Constitutional Emergency

I have been on a few of these sites and I find them to all to be the same a lot of talk and nothing more people are always saying email or call or vote them out well good luck the same people will get voted in so nothing will change . The people in congress don’t care what you want or think.
While people are doing all this talking the people in the government. are trying everything they can to take away our freedom I am sick of hearing we don’t want to be the first one to fire the first shot hell it was fired back in the 90’s and all we did was sit there and did nothing just like we are doing today look how many ragheads and illegal they have let into our country and we did nothing and the government bends over backwards to please them and give them everything and we have to pay for it we don’t deport them I don’t feel one bit sorry for them take all the illegal and ragheads and send them back to where they came from and I don’t care if they did have a baby here ship it out to we need to close our borders down and stop everything that comes across and when people do, do it  we are made to look like bad guys and we are not doing anything to stop it we sit  back and let the people in DC do anything they dam well please so when are we going to do anything are we going to take our country back or not from the way I see it is going to be to late if we don’t start doing something,
The ragheads want their laws not our and in some places they are getting it they can laws stick it where the sun don’t shine and than take it out and smell it to see if it still smell goods
People from around the world look at our country and they wondering why the hell are we just sitting here doing nothing and letting our gov. take our freedoms away we should be ashamed of ourselves for we have let all those that have died for our country and our way of life die in vain.
Look how many wars the government has gotten our country into that we have no business in why are we sending our troops to fight and die a war the government doesn‘t want to win the government doesn’t care about our troops and how many die.
We need to clean our house in DC and that means all new and old alike must go and start over.
How much more of our freedom are we going to lose by doing nothing we have just about lost all our freedom and don’t have much more to lose.
These are just my feelings

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Marianne , You are touchy . If you read my earlier post then you know that I co founded our Tea Party and like Reagan said when asked why he left the Democrat party he said the Democrat party left him .

It was the same with our Tea Party "heads" . They had nothing in common with what we tried to get them to do or endorse . So we started a County Assembly and have done things that no TP has ever done . Make law ! We are a "lawful" Politic Body and hold our elected accountable .

It is grassroots and it works , yet with our success and after getting hold of talking heads of Nat'l TP's they didn't want to hear it because it was different than their narrow view . Their are several County Assembly's and all have had success's . The TP's have been sucked into the DC landscape . We needed the TP's and still do but for us not so much .

You're calling me touchy... I'll be. You all have been denigrating the TP all through this post and I'm supposed to sit back and take it all. No sorry... someone has to stand up for the people who do all the work instead of the talkers who sit on their arses and denigrate.

That's wonderful what you've done Dennis, as I've read above, but don't think your group is the only one taking action. Instead inspire others to do the same.


Sarah Palin once said... all things are local and that is most certainly true and from what I've seen on the Patriots sites, twitter, facebook et al, the Tea Party Patriots are covering it all from local, to county, to state to federal.


So it seems we've come full circle and it should not go unnoticed by anyone here that when you denigrate a group that is battling to save this country, you are going to lose the war. I'm sure as a military man, you can understand that concept.

We are all tea party Patriots if you believe in this country and want to save it from the Obama's and such.

Oh and by the way Dennis... it was Donnie's High Horse that got my High Horse going!

Marianne , I think troll is used way too much . Having said that I've been called the very same thing because I didn't agree with a Jared Law who has a 912 website because his word was golden , not !

I happen to know Glen Beck from the time he was a little fat kid selling donuts in his dads bakery and have followed his career up until a few years ago . Knew his dad very well , good guy .

Because I don't take crap from anyone is probably the reason I've always worked for myself other than the growing up years . Not from my superiors in the military if they were wrong and faced a possible Courts Martial . I won out and probably why I've had a sore spot with authority figures such as our elected . They know my name and that was my intent .

I never read anything to make me think Donnie is a troll . Guess he speaks as I do and I will test anyone because it's my intention to do so . I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings but if I do unless I'm proved wrong then so be it . I don't want to hear from a bunch of conformists , it's very boring and solves nothing .

You did mention something about asking Donnie why we're in the position we're in . TWO WORDS ,Cognitive Dissonance . It has several forms but it takes us out of our comfort zone . To believe something other than your own beliefs " our government would never do that" so to go to Nam was a noble thing to do . Until I found out the real reasons . Haven't trusted the Government since . The only absolute honest thing I know of is my horses . They always tell you what's on their mind . I've been training and breeding them for over 40 years and have only had one that proved me wrong , different than people .

Like I said I'm not a troll and what you read is what you get from me whether anyone likes it or not .

I know Jared Law's site and I no longer follow it for the same reasons, but Dennis, you pissed me off because you put your nose where it did not belong. My argument was with Donnie and also after reading some of the snotty remarks about TP people. I know who you are. I've followed your posts. But I don't know Donnie and what I saw that his post started here, made me really upset.


Read the last thing I said to him and hopefully you will understand. If not, then this entire endeavor of ours will go nowhere and the test will be in  November.


That is all I'm going to say... I'm tired and I warn that the trolls will be on us. And we don't need discontent in the ranks.

I guess she just like to call people trolls she doesn't agree with and I do agree with you troll is used to much here

PAT , I posted a couple here which will tell you some of what I've done . And if you want I can go well before 2010 . The problem as I see it is you write without reading previous posts . But that's OK .

First of all in one of my posts I mentioned that not all are able to do what I do or many of friends do so get over it until you read previous posts by me on this blog . I normally talk in generalities but you take it personal and that's also OK .

For any of you who think the Tea Party Patriots are worthless, as I've read here, and I'm not talking about a particular group or organization... I'm talking about the actual grassroots individuals who started this movement, here's a reminder of what they are about and the kinds of things they do and have succeeded very well at:


That's just a bit that is out there and for every little bit put out there on what the TP are doing... there are thousands not even talked about.. So folks, if you want to succeed in this battle, then quit adding to the cloud that is continually placed over the Tea Party and Patriot groups and get local and 'do something'.

we the people,who are the real government,we all have opinions that fine,but instead of infighting with words,we the people.should be planning,a giant freedom loving,god fearing american veterans/citizens rally,i call on all the large groups,medium and small groups,to come together under one or a few giant freedom umbrellas,to the nra,aarp,amac,john birch society,all tea partys,all militias,all freedom loving,god fearing american veterans/citizens.lets start talking about one or a few big rallys,if possible,the un building,or the white house,or something regional,but talk/plan/prepare/focus/gather/refine plan,lets a least communicate to all american veterans/citizens,we can,t count or trust this do nothing,lawless,useless,treasonous government any more,god bless ron paul,sheriff joe and cold case posse,brian terry and family,chuck norris,frank serpcio,and all american veterans/citizens,one nation under god

I agree with what  you have stated.  Great Job my friend.  We need more of WTP to come forward and stand up to those who are clueless.




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