Constitutional Emergency

I have been on a few of these sites and I find them to all to be the same a lot of talk and nothing more people are always saying email or call or vote them out well good luck the same people will get voted in so nothing will change . The people in congress don’t care what you want or think.
While people are doing all this talking the people in the government. are trying everything they can to take away our freedom I am sick of hearing we don’t want to be the first one to fire the first shot hell it was fired back in the 90’s and all we did was sit there and did nothing just like we are doing today look how many ragheads and illegal they have let into our country and we did nothing and the government bends over backwards to please them and give them everything and we have to pay for it we don’t deport them I don’t feel one bit sorry for them take all the illegal and ragheads and send them back to where they came from and I don’t care if they did have a baby here ship it out to we need to close our borders down and stop everything that comes across and when people do, do it  we are made to look like bad guys and we are not doing anything to stop it we sit  back and let the people in DC do anything they dam well please so when are we going to do anything are we going to take our country back or not from the way I see it is going to be to late if we don’t start doing something,
The ragheads want their laws not our and in some places they are getting it they can laws stick it where the sun don’t shine and than take it out and smell it to see if it still smell goods
People from around the world look at our country and they wondering why the hell are we just sitting here doing nothing and letting our gov. take our freedoms away we should be ashamed of ourselves for we have let all those that have died for our country and our way of life die in vain.
Look how many wars the government has gotten our country into that we have no business in why are we sending our troops to fight and die a war the government doesn‘t want to win the government doesn’t care about our troops and how many die.
We need to clean our house in DC and that means all new and old alike must go and start over.
How much more of our freedom are we going to lose by doing nothing we have just about lost all our freedom and don’t have much more to lose.
These are just my feelings

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That works republicans and demorats have done nothing for our country but sold us out

None controlled by us.

Donnie, I must agree with you. Immigrants (the ones who came here legally) used to come here to be American but no longer. So many of them, whether legal or illegal, come here for all the benefits they can get at our expense and/or want to make our country into what they left behind. I find that very distressing and I'm sure that applies to the rest of us who love our country. So where do we go from here?

We need to get all the sheriff's and patriots together and start rounding up all of them and get them out of our country along with all the ragheads and tell the government to back off if their not going to do anything we will  these illegal don't have a thing coming and it is time we stopped giving it to them

Donnie , We have about 3000 counties and only a handful of Constitutional Sheriffs . That is our "biggest problem" although you won't hear much about it on these pages . The power they have is incredible yet they have no idea of it .

Most are members of the FBI through LEEDA , a world police force and one of the reasons we have a foreign police welcomed into the U.S.

If the Tea Parties had done what we have done we would absolutely be in a different America but as always everyone believes it is at the Fed level . The people that believe this are ignorant and have no idea how Government works and these are the same people that talk the Constitution when they don't understand it or the Bill of Rights .

Excuse me Dennis? Now you are on the bandwagon of putting down the Tea Parties. What the hell? Did you read anything I wrote to Donnie about how we are all fighting at every level of government. And you have no idea what the TP are doing concerning Constitutional Sheriffs. So just stop.


Now you have my antenna up Dennis. I thought you were one of the patriots. If you were... you'd know what the TP are doing at the local and state levels. So now I have to apparently add you to my list of suspicious people?


Typical Liberal and Rhino garbage... blame it all on the TP. It would be a different America. How did you help the TPs Dennis? Or were you one of those placing blame as they achieved their successes? And what have you done Dennis... tell us all because by God, we'd love to have some good news.


And Dennis... don't think it makes me feel comfortable knowing we have 'foreign police' in this country. Is that the kind of organization you belong to? Hmm, learn something new everyday.

I guess I'll resign from Constitutional Posse if that's the kind of organization it is? I thought this was about America, not a global police force. Like they are going to have loyalty toward us? Geez... now I've heard everything.

If you feel that way go ahead you sure are fast to call people trolls if you don't like what we say and don't worry you can say and call me anything you want and it won't hurt my feelings I won't answer you.   

Your correct about the sheriffs I'm on the Constitutiona Sheriffs Posse site and have been trying to get more people to check it out and join and I tell them that it is agood place to learn about the constitution.

But we can put that on the schools since very few teach the constitution or anything on the bill of rights any more

Our CONSTITUTION gives us every right to do this, it states if we do not like the way the government is being ran we can change it, and do what ever it takes to get it done.  The problem is how do you get the Two Million armed citizens organized to do this.

I have been saying the same thing for quite awhile also!  I WILL BE THERE, when there is an actual march, protest, etc.  Hell, if you ask me, we need to go to Washington BEFORE the election and OWN PENNSYLVANIA AVE FOR AN ENTIRE WEEKEND!  That would only be the start, and would allow us to have a "nucleus" of people/groups/Senators/Congressman to help us do what must be done...eliminate the foreign threat in our own government.  WHERE IS THE TEA PARTY?!  We need them now, or they are worthless.

I'm totally on your side Donnie Roberts, shut the door for awhile and stop the Muslims from coming in, and stop Obama from paying their way and with a green card when they get here.  

Get this government in order, vote all the balless  jerks out now! McCain needs to go not sure how to get him out now. 

VOTE all the incumbents out again to show them we are serious one more time, maybe they will get the message.

I know i'm ready for a fight if that is what it takes to clean house and get our Country back..



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