this group doesn't have our crap together and were just a big group of people running in thousands of directions grasping at any and everything guaranteeing our failure instead of success. I am truly hoping to find we are and will head towards success. 

None answers are also an enlightening answer. 

Twana Blevins

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Yes, I am truly aware of what is going on and I am fearful for our future.  I think the problem is so HUGE that only a great awakening and through divine providence will we ever get our country back.

However, as a Christian, I believe we are headed for a train wreck because I think God is no longer protecting us because of all the sins we have committed and continue to commit.  Most Americans are pathetic and don't give a damn as to what is happening and it ticks me off to no end!!

I do believe we are in the last days and that the rapture will happen soon.  There is a huge attack against Christians around the world and against Jews and Israel.  Since we have a muslim in the WH, God says he will not bless those who curse Israel and the traitor in the WH has made it obvious that he does not stand with Israel. 

The only thing I can say is to prepare for the worst and pray for the best and be ready to meet your maker.  Evil has reared its head in an alarming rate. 

Yes, elections are a joke and writing to Congress is a joke.  I think the traitor will more than likely get his way to "fundamentally transform" America within or if not, he will call in China and or Russia to finish us off.  He is dead serious about changing us even if it means millions of us die.   

O and Holder were raise as muslims which means that no infidel can stay alive under their control and that's what they working to do to the people in North America..

Carrie you are correct.  God sees how the muslim in the White House is treating Israel.  I know the state our country is in.  We all know the state our country is in.  It is not a secret. Many of use may not be able to get together as a physical group of Patriots, but I know we HAVE to stay together as a Spiritual group of Patriots. Staying connected with like minded Christian Americans, on sites like this, really is a help and an encouragement. Based on the comments so far, we ARE most definately aware who the enemy is. The Bible talks about those who will be blinded. No matter what We The People do to inform the ignorant.....they are blinded.  Sure, we should continue to try and educate the ignorant, but there is a time for the people who are not blinded, to lift each other up in prayer and to keep communicating.  All of us here KNOW what the other is going through, and we all know the frustration each of is are going through. I pray America blesses God again.  That could turn this around.  Sorry to ramble on so. 

75 % complete toward falling, this point will determine which states will stand or fold. A number of states are beginning to repel boarders. Tx and the abortion bill for example. To little to late from the states I believe.

I sense a huge awakening in Christianity and the Constitution and the rule of law.  Why?  Because in the last 6 months I have seen a "rush" of new people in my own church alone plus a rush of friends in other parts of the Nation.  People who I would never have thought would change their views.  Which has astounded me because prior to this, I had honestly thought all was lost.  Now, though I am optimistic once again and do feel "the times they are a changing".  It seems to me that the wind has changed and is blowing through the Nation with God at the helm.

I believe our country is on death's door and stepping into it.  The moral climate is on the edge of total evil in control.  The economy is one baby step from collapse.  The Bill of Rights has been shattered and the Constitution means nothing to the majority.  Law is being determined by majority rule...a true democracy.  The nation is no longer a Constitutional Republic.  The only hope I see is for a truly Patriotic group of activist believers to rise up and rebel.  And that hope is diming as most want to talk, make idle threats and sit at home where it is warm and cozy.  If I did not have the hope given to me by Jesus Christ, I would believe all was lost.

I feel we are almost a total socialist country. In some way, just about every one of our rights are gone or compromised and every major dept of the gov has been infiltrated by muslims. No, elections wont change a thing, neither will these STUPID petitions that keep going around. Phone calls arent working either. Personally, i feel its gotten to the point that the only thing that can REALLY fix this country is to take action like egypt did, BUT the top brass of our military has also been compromised. All the leaders that obama knew would stand WITH the people have been forced out.

I agree about the military, Kim. I have said it before on this site....DON'T count on the military to NOT stand against the American people and fire on them. My son, just went on terminal leave and retires in Sept. My nephew has 4 more years and he's considering chucking it. Since I put in 14 yrs on active duty in the Air Force, I can interact with them and know what they are saying. While a good many of the troops are good people, most of the military is young and haven't been taught the Constitution and our rights in high school.

If their commander deployed them to a city to guard against "the rabble" (us) that may even be peacefully assembled, if someone in the line is a hothead (there is sure to be some) and starts shooting, confusion will reign and the other troops will begin firing. People will be killed. Many of the commanders that have morals and aren't trying to claw their way to the top are being retired. My nephew who just came back from the big A, told me that how some commanders, who are so politically correct and have no concept of running a squadron, are still in, is beyond him.

It is sad to see, but in the 80's I was seeing that in the Air Force and is one of the reasons I got out with only 14. I'm not a azzkisser and believed in disciplining the lower ranking troops if need be, but got in trouble for that and not sending them to mental health or some class so they could learn better.

The only way to clean up this mess is to start at the top and work our way down.  People need to be arrested and locked up including liberal judges, liberal professors, those in the media who are corrupt and support this evil administration in Washington  and even Hollywood idiots.

We need to stop being so politically correct with allowing all the mosques to be built.  Arabs countries don't allow us to build Christian churches there so why should we bend to them???    

Anyone who wants to do away with the 2nd Amendment rights need to be squashed. 

It is hard to know who the enemy is in a local level unless you ask them their political views. 

The only way to do anything is to work together in local groups.  Most people don't have the resources or time to come to a big conference for our group because it would be out of state for most members. 

I have told many police to make sure they stand up and protect the Constitution and not disarm people. All the traitor in chief has to do is say to nark on their family, friends, coworkers and neighbors if they still own guns and if you don't turn them in then you will face a huge penalty and/or fine.  Words alone can disarm us.  Pretty scary.   

I know and understand your frustration all to well Twana!!!



Participating in and supporting other groups as well such as ACT!forAmerica, Americans for Prosperity, Freedom Works, The Virginia Civilian Defense League (2nd Amendment group), the Black Americans Leadership Alliance DC March for Jobs (anti-amnesty effort) and The Media Research Center (pointing out media dishonesty) it is relatively easy to be informed on the problems.  Some may consider this being "all over the place" but some effort for each is useful in my opinion.  However, my two Senators and my Representative are lap dogs for obama so getting national political solutions through the political process is nearly impossible and I therefore concentrate on state political efforts.

No I do not believe we know how bad things are.

I will put my thoughts here, and hope that I am not coming off as a defeatist.

This country is dead.

The foundations, so carefully laid out in 1775, have been destroyed.

I used to fault the politicians, but I was wrong.  The politicians only do what the sheeple allow.

The sheeple allow what big business tells them to allow, as they have no independent thoughts of their own.

This Grand Experiment has, as predicted, failed, to the detriment of us all.

Can it be fixed? Only one way......

These are dark times for us, the remnant of a better time.

Pray hard, it is only going to get worse.





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