Constitutional Emergency

Will somebody please chronicle every act of supporting and enabling our enemies AND everything done to make sure we loose this war, this usurper and his administration has done? It is one damn long list!  

Does anyone receive the DoD causalities announcements? We are told
there is such a high number of our beloved Fallen Soldiers, Marines,
Airmen, Seabees, etc., because of going into new areas....I call that a
lie! So many of our troops are dying because of the ROE's. They are sent
to war but not allowed to fight and win the war! AND if our troops are
not killed, they are afraid they will be charged for whatever our enemy
accuses them of.

Judicial Watch

In a stunning reversal, the Obama Justice Department has asked a judge to drop charges against a suspected Middle Eastern terrorist considered so dangerous by the government that prosecutors fought to deny him bail after his indictment last year.


Suddenly, this week, the feds want the case dismissed against the Afghan-born man (Ahmadullah Sais Niazi) who authorities say planned to blow up buildings and refers to Osama fin Laden as “an angel.” Niazi, who lives in southern California, is also the brother-in-law of Osama bin Laden’s
body guard.

Last year he was charged with lying about his ties to terrorists in a bid to fraudulently obtain a United States passport. The FBI had been watching Niazi for years and a federal grand jury returned a five-count indictment last February. Niazi hid associations with “Specially Designated Global Terrorists,” groups including Al Qaeda, Hizb-i-Islami and the Taliban when he completed
nationalization papers, according to the indictment. During one visit to Pakistan Niazi visited Dr. Amin al-Haq, the security coordinator for
Osama bin Laden.


Charges against Niazi include perjury, naturalization fraud, misuse of a passport obtained by fraud and making a false statement to a federal agency. He faces a maximum sentence of 35 years in federal prison and a $1.25-million fine. His trial, which has been postponed several times,
is scheduled for November if the judge doesn’t grant the government’s request.


In its motion to dismiss the indictment against Niazi, the Justice Department claims that a key overseas witness was suddenly unavailable to testify. Additionally, “evidentiary issues” have also arisen since the grand jury returned the indictment, the federal motion says. So, the government is seeking to dismiss the indictment in the “interest of justice.”


Prosecutors have refused to further explain the mysterious about face, but the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a national organization that serves as the U.S. front for the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas, has taken much of the credit. In a statement praising the government’s motion, CAIR points out that its request to investigate the “FBI’s coercive and unlawful tactics” in Niazi’s case ultimately led the Justice Department to drop all charges.

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the country is infected with traiters, and has been for years. glen beck says we must follow the tactics of gandhi and mlk, i say the time for that is past, its time to lock and load. a few of the traiters hanging from the washington monument might scare the rest of the basdards out of the country. we can no longer live with this vermin infecting our country.
I AGREE John, time for this wishy washy lovey dovey the enemy within is bs.
Note: Check out My Post "Obama works with his Islamic/Muslim Brethren for "Shariah" to America? ?".

Like his Black Supremist DOJ they are also protecting "Islamofascist Terrorists" too.

TSGT Clough
Nobama is bringing 100,00 palistine so called political displaced persons over here. No background checks, just political assylum! They will be living off the backs of the taxpayers of this country just like the illegals. They will receive all the perks of an illegal alien. I still remember 9/11 and one pali witch in particuar. She was fat, missing a front tooth, wearing her checked babushka and black thick round owl rimmed glasses, dancing and laughing and applauding the deaths of 3000 Americans. Is this what Nobama see's as political assylum candidates? Wonder if they will be allowed to bring their suicide bomb vests with them. probably. Nobam wants the destruction of this country and his little motor scooter isn't taking us there fast enough to suit him! After 9 years, that image is still at the front of my mind, I will never forget. Are we going to let him get a pass on this? This is one of the bills they sneaked through in the dead of night when America was sleeping! All these terrorists when there are no jobs! Well if they bring their suicide vests, I guess they can make their own jobs, blowing up Americans! I AGREE WITH JOHN! IT'S TIME FOR ACTION, NOT MORE TALKING!
NO MORE talking.
they have 'pushed back' too much, time for something more drastic.
Christine please post the proof this is happening. We need to see the proof he is bringing all these people over here. Now I do not like Obummer and I say he is an illegal President but we really do need the proof that this is going on. Thanks.
I replied and right now it's on page 2 of the posts. It's HB 1388, done by executive order.
The irony between this action and the action taken by the Judge who denied LTC John Lakan to use the evidence proving Obama's fake credentials on his eligibility for the office of The President and Commander-in-Chief to defend himself in his courts martial because it might "embarrass Obama" really highlights the double standard being employed by the DOJ.
I believe in November 3rd Eric Holder will decide to leave office because he will know that we will demand his arrest for Treason long with Obama and others in the government. He is smart and knows that once we win his ass is grass and we are the mower!
America, a nation of laws? Really?

The United States government entity charged with protecting America's laws, US Department of Justice (DOJ), has demonstrated every indication of protecting the ideology of Barack Hussein Obama II rather than honoring and protecting our Constitution, which is the oath taken by DOJ employess.

The Obama Administration is growing more bold, violating long standing American principle and values, enacting in-your-face rules and regulations restricting our freedom, and threatening national security to name a few.

When will the last chunk of fuel be added to the cauldron that is bubbling and nearly ready to boil over? I don't know, but it is coming and God help us when it blows. It could come as early as November if government interferes with the election process and ballot box.
What???? With this twisted bunch in office now, only Tea Party members are considered terrorists now. The Obama admin are really a bunch of mental cases.
A Few points Are Overlooked - on the next link it says: Federal prosecutors have asked a judge to drop charges against the Afghan-born brother-in-law of Osama bin Laden's bodyguard, saying a key overseas witness was unavailable to testify.

The government requested the dismissal of the case without prejudice, which means charges could later be refiled.

APNewsBreak Link To Story

Yeah ... this makes me mad as a hornet ... but so long as this stuff is in an American Court (and not a Military Tribunal) we MUST RESPECT THE CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to a fair trial - This nation is better than the railroading that terrorists like Saddam Hussein had done in his Iraqi government.

For whatever reason - the needed witness was NOT THERE .... without proper witnesses and the laws to ensure such - we would be no less than any criminal organization executing people on suppositions - now wouldn't THAT be a REALLY nice third world approach to doing things?



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