Constitutional Emergency

I have been on a few of these sites and I find them to all to be the same a lot of talk and nothing more people are always saying email or call or vote them out well good luck the same people will get voted in so nothing will change . The people in congress don’t care what you want or think.
While people are doing all this talking the people in the government. are trying everything they can to take away our freedom I am sick of hearing we don’t want to be the first one to fire the first shot hell it was fired back in the 90’s and all we did was sit there and did nothing just like we are doing today look how many ragheads and illegal they have let into our country and we did nothing and the government bends over backwards to please them and give them everything and we have to pay for it we don’t deport them I don’t feel one bit sorry for them take all the illegal and ragheads and send them back to where they came from and I don’t care if they did have a baby here ship it out to we need to close our borders down and stop everything that comes across and when people do, do it  we are made to look like bad guys and we are not doing anything to stop it we sit  back and let the people in DC do anything they dam well please so when are we going to do anything are we going to take our country back or not from the way I see it is going to be to late if we don’t start doing something,
The ragheads want their laws not our and in some places they are getting it they can laws stick it where the sun don’t shine and than take it out and smell it to see if it still smell goods
People from around the world look at our country and they wondering why the hell are we just sitting here doing nothing and letting our gov. take our freedoms away we should be ashamed of ourselves for we have let all those that have died for our country and our way of life die in vain.
Look how many wars the government has gotten our country into that we have no business in why are we sending our troops to fight and die a war the government doesn‘t want to win the government doesn’t care about our troops and how many die.
We need to clean our house in DC and that means all new and old alike must go and start over.
How much more of our freedom are we going to lose by doing nothing we have just about lost all our freedom and don’t have much more to lose.
These are just my feelings

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By God I will  do something about it, some g man tries to take what I have worked for, I got a 30 06, and lots of other toys to let them know it aint happnin, War is coming to us in our own country, are you willing to make a point, I am, voting dont help they do what ever they want anyway, slapping some faces and kickin some a-- is whats needed, hell it will probably be the first time some of these p-ssies have ever been disciplined. I aint scared, BRING IT.  Let's fight America, seriously, lets organize, march, and kick some a-- and put in new names.  The drunks, old senile people, people who cheat on their wives and husbands, gotta go, im a little tired of paying for their booze, drugs, partyin, and whats up with still having to pay for the old presidents security now that they are gone, who cares,  WE THE PEOPLE GOTTA FIGHT MAN, IM TELLING YA, ITS COMING,  SOON, I THINK Y'ALL KNOW THAT.  JUST MY FEELINGS

yea your right twana, sorry, been one of those days, im just tired of it too, no more battle cries, i promise, sorry y'all did not mean to bash our integrity  see ya later

So what are we supposed to do?  Go to war?  I am frustrated at the corruption by both the republicans and democrats and the lies they told to get elected and by the turn coat judges and by the congress letting Hussain appoint these liberal loon judges!  I am sick of alot of things but what to do?  Your not going to get the congress to vote themselves out or to admit that they are corrupt and are only interested in filling their own pockets and only interested in their own survival or that their only concern is to get re-elected.  The stupid people who vote for these destroyers are the problem and the conservatives who sit their fat azzes at home and don't vote are also part of the problem!  The only option is the out clause left to us in the declaration of independence.  But then there's a problem with that.  Most of the people are weak and to greedy, selfish and interested in only themselves to do anything!  When polled 30% of the military said they would fire on American citizens if ordered.  Maybe we should buy a couple of states and turn them into a bastion of conservatism.  If everyone would stop paying taxes and I mean everyone, it would be a good start!  But you can't get 2 people to stick together let alone a whole country.  Nothing will happen until the death camps are up and running and the muslims have taken over the country.  The numbers of terrorists that Hussain is importing is cutting that time in half! And that's just part of what I think and am angry about!

Donnie ,

Your post is dead on but won't mean anything . I've written the same on other blogs and I'm disgusted as you seem to be . I keep going back to Einsteins quote of " insanity is when you do the same thing over and over and expect different results" . The average person always is expecting others to do the heavy lifting .When you incorporate others the weight becomes much less .

When people were screaming for someone to take the reins they really didn't mean it because there were men that would absolutely do that . They received little to no help . I'm fed up with Americans talking how they proclaim that they are Patriots but have no inkling of what it means . Saying that the Government will not take my guns doesn't mean squat . Scribbling on a post doesn't mean squat . Being indignant of this Administration doesn't mean squat . Complaining isn't going to get it .

I find that appalling when our Country will be lost unless folks step up to the plate and as usual they will not . When was the last time you went to local meetings with your Mayor or Commissioners or your Rep's ?

Most have no idea of what the Constitution says , no idea of what the Bill of Rights says . Anyone can read it but doesn't mean you understand it or will fight for it . The citizens are the rulers of this country yet they have been brainwashed into thinking it is our elected and that has to stop immediately . Take charge of your Reps. or we all lose .

The citizenry hold our "Politicians" on high ! Whats with that ? They are no different than us except they are able to amass money by bribes and insider trading which they will still do regardless of the bill introduced to keep them from it .

I don't claim to be the model citizen or having a great business mind but have done well playing by the rules . In the past I've owned two successful business's and retired . Now I own two more , one makes money , the other will never make a dollar . The first pays for the second and many say I'm crazy for it but it's my passion and I don't care .

I neglected to mention a 5th business , that of buying a newspaper . I went in with 4 others and bought out one to make it 4 of us . The last thing I wanted but was necessary to keep a voice in our County . Couldn't afford it and mortgaged my property but have since sold it to a Conservative group .

I helped co-found our Tea Party which went bust after the Nat'l groups lost their roots . Also helped to get our County Assembly off the ground which is the single most important thing I've ever done in my life . As I mentioned , most people don't have a clue of our heritage and what it takes to take our Government back and again I will say that it begins at home with your County . It is the most important part of our Government because you can control it . And without County you have no State or Federal Government . People have no idea that the founders started the same way with the Colonies .

Too many think it is DC , the starting point . As long as you do we lose . You can't control your County yet you can control your State or the Feds ? You can't ! They will do want they want because of it . Please find out how a Republic works .

A Veteran and I approved this message !

Your right and I have to agree with you and thanks

We have the ungodly at the helm of our country.   We are experiencing a COUP D'etat by our ungodly government, and many of our other institutions.

If we had been paying attention to God's Word, none of this would have happened.  We were told not to intermingle, intermarry.  We were told about immigration...not to let people that we have nothing in common, into our country.  Many of the people of the world, are nomads, feel they can go anywhere, and consequently, we end up supporting them, unfortunately stolen from us through mandate, political correctness. 

I'm tired of it. ENOUGH is ENOUGH

yea, your right twana, sorry bout that y'all, its just im tired of it too, its been one of those days no more battle cries  I promise, see ya later

Voting them out and whatever is NOT going to help any.

Do what is prescribed by the Constitution ...

HANG the usurper, and ALL those others who enabled him ... fire others for dereliction of duty, if not hung for treason also ....

Then, and only then we do have hope of any real change.


donnie you are right,forget about any politician or congress or any judges,they are all bought and paid for,talking is good to a point,we can,t count on or trust any politician anymore,just look how far this country has fallen,with these do nothing useless,lawless,treasonous government,time to communicate/prepare/plan/gather/refine plan,i call on the nra,aarp,amac,tea party,john birch society,all militias,all freedom loving,god fearing american veterans/citizens.we know longer have a government,we have tyranny,that when ever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends,it is the right of the people to alter or to abloish it,time to abolish this treasonous do nothing government.god bless ron paul,sheriff joe and cold case posse,brian terry and family,chuck norris,frank serpico,and all american veterans/citizens,one nation under long as we the people allow this treason,it will continue,we the people washington dc/wh,or the un,were and when? 

Thank you, don't forget the politicans and judges that have retired they were just as bad

I don't know what you are talking about Donnie or how long you have been involved in sites such as this one but if you truly have been a part of us or other sites you would know that for four years Patriots around the country have been fighting legislation at every level of government. We have won some and we have lost some but we sure as hell have not been sitting on our thumbs. If you have a problem with nothing happening, why don't you join all the different groups and get involved... you can go to rallies, sign petitions, phone, email or visit your reps or Congress for that matter. There is not a person in these groups who doesn't have plans to vote out all incumbants who are not helping us. So I'm a bit confused when you say, no one is doing anything. We took over the elections in 2010, where were you then. I have my own suspicion. These groups are for post to help inform one another on information we should know. To find inspiration to fight on and a place to find like-minded folks that you know will appreciate what you 'are doing'. So Donnie... are you for us, or are you against us... because right about now I don't feel the gumbaya from you!



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