Constitutional Emergency

I have been on a few of these sites and I find them to all to be the same a lot of talk and nothing more people are always saying email or call or vote them out well good luck the same people will get voted in so nothing will change . The people in congress don’t care what you want or think.
While people are doing all this talking the people in the government. are trying everything they can to take away our freedom I am sick of hearing we don’t want to be the first one to fire the first shot hell it was fired back in the 90’s and all we did was sit there and did nothing just like we are doing today look how many ragheads and illegal they have let into our country and we did nothing and the government bends over backwards to please them and give them everything and we have to pay for it we don’t deport them I don’t feel one bit sorry for them take all the illegal and ragheads and send them back to where they came from and I don’t care if they did have a baby here ship it out to we need to close our borders down and stop everything that comes across and when people do, do it  we are made to look like bad guys and we are not doing anything to stop it we sit  back and let the people in DC do anything they dam well please so when are we going to do anything are we going to take our country back or not from the way I see it is going to be to late if we don’t start doing something,
The ragheads want their laws not our and in some places they are getting it they can laws stick it where the sun don’t shine and than take it out and smell it to see if it still smell goods
People from around the world look at our country and they wondering why the hell are we just sitting here doing nothing and letting our gov. take our freedoms away we should be ashamed of ourselves for we have let all those that have died for our country and our way of life die in vain.
Look how many wars the government has gotten our country into that we have no business in why are we sending our troops to fight and die a war the government doesn‘t want to win the government doesn’t care about our troops and how many die.
We need to clean our house in DC and that means all new and old alike must go and start over.
How much more of our freedom are we going to lose by doing nothing we have just about lost all our freedom and don’t have much more to lose.
These are just my feelings

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Where is the Congress? I have been saying this for nearly 3 years now. What are we paying they for?

If you are going to clean house, you had better include the Non elected side of the house also.  If you don't, it will be like giving a rabid dog a haircut, hoping that will fix the reabies that it has,  That would match the stupidity presently exhibited in the house now,



Yes that is what I wanted to say get rid of the non elected and elected alike

I agree with what you are saying, Until we can wake the people in the local communities  it will always be the same.

We must go out and try to wake people up and say No more Voting for the least Evil, or One Party. The Democrats and Republicans have become 2 sides of the same coin or another words both want the same Big Government, and whats in it for them and not We The People. Until this is changed by voting them out it will remain the same. I believe we need to use the third Party to take back our Country as then their will be a two Party system and not two sides to a coin or Big Government like we had in the 1800's

Good Answer

We do need to vote in a third party, the two party system are both the same and need to done away with they have done nothing for our country

Maybe the third party or independent will work after the threat of Obama being reelected is over, wouldn't want to take that chance now. 
What are we going to do with OBAMA when he is voted out? He is not going away, he will be another Bill Clinton.
By the way, why is Holder still in office causing us more problems with gun control.
They are saying when the bill of rights was written, the second amendment they were using Muskets not M-16s with 30 rd. clips, So was the enemy, now they have shoulder fired rockets, full auto M-16s, granade launchers Helocopter fire ships, you name it. I think the enemy foreign and domestic have the upper hand on us now, seems as if we still have the muskets. 

I  agree with you.

I can understand where you are coming from and I also know that some people have a hard time getting around and they do the best they can but it seem that to many people in our country just don't care. I have tried to start a group it lasted about a month and I have been in other groups but not much come out of them. I just about given up on groups I have always said that when the shtf that even if I have to get there on my hands and knees I'll be there I am willing  to die if need be to help take our country back and make it a better place for our grandkids

Donnie , Groups have a way of dissolving "UNLESS" you give them power as individuals . This is why most groups dissolve . Once they are given that power they thirst for more .

One here mentions that they spread the word and that is very good and we need those people . I learned in the military it takes 9 to support the one in the field .

I believe that instead of 9 our numbers should be much lower , maybe 2 or 3 and the rest in the field . Being in the field doesn't require more than a few hours a week if that . It would amount to millions of hours nation wide . If you want ideas let me know .

Our Assembly is only a couple of hours a month and it works ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,BIG TIME !

Thanks I'll take you up on that I could use all the help I can get

Well the way I see it, we get rid of the party affliations, meaning Republicans and DemoRats titles, We are a republic, we speak "Conservative". Tell the parties to take a hike, if you don't fit the "Conservative" model, DON"T APPLY HERE.



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